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A bibliometric analysis of trends in solar cooling technology2020
Absorption heat transformer- state-of-the-art of industrial applications 2021
Acetoacetate based thermosets prepared by dual-Michael addition reactions 2019
A Criterion for the Complete Deposition of Magnetic Beads on the Walls of Microchannels2016
Actuator Behaviour of Tailored Poly(thiourethane) Shape Memory Thermosets2021
A data-driven framework for designing a renewable energy community based on the integration of machine learning model with life cycle assessment and life cycle cost parameters2024
A framework for sustainable evaluation of thermal energy storage in circular economy2021
A framework for the optimal integration of solar assisted district heating in different urban sized communities: A robust machine learning approach incorporating global sensitivity analysis 2020
All-lignocellulosic Fiberboard from Steam Exploded Arundo Donax L. 2018
A Machine Learning decision-making tool for extubation in Intensive Care Unit patients 2021
Analysis and comparison of coupled and uncoupled simulations with the COAWST model during the Gloria Storm (January 2020) in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea2023
Analysis of Aeroacoustic Properties of the Local Radial Point Interpolation Cumulant Lattice Boltzmann Method2021
Analysis of ammonia/water and ammonia/salt mixture absorption cycles for refrigeration purposes in fishing ships2014
Analysis of Poly(thiourethane) Covalent Adaptable Network through Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy2023
Analysis of the Use of Recycled Aluminum to Generate Green Hydrogen in an Electric Bicycle2023
Analysis of Valorization Process of Aluminum Breakage Scraps to Obtain Green Hydrogen2021
A New Epoxy-Based Layered Silicate Nanocomposite Using a Hyperbranched Polymer: Study of the Curing Reaction and Nanostructure Development 2014
An Inquiry into the Life Cycle of Systems of Inner Walls: Comparison of Masonry and Drywall 2015
Anàlisi de les qualificacions obtingudes amb una estrategia docent ludificada: Cas pràctic en assignatures de l’àmbit de l’enginyeria mecànica2021
Análisis de las tecnologías de almacenamiento de energía térmica dentro de la economía circular2019
Análisis del curado dual en resinas epoxi mediante un molde instrumentado2022
Análisis de los diferentes tipos de desvulcanizado en la caracterización de nuevos materiales elastoméricos formados por la mezcla de estireno butadieno-caucho natural y mezclados con neumáticos fuera de uso (GTR)2017
A Novel H2O/LiBr Absorption Heat Pump with Condensation Heat Recovery for Combined Heating and Cooling Production: Energy Analysis for Different Applications2023
Application Properties Analysis as a Dielectric Capacitor of End-of-Life Tire-Reinforced HDPE2020
Approach for the analysis of TES technologies aiming towards a circular economy: Case study of building-like cubicles2020
Approaching Self-Bonded Medium Density Fiberboards Made by Mixing Steam Exploded Arundo donax L. and Wood Fibers: A Comparison with pMDI-Bonded Fiberboards on the Primary Properties of the Boards2023
A real-time diagnostic tool for evaluating the thermal performance of nearly zero energy buildings2021
A review of membrane contactors applied in absorption refrigeration systems2015
A review of the fault behavior of heat pumps and measurements, detection and diagnosis methods including virtual sensors2021
A Review on Thermoelectric Generators: Progress and Applications 2020
A short communication on glocal universities 2016
Assessment of boiling heat transfer and pressure drop correlations of ammonia/water mixture in a plate heat exchanger2012
Bayesian Machine Scientist to Compare Data Collapses for the Nikuradse Dataset 2020
Binderless Fiberboards for Sustainable Construction. Materials, Production Methods and Applications2021
Bio-based epoxy shape-memory thermosets from triglycidyl phloroglucinol 2020
Bio-inspired blades with local trailing edge flexibility increase the efficiency of vertical axis wind turbines2022
Bio Oil as Cutter Stock in Fuel Oil Blends for Industrial Applications2023
Boiling heat transfer and pressure drop of NH3/LiNO3 and NH3/(LiNO3 þ H2O) in a plate heat exchanger2016
