Universitat Rovira i Virgili

About the repository

The URV's institutional repository is a deposit of digital documents that contains the teaching and research output of the members of the URV university community: for example, articles that have not yet been published (preprints), published articles (postprints), research data, end-of-degree projects, bachelor's degree theses, doctoral theses, teaching material and other documents that may be useful for generating knowledge. It is available to all the institutions that are part of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia and who wish to use it in cooperation with others.

The objectives of the institutional repository are:

The metadata of the items deposited in the URV's institutional repository are made available under a CC-by 3.0 ES  Creative Commons CC-by 3.0 ES licence. This means that they can be shared (copied and redistributed in any format) and adapted (remixed, transformed, and built upon for any purpose, even commercial) as long as authorship is recognised.

This licence refers exclusively to the metadata associated with the documents deposited and under no circumstances is a substitute for or changes their individual licences or permits.

The URV's institutional repository guarantees long-term access and the preservation of its content by storing it in secure University servers. It complies with the technical requirements required to guarantee interoperability with other information systems.

To receive more information, contact repositori(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.