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Pla d'empresa per a la creació d'un alberg ecològic a Fogars de Montclús (P.N. Massís del Montseny): "L'Indret del Montseny". - TFG:2868

Student:Sanz Serra, Ingrid
Title in original language:Pla d'empresa per a la creació d'un alberg ecològic a Fogars de Montclús (P.N. Massís del Montseny): "L'Indret del Montseny".
Title in different languages:Business plan to create an ecological hostel in Fogars de Montclús (P.N. Massís del Montseny): "L'Indret del Montseny"
Keywords:Business plan, hostel, Montseny.
Abstract:On this bachelor’s degree final project is elaborated a business plan for the creation of a hostel at the Natural Park “Massís del Montseny”, situated in Catalonia. The idea of the project is the future opening of an establishment of small size (35 guests) at a natural place declared reservation of the biosphere from the UNESCO the 1978. The proposal of value that is presented in this project is that apart from being an establishment where the guests can sleep in a shared bedroom or a private one, those guests have the opportunity to enjoy of distinct talks, workshops and activities to learn and become aware with the environmental culture. In this way the potential customers of this small hostel will be able to relax at the middle of the nature, concurrently that they will be able to aid at the planet in an indirect way learning of the ambient culture with distinct speakers and expert educators of the topic. The market which is addressed this ecological hostel is the eco-tourism, which is a market with a trend on the rise. On this project it’s made an analysis of the competence of the zone and the result showed how there are not establishments with these characteristics around; hinting in this way that the idea of the project is an innovative idea with lack of competitors. It’s been elaborated several proposals of promotion and distribution at a plan of marketing furthermore, it has been created an economical business plan which has determined that the creation of this hostel would be a viable idea economically, giving positive results since the first year of activity proved by the VNA and TIR analysis.
Project director:Andreu Corbatón, Jordi
Education area(s):Turisme
Entity:Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
TFG credits:6
Creation date in repository:2020-11-25
Work's public defense date:2020-06-17
Academic year:2019-2020
Subject areas:Tourism and leisure
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