Boiling process assessment for absorption heat pumps: A review2021
Carbon footprint of low-energy buildings in the United Kingdom: Effects of mitigating technological pathways and decarbonization strategies2023
Catalytic pyrolysis of recycled polypropylene using a regenerated FCC catalyst2023
Cephalic biomechanics underpins the evolutionary success of trilobites2021
CFD simulation to investigate heat and mass transfer processes in a membrane-based absorber for water-LiSr absorption cooling systems2015
Challenges associated with the construction and operation of seasonal storage for A small solar district heating system: a multi-objective optimization approach2021
Chlorine Concentration Modelling and Supervision in Water Distribution Systems2022
Common fault effects on a natural refrigerant, variable-speed heat pump2022
Comparison between fully resolved and time-averaged simulations of particle cloud dispersion produced by a violent expiratory event2022
Comparison of electrode position marking procedures on the cranial surface2023
Comparison of Mechanical and Electrical Characteristics of Various Polymers Blended with Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) and Applications 2019
Comparison of numerical and experimental performance criteria of an ammonia water bubble absorber using plate heat exchangers2010
Comparison of the nanostructure and mechanical performance of highly exfoliated epoxy-clay nanocomposites prepared by three different protocols 2014
Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning during the 20th century2015
Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning: From ancient times to the baroque2014
Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning: The industrial revolution and the 19th century2015
Controlled composite processing based on off-stoichiometric thiol-epoxy dual-curing systems with sequential heat release (SHR)2022
Cost-Effectively 3D-Printed Rigid and Versatile Interpenetrating Polymer Networks2021
Design and assembly of biodegradable capsules based on alginate hydrogel composite for the encapsulation of blue dye2023
Design and characterization of a novel finned tubular thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery2022
Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters of Polylactic Acid by Thermogravimetry under Pyrolysis Conditions2021
Determination of the thermodynamic parameters of the pyrolysis process of post-consumption thermoplastics by non-isothermal thermogravimetric analysis2021
Development of optical digital interferometry for visualizing and modelling the mass diffusion of ammonia in water in an absorption process2022
Dielectric characterization and analysis of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) compounds mixed with out-of-use tire particles (GTR) 2021
Dielectric Properties in Oriented and Unoriented Membranes Based on Poly(Epichlorohydrin-co-Ethylene Oxide) Copolymers: Part III2022
Direct numerical simulation of the fully developed turbulent free convection flow in an asymmetrically heated vertical channel2023
Direct numerical simulation of the turbulent flow generated during a violent expiratory event 2021
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent dispersion of evaporative aerosol clouds produced by an intense expiratory event2021
Disulfide vitrimeric materials based on cystamine and diepoxy eugenol as bio-based monomers2023
Drawing the 'Boundaries', the Start of an Urban Planning Project2017
Dual-cured thermosets from glycydil methacrylate obtained by epoxy-amine reaction and methacrylate homopolymerization2021
Easements and protected areas: Problems and evolution of their graphic representation on urban development and civil engineering drawings2016
Economic Optimization of the Energy Supply for a Logistics Center Considering Variable-Rate Energy Tariffs and Integration of Photovoltaics 2019
Effect of advanced surfaces on the ammonia absorption process with NH 3/LiNO3 in a tubular bubble absorber2014
Effect of operating conditions on the performance of the bubble pump of absorption-diffusion refrigeration cycles 2011
Effect of Selected Thiols on Cross-linking of Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil and Properties of Resulting Polymers 2018
