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Turisme induït pel cinema: estudi de cas de la ciutat de Barcelona - TFG:2870

Student:Surià Parga, Olga
Title in original language:Turisme induït pel cinema: estudi de cas de la ciutat de Barcelona
Title in different languages:Cinema-induced tourism: case study of the city of Barcelona
Keywords:Tourism, cinema-induced tourism, Barcelona
Abstract:Cinema is a very important element in promoting tourism because images create expectations. Cinema-induced tourism has been shown in recent decades to be a growing phenomenon and reality worldwide. This paper defines tourism induced by cinema, its effects and its use as a promotional tool. The research is focused on the city of Barcelona to study this. Using a series of interviews with experts, 7 films recorded in the city to bring out the perceptions that users have of the destination from the cinema and other sources consulted to complement the case study. This methodology will a highlight the impact of cinema to the city and to confirm if there is a development of tourism induced by cinema in the city of Barcelona.
Project director:Paolo Russo, Antonio
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2020-11-25
Work's public defense date:2020-06-19
Academic year:2019-2020
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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