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A baseline metabolomic signature is associated with immunological CD4 + T-cell recovery after 36 months of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected patients 2018
A Case of an Elderly Patient With Recurrent Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection2022
A Case Series Assessing the Effects of Lomitapide on Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Adult Patients with Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in a Real-World Setting2022
Accelerated geroncogenesis in hereditary breast-ovarian cancer syndrome 2016
Accuracy in Diagnosis of Celiac Disease Without Biopsies in Clinical Practice 2017
Accuracy of the clinical pulmonary infection score to differentiate ventilator-associated tracheobronchitis from ventilator-associated pneumonia2020
A clinical trial to evaluate the effect of the Mediterranean diet on smokers lung function2019
A Co-Design Process to Elaborate Educational Materials to Promote Appropriate Use of Antibiotics for Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Healthcare in Catalonia (Spain)2021
A comparative CFD study of four inferior vena cava filters 2018
Activation of nuclear factor-kappa B subunits c-Rel, p65 and p50 by plasma lipids and fatty acids across the menstrual cycle 2020
Activation of the methylation cycle in cells reprogrammed into a stem cell-like state2015
Acute and sub-acute effect of ferric carboxymaltose on inflammation and adhesion molecules in patients with predialysis chronic renal failure 2013
Acute Effects of Turmeric Extracts on Knee Joint Pain: A Pilot, Randomized Controlled Trial 2021
Acute kidney injury in critical ill patients affected by influenza A (H1N1) virus infection 2011
Acute lumbar polyradiculoneuropathy as early sign of methotrexate intrathecal neurotoxicity: Case report and literature review2019
Adapting iron dose supplementation in pregnancy for greater effectiveness on mother and child health: Protocol of the ECLIPSES randomized clinical trial2014
Adequate calcium intake during long periods improves bone mineral density in healthy children. Data from the Childhood Obesity Project2018
Adherence to the mediterranean lifestyle and desired body weight loss in a mediterranean adult population with overweight: A predimed‐plus study2020
Adipo/cytokines in atherosclerotic secretomes: Increased visfatin levels in unstable carotid plaque2016
Adipokines as New Biomarkers of Immune Recovery: Apelin Receptor, RBP4 and ZAG Are Related to CD4+ T-Cell Reconstitution in PLHIV on Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy2022
Adipose-Derived Fatty Acid-Binding Proteins Plasma Concentrations Are Increased in Breast Cancer Patients 2017
Adipose stem cells from patients with Crohn's disease show a distinctive DNA methylation pattern 2020
Adipose Tissue and Serum CCDC80 in Obesity and Its Association with Related Metabolic Disease2017
Adipose tissue glycogen accumulation is associated with obesity-linked inflammation in humans 2016
Adipose tissue is a key organ for the beneficial effects of GLP-2 metabolic function2021
Adiposity markers and lung function in smokers: A cross-sectional study in a Mediterranean population 2016
Adiposity markers and lung function in smokers: A cross-sectional study in a Mediterranean population 2016
Adjunctive Recombinant Human Plasma Gelsolin for Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pneumonia2022
Adolescent Friendly Services: quality assessment with simulated users2020
Adolescents encouraging healthy lifestyles through a peer-led social marketing intervention: Training and key competencies learned by peer leaders2022
A Functional Virgin Olive Oil Enriched with Olive Oil and Thyme Phenolic Compounds Improves the Expression of Cholesterol Efflux-Related Genes: A Randomized, Crossover, Controlled Trial2019
Age- and gender-related differences in brain tissue microstructure revealed by multi-component T-2 relaxometry2021
Agenesia renal unilateral. Nuevos argumentos acerca de la relación genética entre la urolitiasis y las malformaciones renales 2016
A Glycovariant of Human CD44 Is Characteristically Expressed on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells 2017
AICAR Protects against High Palmitate/High Insulin-Induced Intramyocellular Lipid Accumulation and Insulin Resistance in HL-1 Cardiac Cells by Inducing PPAR-Target Gene Expression2015
Aliskiren, Enalapril, or Aliskiren and Enalapril in Heart Failure2016
A lower baseline CD4/CD8 T-cell ratio is independently associated with immunodiscordant response to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected subjects 2017
A low-fat yoghurt supplemented with a rooster comb extract on muscle joint function in adults with mild knee pain: a randomized, double blind, parallel, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of efficacy2015
Alpha1-antitrypsin ameliorates islet amyloid-induced glucose intolerance and (3-cell dysfunction2020
Altered Expression of miR-181a-5p and miR-23a-3p Is Associated With Obesity and TNFα-Induced Insulin Resistance 2018
Altered fatty acid metabolism-related gene expression in liver from morbidly obese women with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 2014
Altered HDL Remodeling and Functionality in Familial Hypercholesterolemia 2018