Effect of solid particles on the slug frequency, bubble velocity and bubble length of intermittent gas–liquid two-phase flows in horizontal pipelines2022
Effect of the network structure and programming temperature on the shape-memory response of thiol-epoxy 'click' systems 2015
Effects of upper respiratory tract anatomy and head movement on the buoyant flow and particle dispersion generated in a violent expiratory event2022
Electro-responsive shape-memory composites obtained via dual-curing processing2022
Elucidating Paralouatta's semi-terrestriality using the virtual morpho-functional toolbox2020
Embodied energy in thermal energy storage (TES) systems for high temperature applications2015
Energy Analysis of Control Measures for Reducing Aerosol Transmission of COVID‐19 in the Tourism Sector of the “Costa Daurada” Spain2022
Energy efficiency and thermal comfort of buildings in arid climates employing insulating material produced from date palm waste matter2023
Enhancement in the Glass Transition Temperature in Latent Thiol-Epoxy Click Cured Thermosets 2015
Enhancement of 3D-printable materials by dual-curing procedures 2021
Enhancement of Epoxy Thermosets with Hyperbranched and Multiarm Star Polymers: A Review2022
Epoxy-Based Shape-Memory Actuators Obtained via Dual-Curing of Off-Stoichiometric 'Thiol-Epoxy' Mixtures 2017
Estimation of differential heat of dilution for aqueous lithium (bromide, iodide, nitrate, chloride) solution and aqueous (lithium, potassium, sodium) nitrate solution used in absorption cooling systems2016
Euler-Euler large eddy simulations of the gas–liquid flow in a cylindrical bubble column2020
Europa, l'esperança del món2015
Evaluation of Empirical Daily Solar Radiation Models for the Northeast Coast of the Iberian Peninsula2023
Evaluation of the beam-F3 method for locating the F3 position from the 10-20 international system2022
Experimental Analysis of Gas-Liquid-Solid Three-Phase Flows in Horizontal Pipelines 2020
Experimental and numerical investigation of the flow in a cylindrical cavity with an unsteady rotating lid2022
Experimental characterization of heat and mass transfer in a horizontal tube falling film absorber using aqueous (lithium, potassium, sodium) nitrate solution as a working pair 2018
Experimental investigation on the flow behaviour in a bubble pump of diffusion absorption refrigeration systems2016
Experimental investigation on the flow behaviour in a bubble pump of diffusion absorption refrigeration systems 2016
Experimental investigations and modelling of a small capacity diffusion-absorption refrigerator in dynamic mode2017
Experimental studies on bubble pump operated diffusion absorption machine based on light hydrocarbons for solar cooling2010
Experimental study of an ammonia/water bubble absorber using a plate heat exchanger for absorption refrigeration machines2009
Experimental study of the deposition of magnetic particles on the walls of microchannels2021
Feasibility limits and performance of an absorption cooling machine using light alkane mixtures2015
Feasibility study and environmental impact of using a photovoltaic system to secure relays of mobile communication systems2021
Feasibility study and performance evaluation of low capacity water-LiBr absorption cooling systems functioning in different Algerian climate zones2017
Feasibility study of a wind-photovoltaic hybrid power generation system for a remote area in the extreme south of Algeria2016
Finite element analysis of individual taenioglossan radular teeth (Mollusca) 2020
Finite element analysis relating shape, material properties, and dimensions of taenioglossan radular teeth with trophic specialisations in Paludomidae (Gastropoda)2021
Finite element modelling of sound transmission in the Weberian apparatus of zebrafish (Danio rerio)2024
Flexible heat pump integration to improve sustainable transition toward 4th generation district heating 2020
Flow analysis of a set of ornamental chimney caps designed by Antoni Gaudi 2020
Flow boiling heat transfer of ammonia/water mixture in a plate heat exchanger2010
Framework for a Systematic Parametric Analysis to Maximize Energy Output of PV Modules Using an Experimental Design 2019
From layout to photoplan: reflections on the 'representation' of urban planning.2017
