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Literatura como estímulo de la creatividad: el desarrollo de la escritura - TFM:347
Literatura como estímulo de la creatividad: el desarrollo de la escritura - TFM:347

Student:Mirónova Nikítina, Valentina
Title in original language:Literatura como estímulo de la creatividad: el desarrollo de la escritura
Title in different languages:Literature as the stimulus of the creativity: the development of writing
Project director:Madrona Cao, Alicia
Abstract:Studies on the concept of creativity in Spanish classes, where Spanish is studied as a foreign language, mark the importance of providing students with a stimulating environment that promotes self-discovery of creative skills and their expression in the target language. Among various tools to achieve this objective we can distinguish literature the benefits of which are incalculable: it serves for all levels and ages, offers an authentic material and a model of a beautiful, witty, rich language, which allows students to approach the original work and enjoy the reading this way, it develops creative thinking and linguistic, literary, communicative, expressive, pragmatic, cultural and intercultural competences. Nowadays, when the priority is given to the teaching and practice of spoken language, we should remember about the balance and pay the appropriate attention to writing. The writing is a more difficult task than oral expression, and much higher requirements are applied to the writing than to the spoken language. In their turn, writing skills without fail can be exercised on reading bases, and in this sense reading of literary works not only improves the practice of writing in general, but also develops its special kind - creative writing. To put theory into practice this paper offers examples of the didactic exploitation of three classic literary works: the novel Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez, Poem 20 of Twenty Love Poems and a desperate song of Pablo Neruda and a drama The house of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca.
Education area(s):Ensenyament de Llengües - Espanyol com a Llengua Estrangera
Subject:Dades. Transmissió
Department:Filologies Romàniques
TFM credits:12
Academic year:2015-2016
Creation date in repository:2019-01-23
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