Altered Serum Metabolic Profile Assessed by Advanced 1H-NMR in Breast Cancer Patients2021
A Machine Learning decision-making tool for extubation in Intensive Care Unit patients 2021
A Metabolites Merging Strategy (MMS): Harmonization to Enable Studies’ Intercomparison2023
Analysis of DNA methylation at birth and in childhood reveals changes associated with season of birth and latitude2023
Analysis of free hydroxytyrosol in human plasma following the administration of olive oil 2016
Analysis of implementation outcomes of quality improvement initiatives in Haiti: the fingerprint initiative2021
Analysis of LDL and HDL size and number by nuclear magnetic resonance in a healthy working population: The LipoLab Study2021
Analysis of Patient Safety Incidents in Primary Care Reported in an Electronic Registry Application2021
An ESPGHAN Position Paper on the Use of Low-FODMAP Diet in Pediatric Gastroenterology 2022
Aneurismas coronarios gigantes en la enfermedad de Kawasaki incompleta2022
A New Deep Learning Algorithm with Activation Mapping for Diabetic Retinopathy: Backtesting after 10 Years of Tele-Ophthalmology2022
A new tool for the paediatric HIV research: general data from the Cohort of the Spanish Paediatric HIV Network (CoRISpe) 2013
An explanatory analysis of economic and health inequality changes among Mexican indigenous people, 2000-20102014
Angiographic Characteristics and Outcomes of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Reattempted Chronic Total Occlusion: Potential Contributing Factors to Procedural Success2021
Angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPTL8) in pregnancy: a brown adipose tissue-derived endocrine factor with a potential role in fetal growth 2016
Angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPTL8) in pregnancy: a brown adipose tissue-derived endocrine factor with a potential role in fetal growth 2016
Angiopoietin-like protein 8/betatrophin as a new determinant of type 2 diabetes remission after bariatric surgery 2017
An Infant Formula with Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Supports Adequate Growth and Is Safe and Well-Tolerated in Healthy, Term Infants: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Equivalence Trial2020
An interventional nationwide surveillance program lowers postoperative infection rates in elective colorectal surgery. A cohort study (2008–2019)2022
Ankle Joint Dorsiflexion Reference Values in Non-Injured Youth Federated Basketball Players: A Cross-Sectional Study2022
Análisis de las emociones negativas generadas ante el dolor de parto, en mujeres atendidas en un hospital público de Tarragona 2016
An MMP-degraded and cross-linked fragment of type III collagen as a non-invasive biomarker of hepatic fibrosis resolution2022
A non-interventional naturalistic study of the prescription patterns of antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia from the Spanish province of Tarragona 2015
A novel approach to assess body composition in children with obesity from density of the fat-free mass2021
Anthocyanin Tissue Bioavailability in Animals: Possible Implications for Human Health. A Systematic Review 2018
Anthocyanin Tissue Bioavailability in Animals: Possible Implications for Human Health. A Systematic Review 2018
Antioxidant-rich foods, antioxidant supplements, and sarcopenia in old-young adults ≥55 years old: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies and randomized controlled trials2022
Antiretroviral treatment-induced dyslipidemia in HIV-infected patients is influenced by the APOC3-related rs10892151 polymorphism 2011
A nuclear defect in the 4p16 region predisposes to multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions in families with Wolfram syndrome1996
A panel of plasma microRNAs improves the assessment of surrogate markers of cardiovascular disease in rheumatoid arthritis patients2023
A paper in health sciences: The Student Mentor 2015
APC promoter is frequently methylated in pancreatic juice of patients with pancreatic carcinomas or periampullary tumors2016
Application of Dried Blood Spot Cards combined with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry to determine eight fat-soluble micronutrients in human blood2020
A preliminary study of paraoxonase-1 in infected patients with an indwelling central venous catheter2016
A primary-school-based study to reduce prevalence of childhood obesity in Catalunya (Spain) - EDAL-Educació en alimentació: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial2011
A primary-school-based study to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity – the EdAl (Educació en Alimentació) study: a randomized controlled trial 2014
Are Ingested or Inhaled Microplastics Involved in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?2022
Arterial Stiffness in Type 1 Diabetes: The Case for the Arterial Wall Itself as a Target Organ2021
Arterial stiffness is highly correlated with the scores obtained from the Steno Type 1 Risk Engine in subjects with T1DM 2019
Arterial Stiffness Is Increased in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Without Cardiovascular Disease: A potential role of low-grade inflammation2012
A simple combination of biomarkers for risk stratification in octogenarians with acute myocardial infarction2021