From Supramolecular Hydrogels to Multifunctional Carriers for Biologically Active Substances2021
Fully-resolved numerical simulations of the turbulent flow and particle deposition in a cubical cavity with two pairs of differentially heated opposed walls at Rayleigh number 3.6 × 1092023
Fungal planet description sheets: 154-213 2013
Geometric characterization of the rotation centers of a particle in a flow2016
Getting Its Feet on the Ground: Elucidating Paralouatta’s Semi-Terrestriality Using the Virtual Morpho-Functional Toolbox 2020
Ground tire rubber recycling in applications as insulators in polymeric compounds, according to spanish une standards2020
Heat and mass transfer in a bubble plate absorber with NH 3/LiNO 3 and NH 3/(LiNO 3 + H 2O) mixtures2013
High Mechanical Performance Boards Made from fibers of Arundo donax without added adhesives2017
Hybrid system and environmental evaluation: Case house in south of Algeria 2013
Hydrodynamics of a rigid stationary flat plate in cross-flow near the free surface 2019
Identifying the effects of heat treatment temperatures on the Ti50Ni45Cu5 alloy using dynamic mechanical analysis combined with microstructural analysis 2018
Impact of the solution channel thickness while investigating the effect of membrane characteristics and operating conditions on the performance of water-LiBr membrane-based absorbers2016
Implementation of elements of sustainability applied to the modernization of productive areas: Spain, a case of technological deficiency in southern Europe [Implantación de elementos de sostenibilidad aplicados a la modernización de áreas productivas:2017
Implementation of elements of sustainability applied to the urbanization of productive areas2016
Influence of Design Parameters in the Optimization of Linear Switched Reluctance Motor under Thermal Constraints2018
Influence of Heat Treatment on Internal Friction Spectrum in NiTiCu Shape Memory Alloy2015
Influence of silver nanoparticles morphologies on density, viscosity and thermal conductivity of silver nanofluids and silver ionanofluids2018
Influence of tire rubber particles addition in different branching degrees polyethylene matrix composites on physical and structural behavior2021
Influence of Ventilation Openings on the Energy Efficiency of Metal Frame Modular Constructions in Brazil Using BIM2023
Influencia en las propiedades mecánicas de varios compuestos poliméricos reforzados con partículas de GTR 2019
Insights into the Structural and Dielectric Behavior of Composites Produced from EPDM Waste Processed through a Devulcanization Method and SBR2023
Integration of a heating and cooling system driven by solar thermal energy and biomass for a greenhouse in Mediterranean climates2023
Integration of reversible heat pumps in trigeneration systems for low-temperature renewable district heating and cooling microgrids 2019
Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Systems into Power Networks: A Scientific Evolution Analysis2022
Integrative analysis reveals novel pathways mediating the interaction between adipose tissue and pancreatic islets in obesity in rats 2014
Investigation of an ejector powered double-effect absorption/recompression refrigeration cycle2019
ISS Quasi-steady Accelerometric Data as a Tool for the Detection of External Disturbances During the Period 2009-2016 2018
ISS quasi-steady accelerometric data as a tool for the detection of external disturbances during the period 2009-2016. 2018
Key performance indicators (KPIs): Assessing the process integration of a shell-and-tube latent heat storage unit 2020
Large field Digital Image Plane Holography with a double cavity high speed laser2022
Lesser mealworm (A. diaperinus) protein as a replacement for dairy proteins in the production of O/W emulsions: Droplet coalescence studies using microfluidics under controlled conditions2023
Life Cicle Inventory for Lead Azide Manufacture 2014
Life cicle inventory for lead azide manufacture2014
Life Cycle Assessment of alveolar brick construction system incorporating phase change materials (PCMs)2013
Life Cycle Impact Assessment of masonry system as inner walls: A case study in Brazil 2014
Lipids, biomarkers, and subclinical atherosclerosis in treatment-naive HIV patients starting or not starting antiretroviral therapy: Comparison with a healthy control group in a 2-year prospective study2020
