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El Turisme a la Cerdanya: El nivell de desenvolupament del segment del benestar - TFG:1596

Student:Solà Robles, Núria
Title in original language:El Turisme a la Cerdanya: El nivell de desenvolupament del segment del benestar
Title in different languages:Tourism in the Cerdanya: The level of development of the wellbeing segment
Keywords:Wellbeing, spa, health
Abstract:La Cerdanya is a region of the eastern Pyrenees with important tourism tradition. Its origins remain in the 19th century, where the Catalan bourgeoisie was transferred to mountain regions in summer periods in search of health reasons and leisure. Currently, the most popular tourist modality is the practice of skiing and mountain sports, among other motivations such as contact with nature or the disconnection of the city, leaving aside the spa practices of that time and leaving a legacy disuse today. The intention of this work is to analyse the level of development of the segment of welfare to find out if it could be successfully in the region. In this way, is done a study of the evolution of the health tourism to the Catalan Pyrenes and Andorra, the state of the tourist infrastructure of the region, its resources and products; as well as surveys to tourist and finally a SWOT analysis. La Cerdanya is a distinguished region in relation to second residences, although it has a range of important hotels, campsite, inns, hostels and rural tourism. The wide variety of natural recourses characterized the region, but can also be found in cultural, heritage and sports like skiing or golf. Regarding the wellness offer is linked to hotels with spa and treatments. Must be remarked that this spas are not natural, unless spa of caldes de Múser and Senillers located in la Cerdanya and actually in disuses. In this sense, is to say that a commitment to health tourism promotion could be allow diversify the tourism activity in La Cerdanya if and when carry out some actions.
Project director:Beas Secall, Lorena
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2018-05-17
Work's public defense date:2017-06-06
Academic year:2016-2017
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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