A simple method for identification of misreporting of energy intake from infancy to school age: Results from a longitudinal study 2018
A simple validated method for predicting the risk of hospitalization for worsening of heart failure in ambulatory patients: the Redin-SCORE2015
A specific gut microbiota signature is associated with an enhanced GLP-1 and GLP-2 secretion and improved metabolic control in patients with type 2 diabetes after metabolic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass2023
Aspiration Risk Factors, Microbiology, and Empiric Antibiotics for Patients Hospitalized With Community-Acquired Pneumonia2021
Assessing the Utility of Multiplexed Polymerase Chain Reaction in Detecting Microorganisms Causing Infections in Critically ill Patients2023
Assessment of arterial stiffness variables in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A mediation analysis.2019
Assessment of human inter-individual variability of phloretin metabolites in urine after apple consumption. AppleCOR study2023
Association Among Polyphenol Intake, Uric Acid, and Hyperuricemia: A Cross-Sectional Analysis in a Population at High Cardiovascular Risk2022
Association between exposure to air pollution and blood lipids in the general population of Spain2024
Association Between Lifestyle and Hypertriglyceridemic Waist Phenotype in the PREDIMED-Plus Study2020
Association between Nordic and Mediterranean diets with lipoprotein phenotype assessed by 1HNMR in children with familial hypercholesterolemia2023
Association between psychological problems and overweight and obesity in school children 2018
Association of Birth Weight With Type 2 Diabetes and Glycemic Traits: A Mendelian Randomization Study 2019
Association of early protein intake and pre-peritoneal fat at five years of age: Follow-up of a randomized clinical trial2016
Association of Protein Intake during the Second Year of Life with Weight Gain-Related Outcomes in Childhood: A Systematic Review2021
Association of TAS2R38 variants with sweet food intake in children aged 1-6 years 2016
Association of TAS2R38 variants with sweet food intake in children aged 1-6 years 2016
Association of TERC and OBFC1 Haplotypes with Mean Leukocyte Telomere Length and Risk for Coronary Heart Disease 2013
Associations between eating speed, diet quality, adiposity, and cardiometabolic risk factors2023
A systematic review on genome-wide association studies exploring comorbidity in bipolar disorder2021
Auto-antibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-192020
Autoantibodies neutralizing type I IFNs are present in ~4% of uninfected individuals over 70 years old and account for ~20% of COVID-19 deaths2021
Automatic generation of minimum dataset and quality indicators from data collected routinely by the clinical information system in an intensive care unit2021
A workplace intervention to reduce alcohol and drug consumption: a nonrandomized single-group study 2018
A Youth-Led, Social Marketing Intervention Run by Adolescents to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles among Younger School Peers (EYTO-Kids Project): A Protocol for Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (Spain) 2017
Bacteremia is an independent risk factor for mortality in nosocomial pneumonia: a prospective and observational multicenter study 2011
Basic critical care echocardiography training of intensivists allows reproducible and reliable measurements of cardiac output 2019
Being overweight or obese is associated with inhibition control in children from six to ten years of age2015
Bempedoic acid. Mechanism of action and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties2021
Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet: Insights From the PREDIMED Study2015
Bicuspid Aortic Valve and Endothelial Dysfunction: Current Evidence and Potential Therapeutic Targets2020
Bifidobacterium longum subsp infantis CECT7210-supplemented formula reduces diarrhea in healthy infants: A randomized controlled trial 2018
Borderline Personality Disorder, Early Adverse Experiences, and Cognitive Biases: A Systematic Review2023
Breast-Milk Microbiota Linked to Celiac Disease Development in Children: A Pilot Study From the PreventCD Cohort2020
Bronchial colonization and postoperative respiratory infections in patients undergoing lung cancer surgery2005
Busulfan 12 mg/kg plus melphalan 140 mg/m(2) versus melphalan 200 mg/m(2) as conditioning regimens for autologous transplantation in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients included in the PETHEMA/GEM2000 study 2010
Caffeinated coffee consumption and risk of atrial fibrillation in two Spanish cohorts2021
Canine sterile steroid-responsive lymphadenitis in 49 dogs2019
Cappric study—characterization of community-acquired pneumonia in spanish adults managed in primary care settings2021
Características y mortalidad del infarto agudo de miocardio tratado con intervencionismo coronario percutáneo primario en España: Resultados del Registro TRIANA 1 (TRatamiento del Infarto Agudo de miocardio eN Ancianos) 2005
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the Prone Position in the Operating Room or in the Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review2021