Low-energy buildings in combination with grid decarbonization, life cycle assessment of passive house buildings in Northern Ireland2022
Membranes for cation transport based on dendronized poly(Epichlorohydrin-co-ethylene oxide). part 1: The effect of dendron amount and column orientation on copolymer mobility2021
Microparticle size and quantities effect on the mechanical features of end of life tires in thermoplastic composites2020
Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of a Hybrid Liquid Desiccant System with Non-Adiabatic Falling-Film Air-Solution Contactors for Air Conditioning Applications in Buildings2021
Modeling and Optimal Control Applying the Flower Pollination Algorithm to Doubly Fed Induction Generators on a Wind Farm in a Hot Arid Climate2021
Modeling of a cogeneration system with a micro gas turbine operating at partial load conditions2017
Modeling of a cogeneration system with a micro gas turbine operating at partial load conditions 2017
Modeling of boiling two-phase flow in the bubble pump of diffusion-absorption refrigeration cycles2015
Modelling and testing the performance of a commercial ammonia/water absorption chiller using ASPEN-Plus platform2015
Modelling of heat flux received by a bubble pump of absorption-diffusion refrigeration cycles2011
Modelling the performance parameters of a horizontal falling film absorber with aqueous (lithium, potassium, sodium) nitrate solution using artificial neural networks2016
Molar heat capacities of the mixture {1,8-cineole + ethanol} at several temperatures and atmospheric pressure2016
Molecular dynamics algorithm enforcing energy conservation for microcanonical simulations 2014
Motion control in free-standing shape-memory actuators2018
Multi-objective optimisation of bio-based thermal insulation materials in building envelopes considering condensation risk2018
Multi-objective optimization coupled with life cycle assessment for retrofitting buildings 2014
Multiple Aneurysms AnaTomy CHallenge 2018 (MATCH): Phase I: Segmentation2018
Network structure dependence on unconstrained isothermal-recovery processes for shape-memory thiol-epoxy 'click' systems 2017
New approach in the reuse of modified ground tire rubber as thermal and acoustic insulation to be used in civil engineering2023
New Developments and Progress in Absorption Chillers for Solar Cooling Applications2020
New epoxy composite thermosets with enhanced thermal conductivity and high Tg obtained by cationic homopolymerization 2018
NiTiCu Transverse to Axial Strain Ratio Analysis During Tension/Compression Tests2015
Novel bio-based epoxy thermosets based on triglycidyl phloroglucinol prepared by thiol-epoxy reaction 2020
Novel BN-epoxy/anhydride composites with enhanced thermal conductivity2021
Novel hybrid organic/inorganic poly(thiourethane) covalent adaptable networks2022
Numerical investigation of an absorption-diffusion cooling machine using C3H8/C9H20 as binary working fluid [Étude numérique d'une machine frigorifique à absorption-diffusion utilisant le couple C3H8/C9H20]2013
Numerical investigation of void fraction distribution for comparative analysis of flow patterns repartition in thermal driven bubble pumps2019
Numerical prediction of flow patterns in bubble pumps2011
Numerical simulations of the flow and aerosol dispersion in a violent expiratory event: Outcomes of the 2022 International Computational Fluid Dynamics Challenge on violent expiratory events2023
One step further in biomechanical models in palaeontology: a nonlinear finite element analysis review2022
On the drag reconfiguration of plates near the free surface2019
On the Monitoring of the Vibratory Environment of DCMIX4 Campaign. Preliminary Results 2020
Optimization of the geometrical parameters of a solar bubble pump for absorption-diffusion cooling systems2010
Optimized demand side management (DSM) of peak electricity demand by coupling low temperature thermal energy storage (TES) and solar PV2018
Orthodontic Loads in Teeth after Regenerative Endodontics: A Finite Element Analysis of the Biomechanical Performance of the Periodontal Ligament2022
Overview of the Potential of Energy Harvesting Sources in Electric Vehicles2023
