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The caves of bencomo (la orotava, tenerife): From historiography to archaeological data

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    Identifier: imarina:9173250
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    Marrero Salas, Efrain
    Ruiz González, Hacomar
    García Ávila, Juan Carlos
    Sossa Ríos, Santiago
    Abreu Hernández, Ithaisa
    Cancel, Sandra
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Marrero Salas, Efrain; Ruiz González, Hacomar; García Ávila, Juan Carlos; Sossa Ríos, Santiago; Abreu Hernández, Ithaisa; Cancel, Sandra
    Department: Història i Història de l'Art
    Abstract: The Bencomo Caves are one of the most significant spaces in the archaeology of Tenerife, especially linked to the emblematic character of the traditional identification with the Mencey de Taoro. However, this space had not been the result of a systematic excavation that would shed light on what would be its chronology and possible functionality, sometimes linked to the problematic concept of auchón. The present article shows the results obtained from the archaeological interventions, in which the caves were cleaned and reused as sheepfolds, and their excavation and detailed recording was carried out.
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    Article's DOI: 10.51349/veg.2021.1.19
    Journal publication year: 2021
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