Cardiovascular Benefits of Moderate Exercise Training in Marfan Syndrome: Insights From an Animal Model2017
Case-Control Analysis of the Impact of Anemia on Quality of Life in Patients with Cancer: A Qca Study Analysis2021
Cause-specific mortality after a breast cancer diagnosis: a cohort study of 10,195 women in Girona and Tarragona.2019
CD300a inhibits CD16-mediated NK cell effector functions in HIV-1-infected patients 2019
CDK4 is an essential insulin effector in adipocytes 2016
CDK4 is an essential insulin effector in adipocytes 2016
Ceftolozane and tazobactam for the treatment of hospital acquired pneumonia2020
Cellular and physiological circadian mechanisms drive diurnal cell proliferation and expansion of white adipose tissue2021
CENP-A nucleosomes localize to transcription factor hotspots and subtelomeric sites in human cancer cells2015
Changes in glucagon-like peptide 1 and 2 levels in people with obesity after a diet-induced weight-loss intervention are related to a specific microbiota signature: A prospective cohort study2021
Changes in the Epidemiology of Diabetic Retinopathy in Spain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis2022
Changes observed in diabetic retinopathy. Eight year follow up of a Spanish population 2016
Characteristics of hospitalized patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection during successive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in a reference hospital in Spain2022
Characterization and risk estimate of cancer in patients with primary Sjogren syndrome2017
Characterization of ¹H NMR plasma glycoproteins as a new strategy to identify inflammatory patterns in rheumatoid arthritis. 2018
Characterization of the lps and 3ohfa contents in the lipoprotein fractions and lipoprotein particles of healthy men2022
Chemokine C-C motif ligand 2 overexpression drives tissue-specific metabolic responses in the liver and muscle of mice2020
Chemokine ligand 2 and paraoxonase-1 in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: The search for alternative causative factors2015
Chest wall mechanics during mechanical chest compression and its relationship to CPR-related injuries and survival2022
Childhood and Adolescent Central Nervous System Tumours in Spain: Incidence and Survival over 20 Years: A Historical Baseline for Current Assessment2023
Chrysosporium-Related Fungi and Reptiles: A Fatal Attraction 2014
Circular DNA intermediates in the generation of large human segmental duplications2020
Circulating endothelial microparticles are elevated in bicuspid aortic valve disease and related to aortic dilation 2016
Circulating endothelial microparticles are elevated in bicuspid aortic valve disease and related to aortic dilation2016
Circulating FABP4 is a marker of metabolic and cardiovascular risk in SLE patients2014
Circulating Levels of Pro-Neurotensin and Its Relationship with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis and Hepatic Lipid Metabolism2021
Circulating Levels of Short-Chain Fatty Acids during Pregnancy and Infant Neurodevelopment2022
Circulating metabolomic profile can predict dyslipidemia in HIV patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy 2018
Circulating microbiota-derived metabolites: a “liquid biopsy?2020
Circulating miRNAs as Potential Biomarkers for Celiac Disease Development2021
Circulating PCSK9 levels and CETP plasma activity are independently associated in patients with metabolic diseases 2016
Circulating pyruvate is a potent prognostic marker for critical COVID-19 outcomes2022
Clinical and Biomarker Profile Responses to Rehabilitation Treatment in Patients with Long COVID Characterized by Chronic Fatigue2023
Clinical characteristics and outcome of Spanish patients with ANCA-associated vasculitides Impact of the vasculitis type, ANCA specificity, and treatment on mortality and morbidity2017
Clinical characteristics and prognostic implications of diabetes and myocardial injury in patients admitted to the emergency room2021
Clinical Outcome of HIV-Infected Patients with Sustained Virologic Response to Antiretroviral Therapy: Long-Term Follow-Up of a Multicenter Cohort 2006
Clinical outcomes and safety of passive leg raising in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a randomized controlled trial2021
Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Bicuspid Aortic Valves and Ascending Aorta ≥50 mm Under Surveillance2023
Clinical performance of paraoxonase-1-related variables and novel markers of inflammation in coronavirus disease-19. A machine learning approach2021
Clinical performance of the Elecsys (R) anti-SARS-CoV-2 combined in an algorithm with two specific anti-IgG immunoassays for the evaluation of the serological response of patients with COVID-19 in a population with a high prevalence of infection2021
Clinical profile of patients treated with evolocumab in lipid/internal medicine units of Spain. Observational study (RETOSS-IMU) 2020
Clinical response to ertapenem in severe community-acquired pneumonia: a retrospective series in an elderly population2009
Clinical, virological and biochemical evidence supporting the association of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase polymorphism R284K and thymidine analogue resistance mutations M41L, L210W and T215Y in patients failing tenofovir/emtricitabine therapy 2012
