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Enoturismo en la región Ica - Perú: Por la ruta del Pisco - TFG:1489

Student:García Moreno, Pilar
Title in original language:Enoturismo en la región Ica - Perú: Por la ruta del Pisco
Title in different languages:Wine tourism in Ica - Perú: For the Pisco route
Keywords:Wine tourism in Peru, Ica , Pisco
Abstract:This paper final grade is about the development of wine tourism in the study area, the Ica region - Peru; to give accurate information has made an extensive review of the literature considering the origins of wine tourism, help to give rural development and competitive factors of oenological routes. At the beginning of viticulture in the study area, we will determine the wine regions of Peru also Pisco Designation of Origin (DO pisco) and controversy there with the same will be analyzed. Mainly, in this work, the so - called “Route of pisco“ will be discussed, focusing on how public administration is involved in this activity and if the actors know the same development that is done to invigorate. An important point to note is, the fieldwork that took place in the area (Ica) case study because the wineries that form this route and relevant information could be obtained for work were visited. Finally, with all the information that was obtained during the development of this work they were raised strategies to improve the route of pisco.
Project director:Russo, Antonio Paolo
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2018-04-03
Work's public defense date:2016-06-03
Academic year:2015-2016
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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