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L'evolució de la imatge turística de Tarragona a través de les postals (1939-2014) - TFG:2445

Student:Prats Garriga, Júlia
Title in original language:L'evolució de la imatge turística de Tarragona a través de les postals (1939-2014)
Title in different languages:The evolution of Tarragona's tourist image through the postcards (1939-2014)
Keywords:Postcard, tourism, Tarragona
Abstract:In this project, we want to show the evolution of the city of Tarragona like a tourist destination through postcards that were published between the years 1939 and 2014: the main research in the study of the postcards of the city is to analyse them from different points of view (technique, artistic finish, theme and expressiveness) to see if they reflect the local reality and in what way they were a touristic promotion. It has been investigated several topics, which include different places in the city, popular culture or Roman Tarraco, among others, which showed the main tourist interest. Therefore, the objective of the study is to identify what was the image that Tarragona projected through the postcards: how the city was shown and whether the image was true to reality and its context in the concerning period. This project provides a new perspective that had not been studied before in our territory: how the postcard is a souvenir related with the image that a destination wants to stand out of itself; the emphasis placed on each period justifies its social and aesthetic evolution as a tourist destination.
Project director:Muiños Villaverde, María Jesús
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2019-12-18
Work's public defense date:2019-01-23
Academic year:2018-2019
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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