Cloxacillin plus fosfomycin versus cloxacillin alone for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia: a randomized trial2023
Cocoa and grape seed byproducts as a source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory proanthocyanidins 2017
Coeliac Disease Case-Control Study: Has the Time Come to Explore beyond Patients at Risk?2023
Coexpression of the discoidin domain receptor 1 gene with oligodendrocyte-related and schizophrenia risk genes in the developing and adult human brain2021
Cognitive biases in first-episode psychosis with and without attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder2023
Cognitive Biases Questionnaire for Psychosis (CBQp): Spanish Validation and Relationship With Cognitive Insight in Psychotic Patients2021
Cohort profile: Collaboration of Observational HIV Epidemiological Research Europe (COHERE) in EuroCoord2017
Collagen and fibronectin surface modification of nanoporous anodic alumina and macroporous silicon for endothelial cell cultures2018
Col¿?loqui: Estat actual del coneixement sobre les dislipemies i el risc cardiovascular: Introducció2004
Combination therapy in the guidelines: from high-intensity statins to high-intensity lipid-lowering therapies2022
Combining Dietary Intervention with Metformin Treatment Enhances Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Remission in Mice Fed a High-Fat High-Sucrose Diet2022
Combining Semi-Targeted Metabolomics and Machine Learning to Identify Metabolic Alterations in the Serum and Urine of Hospitalized Patients with COVID-192023
Comentarios a «Estudio de prevalencia de retinopatía diabética en pacientes diabéticos mediante retinógrafo no midriático» 2009
Comment on Fahrmann et al. Modification of the Association Between Severe Hypoglycemia and Ischemic Heart Disease by Surrogates of Vascular Damage Severity in Type 1 Diabetes During ∼30 Years of Follow-up in the DCCT/EDIC Study. Diabetes Care 2021;44;2132022
Common genetic variants contribute to heritability of age at onset of schizophrenia2023
Comparative Analysis of Dalbavancin versus Other Antimicrobial Options for Gram-Positive Cocci Infections: Effectiveness, Hospital Stay and Mortality2021
Comparative Analysis of Mammal Genomes Unveils Key Genomic Variability for Human Life Span2021
Comparative efficacy of two primary care interventions to assist withdrawal from long term benzodiazepine use: A protocol for a clustered, randomized clinical trial 2011
Comparison of pain neurophysiology knowledge among health sciences students: a cross-sectional study2015
Comparisons Between Upper and Lower Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Review of the RIETE Registry 2017
Competing risks to breast cancer mortality in Catalonia 2008
Competing spreading processes on multiplex networks: Awareness and epidemics 2014
Complement system and small HDL particles are associated with subclinical atherosclerosis in SLE patients2012
Complex chronic patients as an emergent group with high risk of intracerebral haemorrhage: an observational cohort study2021
Compliance to Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention Decreases Blood Pressure in Patients with Resistant Hypertension: A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study2023
Comprehensive summary of mitochondrial DNA alterations in the postmortem human brain: A systematic review2022
Computer-aided discovery of biological activity spectra for anti-aging and anti-cancer olive oil oleuropeins 2014
Consenso sobre la vacunación anti-neumocócica en el adulto con patología de base2013
Consensus document of an expert group from the Spanish Society of Arteriosclerosis (SEA) on the clinical use of nuclear magnetic resonance to assess lipoprotein metabolism (Liposcale®) 2020
Contribution of Oxidative Stress to Non-AIDS Events in HIV-Infected Patients 2017
Cord Blood Advanced Lipoprotein Testing Reveals an Interaction between Gestational Diabetes and Birth-Weight and Suggests a New Early Biomarker of Infant Obesity2022
Cord blood FGF21 in gestational diabetes and its relationship with postnatal growth2015
Corticosteroid treatment in critically ill patients with severe influenza pneumonia: a propensity score matching study 2018
Cost-effectiveness of direct oral anticoagulants versus vitamin K antagonist in atrial fibrillation: A study protocol using Real-World Data from Catalonia (FantasTIC Study)2020
Cost-effectiveness of early detection of breast cancer in Catalonia (Spain) 2011
Cost of diabetic retinopathy and macular oedema in a population, an eight year follow up 2016
Cost of organ/space infection in elective colorectal surgery. Is it just a problem of rates?2015
Could pulmonary low-dose radiation therapy be an alternative treatment for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia? Preliminary results of a multicenter SEOR-GICOR nonrandomized prospective trial (IPACOVID trial)2021
Coupling Machine Learning and Lipidomics as a Tool to Investigate Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease. A General Overview2021
COVID-19 in hospitalized HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients: A matched study2021
Crohn's Disease Increases the Mesothelial Properties of Adipocyte Progenitors in the Creeping Fat2021
