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Potencial turístico de Alcañiz. Nuevas propuestas de dinamización turística - TFG:1160

Student:Gascón Bardavío, Sandra
Title in original language:Potencial turístico de Alcañiz. Nuevas propuestas de dinamización turística
Title in different languages:Touristic possibilities in Alcañiz. New suggestions to invigorate tourism in this region.
Keywords:Alcañiz, touristic products, rural tourism
Subject:Turisme i oci
Abstract:Tourism in Alcañiz is a rural tourism, mainly cultural tourism and familiar tourism. Nowadays, a new type of tourism comes to Alcañiz, this new branch is an international and sportive tourism. To this tourist, the city has to adapt the touristic offer and services progressively. To reach this aim, a different model of tourist management has been suggested. This model will run by a private company in cooperation with public organizations. In addition to, another objective is reaching the positioning of Alcañiz and Bajo Aragón as a rural tourism destination. The aim objective in this project is improving the current model management about tourism in Alcañiz through creating a touristic company which planning and designing different touristic products and activities adapted to his tourist needs and the resources that the town has. For reaching the aim objective, different subjects are needed to study as the current touristic situation, the resources of the town quality and adaptation, also, to analyze the touristic offer and finally, to detect the opportunities, threat, strengths and weaknesses of Alcañiz. Through this project, an exhaustive analyse has been realized about the touristic situation in Alcañiz to identify the points which strengthen or commit. In that way, new model of management is been designed to propose different touristic products perfectly adapted to tourist needs and to the resources. Across this created company, a varied of activities are offer to strengthen possibilities about this territory and to maximize the area efficiency.
Project director:Nel·lo Andreu, Marta Gemma
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2017-02-06
Work's public defense date:2014-06-04
Academic year:2013-2014
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