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Les variables del mercat Pet friendly i la seva situació a la Costa Daurada. - TFG:1520

Student:Setó Xatruch, Natalia
Title in original language:Les variables del mercat Pet friendly i la seva situació a la Costa Daurada.
Title in different languages:The variables of the “Pet Friendly“ market and its situation on the Costa Dorada.
Keywords:Pet friendly, pets.
Abstract:The tourists who travel accompanied by their pets, have created a market named “Pet friendly”. Accommodations, establishments and spaces where pets are allowed are called by this term. This segment includes all those travelers who travel to a destination with their pets. The project consists of an introduction and contextualization to the subject, and then shows the profiles of owners and tourists are and what services have been created in response to this tourist profile. The current market situation in Europe and Spain is analyzed as well as what are the regulations that exist or that are related to this segment. Then the current Pet Friendly market situation in Costa Daurada is analyzed, what is the offer of accommodation, in particular hotels and hostels, as well as management or conditions of these establishments regarding allow pets. On the other hand, through surveys of travelers of the Costa Daurada their perceptions are known. Finally, the possible implementation of this segment as a tool for innovation on the area is analyzed. This segment is not closely linked to sun and beach tourism; however, it can be a tool to complement family tourism in the area or even favor inland areas of rural and mountain tourism.
Project director:Muiños Villaverde, Maria Jesús
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2018-04-05
Work's public defense date:2016-06-01
Academic year:2015-2016
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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