Parametric Study of an Earth-Air Heat Exchanger Assisted by a Green Wall for Passive Cooling in Hot Climates2020
Particle fractionation controls Escherichia coli release from solid manure2021
Part-load cahracteristics of a new ammonia/lithium nitrate absorption chiller [Caractéristiques à charge partielle d'un nouveau refroidisseur à absorption ammoniac/nitrate de lithium]2015
Passive intensification of the ammonia absorption process with NH3/LiNO3 using carbon nanotubes and advanced surfaces in a tubular bubble absorber2014
Passive scalar transfer rate at bubble interface in Carreau liquid in a transition regime2022
Performance Analysis of a Cascading Adsorption Cycle Powered by High-Temperature Heat Sources for Low-Temperature Cooling in Hot Climates2020
Performance analysis of a triple-effect absorption cooling cycle using aqueous (lithium, potassium, sodium) nitrate solution as a working pair2015
Performance Analysis of Low-Capacity Water–LiBr Absorption–Cooling Systems Using Geothermal Heat-Sinks in Hot Climates2023
Performance assessment of a 20 MW photovoltaic power plant in a hot climate using real data and simulation tools2021
Performance assessment of an NH3/LiNO3 bubble plate absorber applying a semi-empirical model and artificial neural networks2020
Performance evaluation of membrane-based absorbers employing H2O/(LiBr + LiI + LiNO3 + LiCl) and H2O/(LiNO3 + KNO3 + NaNO3) as working pairs in absorption cooling systems2016
Phenomenological characterization of sequential dual-curing of off-stoichiometric “thiol-epoxy” systems: Towards applicability 2017
Phenomenological characterization of sequential dual-curing of off-stoichiometric "thiol-epoxy" systems: Towards applicability 2017
Pitching foil propulsion performance decays near the free surface2023
Power production using a batch double-chamber microbial fuel cell from brewery wastewater: Effects of electron acceptors2022
Pre-industrial development and experimental characterization of new air-cooled and water-cooled ammonia/lithium nitrate absorption chillers2014
Preparation and Characterization of a Series of Self-Healable Bio-Based Poly(thiourethane) Vitrimer-like Materials2023
Preparation of new biobased materials from a triglycidyl eugenol derivative through thiol-epoxy click reaction 2018
Production and Analysis of the Physicochemical Properties of the Pyrolytic Oil Obtained from Pyrolysis of Different Thermoplastics and Plastic Mixtures2022
Real-World Variability in the Prediction of Intracranial Aneurysm Wall Shear Stress: The 2015 International Aneurysm CFD Challenge2018
Recovery and Transport of Industrial Waste Heat for Their Use in Urban District Heating and Cooling Networks Using Absorption Systems 2020
Recyclable and Reprocessable Epoxy Vitrimer Adhesives 2023
Recyclable organocatalyzed poly(Thiourethane) covalent adaptable networks2020
Recyclable poly(thiourethane) vitrimers with high Tg. Influence of the isocyanate structure2020
Regasification of liquefied natural gas in satellite terminals: Techno-economic potential of cold recovery for boosting the efficiency of refrigerated facilities2021
Rheological and mechanical characterization of dual-curing thiol-acrylate-epoxy thermosets for advanced applications 2019
Scheduling optimization and risk analysis for energy-intensive industries under uncertain electricity market to facilitate financial planning2023
Sequential curing of off-stoichiometric thiol-epoxy thermosets with a custom-tailored structure 2016
Sequential photo-thermal curing of (meth)acrylate-epoxy thiol formulations2021
Shape evolution of long flexible fibers in viscous flows2022
Shape-memory actuators based on dual-curing thiol-acrylate-epoxy thermosets 2021
Solutal natural convection flows in ternary mixtures2017
Solutal natural convection flows in ternary mixtures 2016
Some considerations on the vibrational environment of the DSC-DCMIX1 experiment onboard ISS 2016
Some considerations on the vibrational environment of the DSC-DCMIX1 experiment onboard ISS 2016
Stabilized rammed earth incorporating PCM: Optimization and improvement of thermal properties and Life Cycle Assessment2012
Steady state investigations of a commercial diffusion-absorption refrigerator: Experimental study and numerical simulations 2018