Cross-sectional association between non-soy legume consumption, serum uric acid and hyperuricemia: the PREDIMED-Plus study2020
Cultural effects on neurodevelopmental testing in children from six European countries: an analysis of NUTRIMENTHE Global Database 2019
Cyanidin-3-glucoside as a possible biomarker for anthocyanin-rich berry intake in body fluids of healthy humans: a systematic review of clinical trials. 2020
DALBACEN cohort: dalbavancin as consolidation therapy in patients with endocarditis and/or bloodstream infection produced by gram-positive cocci2019
Data on the circulating levels of endothelial microparticles are elevated in patients with bicuspid aortic valve and are related to aortic dilation 2016
Dataset related to the characteristics of the champion that influence the implementation of quality improvement programs in health facilities2020
DBP rs7041 and DHCR7 rs3829251 are Linked to CD4(+) Recovery in HIV Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy2022
D-dimer and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels to predict venous thromboembolism recurrence after discontinuation of anticoagulation for cancer-associated thrombosis 2018
DDR1 and Its Ligand, Collagen IV, Are Involved in In Vitro Oligodendrocyte Maturation2023
DDR1 methylation is associated with bipolar disorder and the isoform expression and methylation of myelin genes2021
Decreased Mortality among Patients with Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections at Catalan Hospitals (2010-2019) 2022
Decreased paraoxonase-1 activity is associated with alterations of high-density lipoprotein particles in chronic liver impairment 2010
Delirium diagnosis defined by cluster analysis of symptoms versus diagnosis by DSM and ICD criteria: Diagnostic accuracy study 2016
Delirium diagnosis defined by cluster analysis of symptoms versus diagnosis by DSM and ICD criteria: Diagnostic accuracy study 2016
Demographic, clinical, and functional determinants of antithrombotic treatment in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation2021
De novo lipogenesis in adipose tissue is associated with course of morbid obesity after bariatric surgery.2012
De novo lipogenesis in adipose tissue is associated with course of morbid obesity after bariatric surgery. 2012
Deregulated serotonin pathway in women with morbid obesity and nafld2020
Deregulation of secreted frizzled-related protein 5 in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease associated with obesity2021
Dermoscopy in Basal Cell Carcinoma: An Updated Review 2021
Dermoscopy of pyogenic granuloma: a morphological study.2010
Descargas de cascarilla de soja en Tarragona y riesgo de epidemias de asma 2010
Detecting familial hypercholesterolemia earlier in life by actively searching for affected children:The DECOPIN project 2018
Detection of Neuromuscular Deficits in Movement Pattern among Uninjured Federated Youth Basketball Players: A Cross-Sectional Study2022
Deterioro cognitivo inducido por los tratamientos oncológicos sistémicos en el cáncer de mama o metastático: revisión de estudios 2009
Determinants of HDL Cholesterol Efflux Capacity after Virgin Olive Oil Ingestion: Interrelationships with Fluidity of HDL Monolayer 2017
Developing a model to predict the early risk of hypertriglyceridemia based on inhibiting lipoprotein lipase (LPL): a translational study2023
Development of a Risk Prediction Score for Occult Cancer in Patients With VTE 2017
Development of the conceptualization of pain questionnaire: A measure to study how children conceptualize pain 2021
Dexamethasone as risk-factor for ICU-acquired respiratory tract infections in severe COVID-192022
Dexamethasone to prevent kidney scarring in acute pyelonephritis: a randomized clinical trial2022
Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular risk: an update of the recommendations of the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Working Group of the Spanish Society of Diabetes (SED, 2021) [Diabetes mellitus y riesgo cardiovascular: actualización de las recomen2022
Diabetic Macular Edema Pathophysiology: Vasogenic versus Inflammatory2016
Diabetic Macular Edema Pathophysiology: Vasogenic versus Inflammatory 2016
Diabetic retinopathy as a predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in subjects with type 2 diabetes2022
Diagnosis of non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS): The salerno experts’ criteria 2015
Dietary inflammatory index and incidence of cardiovascular disease in the PREDIMED study2015
Dietary Iron, Anemia Markers, Cognition, and Quality of Life in Older Community-Dwelling Subjects at High Cardiovascular Risk2023
Dietary patterns are associated with lung function among Spanish smokers without respiratory disease 2016
Differences in Multifocal Electroretinogram Study in Two Populations of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients without Diabetic Retinopathy2022
Differential absorption and metabolism of hydroxytyrosol and its precursors oleuropein and secoiridoids 2016
Differential absorption and metabolism of hydroxytyrosol and its precursors oleuropein and secoiridoids 2016
Differential subcutaneous adipose tissue gene expression patterns in a randomized clinical trial of efavirenz or lopinavir-ritonavir in antiretroviral-naive patients2014
