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L'ecoturisme: anàlisi comparatiu dels allotjaments ecoturistics segons la certificació Ceres Ecotur - TFG:1603

Student:Álvarez Martín, Loreto
Title in original language:L'ecoturisme: anàlisi comparatiu dels allotjaments ecoturistics segons la certificació Ceres Ecotur
Title in different languages:The ecoturism: comparative analysis of the accommodations ecoturisti
Keywords:ecoturism, sustainable development, environment
Abstract:The ecologism as a concept has gone reflecting increasingly in our society. At present, will be able to find it in different fields, but especially in the diet, is the most common. Doing reference to the tourism, observe his development so much of the own concept, the ecotourism, how his markets and main destinations. To Spanish level, centre us with the analysis of the association Waxes Ecotouristics , which provides a certificate to the different accommodations that form it, in order to show a character, some values and a sustainable tourism in common. The comparative analysis of the accommodations cataloged as a ecotouristics, bases in different characteristic. The accommodations ecotouristics show a more common part, how the agricultural production and of cultivation, how other characteristics more specify how the ‘bioconstrucció’, ‘biopiscines’, apiculture or ‘biobodegues’. For other band, highlights his offer of activities so much in the accommodation as his hovering, how are the hiking, sports like BBT or routes to horses, in order to enjoy of the medium of different shapes. The accommodations ecotouristics show us a typology with a character differentiator, a shape to travel to destinations surrounded of nature, and discover his own natural heritages as a main attractive. All this, with a same line of coherence putting for in front of all the with regard to the medium ambient, his care and his maintenance, in order to can enjoy of the same realising activities out of doors.
Project director:Pié Dols, Laia
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2018-06-05
Work's public defense date:2017-06-05
Academic year:2016-2017
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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