Stone sawing machine at the Temple of Artemis in Jerash, Jordan2023
Structural and mechanical analysis on mannuronate-rich alginate gels and xerogels beads based on Calcium, Copper and Zinc as crosslinkers2023
Structural and physico-mechanical properties of natural rubber/GTR composites devulcanized by microwaves: Influence of GTR source and irradiation time2018
Structural reversible adhesives based on thiol-epoxy vitrimers2023
Study analysis of thermal, dielectric and functional characteristics of an ethylene polyethylene diene monomer blended with end-of-life tire microparticles amounts 2021
Study and Characterization of the Dielectric Behavior of Low Linear Density Polyethylene Composites Mixed with Ground Tire Rubber Particles 2020
Study of the synergistic effect of boron nitride and carbon nanotubes in the improvement of thermal conductivity of epoxy composites 2020
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis due to Phialemoniopsis ocularis successfully treated by voriconazole 2014
Sustainability insights on emerging solar district heating technologies to boost the nearly zero energy building concept2021
Swimming and feeding in the Ordovician trilobite Microparia speciosa shed light on the early history of nektonic life habit2023
Synchronization of life cycles by collective transport and emergence of supercycles2020
Synthesis and characterization of new bio-based poly(acylhydrazone) vanillin vitrimers2022
Systematic combination of insulation biomaterials to enhance energy and environmental efficiency in buildings 2021
Technical, environmental, and economic evaluation of a solar/gas driven absorption chiller for shopping malls in the Caribbean region of Colombia2022
Techno-economic analysis of control strategies for heat pumps integrated into solar district heating systems2021
Techno-economic analysis of residential rooftop photovoltaics in Spain2023
Testing the Reliability of Flexible MOX Gas Sensors under Strain2019
The 'Base map' for urban planning: cartographic representation as a fundamental tool for the representation of the town plan.2018
The effect of lignin as a natural adhesive on the physico-mechanical properties of vitis vinifera fiberboards 2011
The Impact of an International Component in Educating the Public Using an Experimental Design2021
Theoretical study of a novel oil-free co-rotating scroll compressor integrated into a hybrid absorption heat pump cycle2016
The Potential of Solar Thermoelectric Generator STEG for Implantation in the Adrar Region2020
Thermal and mechanical characterization of EMA-TEGDMA mixtures for cosmetic applications 2018
Thermal and Surface Radiosity Analysis of an Underfloor Heating System in a Bioclimatic Habitat2021
Thermoconductive Thermosetting Composites Based on Boron Nitride Fillers and Thiol-Epoxy Matrices 2018
The use of click-type reactions in the preparation of thermosets 2020
The use of lanthanide triflates in the preparation of poly(thiourethane) covalent adaptable networks2023
Transient large-scale two-phase flow structures in a 3D bubble column reactor2020
Transport and wall surface deposition of airborne particles in enclosed, buoyancy-driven turbulent flows using fully-resolved numerical simulations2022
Tribological Behavior of Microalloyed Cu50Zr50 Alloy2022
Use of operational research techniques for concrete mix design: A systematic review2023
Use of thermoelectric generators to harvest energy from motor vehicle brake discs2021
Using Machine Learning to estimate the impact of different modes of transport and traffic restriction strategies on urban air quality2022
Utility networks in urban planning plans: Evolution of its graphic representation2014
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Aqueous Alkaline Nitrate and Nitrite Solutions for Absorption Refrigeration Cycles with High-Temperature Driving2011
Vapour absorption enhancement using passive techniques for absorption cooling/heating technologies: A review 2018
Visualization and measurement of two-phase flows in horizontal pipelines 2020
Vitrimeric Epoxy-Amine Polyimine Networks Based on a Renewable Vanillin Derivative2022
Waste Aluminum Application as Energy Valorization for Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Mobile Low Power Machines Applications2021