Different protein intake in the first year and its effects on adiposity rebound and obesity throughout childhood: 11 years follow-up of a randomized controlled trial2022
Different response to hypoxia of adipose-derived multipotent cells from obese subjects with and without metabolic syndrome2017
Differing prognostic value of pulse pressure in patients with heart failure with reduced or preserved ejection fraction: results from the MAGGIC individual patient meta-analysis2015
Disparities in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Clinical Outcomes and Vaccination Coverage Among Migrants With Human Immunodeficiency Virus in the PISCIS Cohort: A Population-Based Propensity Score-Matched Analysis2024
Distinct roles of the phosphatidate phosphatases lipin 1 and 2 during adipogenesis and lipid droplet biogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells 2013
Distribution of energy and macronutrient intakes across eating occasions in European children from 3 to 8 years of age: The EU Childhood Obesity Project Study2023
Distribution of seven ApoC-III glycoforms in plasma, VLDL, IDL, LDL and HDL of healthy subjects2022
DNA-Methylation and Body Composition in Preschool Children: Epigenome-Wide-Analysis in the European Childhood Obesity Project (CHOP)-Study 2017
DNA methylation and body mass index from birth to adolescence: meta-analyses of epigenome-wide association studies2020
DNA Methylation in Gestational Diabetes and its Predictive Value for Postpartum Glucose Disturbances2022
DNA methylation pattern of hypertriglyceridemic subjects. [Patrón de metilación en ADN de sujetos hipertrigliceridémicos] 2022
Document of recommendations of the SEA 2018. Lifestyle in cardiovascular prevention. 2018
Does aging affect the immune status? A comparative analysis in 300 healthy volunteers from France, Austria and Spain2013
Does aging affect the immune status? A comparative analysis in 300 healthy volunteers from France, Austria and Spain 2013
Does the fortified milk with high iron dose improve the neurodevelopment of healthy infants? Randomized controlled trial2019
Dolor precordial con esfuerzo físico causado por una miocarditis aguda 2016
Dose effect on the uptake and accumulation of hydroxytyrosol and its metabolites in target tissues in rats.2015
Double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled intervention trial to evaluate the effects of Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7347 in children with newly diagnosed coeliac disease2014
Downregulation of de novo fatty acid synthesis in subcutaneous adipose tissue of moderately obese women 2015
Drug therapies for HIV- related metabolic disorders2016
DVT Management and Outcome Trends, 2001 to 2014 2016
Dynamics of the components of energy intake between Spanish and Mexican preschool children: energy density and food volume in two contexts 2011
Dyslipemias and pregnancy, an update2021
Dyslipidaemia in HIV-infected women on antiretroviral therapy. Analysis of 922 patients from the Spanish VACH cohort 2011
Early antiretroviral therapy initiation effect on metabolic profile in vertically HIV-1-infected children2021
Early Management of Severe Biliary Infection in the Era of the Tokyo Guidelines2023
Early Programming by Protein Intake: The Effect of Protein on Adiposity Development and the Growth and Functionality of Vital Organs2015
Early Rhythm-Control Therapy in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation2020
Early use of echocardiography in patients with acute pulmonary embolism: Findings from the RIETE registry 2018
Echocardiography and Electrocardiography in Detecting Atrial Cardiomyopathy: A Promising Path to Predicting Cardioembolic Strokes and Atrial Fibrillation2023
Economic Burden Associated with the Treatment with a Cardiovascular Polypill in Secondary Prevention in Spain: Cost-Effectiveness Results of the NEPTUNO Study2023
Educational Needs and Resources for Teachers Working with Students with Chronic Pain: Results of a Delphi Study2021
Efavirenz versus boosted atazanavir-containing regimens and immunologic, virologic, and clinical outcomes: A prospective study of HIV-positive individuals2016
Effectiveness and tolerability of dolutegravir/lamivudine for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in clinical practice2023
Effectiveness of a motivational intervention based on spirometry results to achieve smoking cessation in primary healthcare patients: randomised, parallel, controlled multicentre study2021
Effectiveness of a Motivational Nutritional Intervention through Social Networks 2.0 to Increase Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Improve Lung Function in Active Smokers: The DIET Study, a Randomized, Controlled and Parallel Clinical Trial in 2021
Effectiveness of an App for tobacco cessation in pregnant smokers (TOBBGEST): study protocol2022
Effectiveness of a network of automatically activated trained volunteers on the reduction of cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoueuvers initiation time: Study protocol2019
Effectiveness of an individualized, unsupervised 4 month exercise program, on exercise tolerance, perception of fatigue and anthropometric variables in sedentary patients with cardiovascular risk factors 2016
Effectiveness of a physical activity program on cardiovascular disease risk in adult primary health-care users: The "pas-a-Pas" community intervention trial 2017
Effectiveness of a structured motivational intervention including smoking cessation advice and spirometry information in the primary care setting: The ESPITAP study2011
Effectiveness of New Tools to Define an Up-to-Date Patient Safety Risk Map: A Primary Care Study Protocol2021
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Evaluation of Health-Related Quality of Life according to Carbohydrate Metabolism Status: A Spanish Population-Based Study (Di@bet 2012
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Genetic variants of LDLR and PCSK9 associated with variations in response to antihypercholesterolemic effects of Armolipid Plus with berberine 2016
Genomic diversity and signals of selection processes in wild and farm-reared red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa)2023
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Health profiles in people with intellectual developmental disorders 2017
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Homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia: new insights and guidance for clinicians to improve detection and clinical management. A position paper from the Consensus Panel on Familial Hypercholesterolaemia of the European Atherosclerosis Society 2015
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Impact of random safety analyses on structure, process and outcome indicators: multicentre study2017
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Incidence of unilateral and bilateral benign paroxysmal positional vertigo when the left and right Dix-Hallpike manoeuvres are positive: a model based on the sense of torsional nystagmus2020
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Increased blood lactate levels during exercise and mitochondrial DNA alterations converge on mitochondrial dysfunction in schizophrenia2020
Increased circulating levels of alpha-ketoglutarate in morbidly obese women with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 2016
Increased Circulating Levels of Growth Differentiation Factor 15 in Association with Metabolic Disorders in People Living with HIV Receiving Combined Antiretroviral Therapy2022
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Increased prevalence of pathogenic bacteria in the gut microbiota of infants at risk of developing celiac disease: The PROFICEL study 2018
Increased Prolactin Levels Are Associated with Impaired Processing Speed in Subjects with Early Psychosis2014
Increased quality of life in patients with breakthrough cancer pain after individualized therapy: the CAVIDIOM study2022
Increased Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 5 mRNA Expression in the Adipose Tissue of Women with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Associated with Obesity2022
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Inequalities by educational level in response to combination antiretroviral treatment and survival in HIV-positive men and women in Europe 2017
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Influence of body mass index on recurrence of atrial fibrillation after electrical cardioversion2023
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Insights in Gut Microbiota and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. 2018
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Maternal psychiatric history is associated with the symptom severity of ADHD in offspring 2015
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Personality dimensions of schizophrenia patients compared to control subjects by gender and the relationship with illness severity 2014
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Pitavastatin in cardiometabolic disease: therapeutic profile. 2013
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Potential Use of Mobile Phone Applications for Self-Monitoring and Increasing Daily Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Systematized Review 2019
Potential Use of Mobile Phone Applications for Self-Monitoring and Increasing Daily Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Systematized Review 2019
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Primary and Community Care Transformation in Post-COVID Era: Nationwide General Practitioner Survey2023
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Randomized Trial of Occlusive Wrap for Heat Loss Prevention in Preterm Infants2015
Rare predicted loss-of-function variants of type I IFN immunity genes are associated with life-threatening COVID-192023
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Rat hepatitis E virus (Rocahepevirus ratti) in people living with HIV2024
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Rationale and design of the DP-TRANSFERS project: Diabetes prevention-transferring findings from European research to society in Catalonia 2016
Rationale and design of the pragmatic clinical trial tREatment with Beta-blockers after myOcardial infarction withOut reduced ejection fracTion (REBOOT)2022-05-05
Real-life use of anticoagulants in venous thromboembolism with focus on patients with exclusion criteria for direct oral anticoagulants. 2018
Real world effectiveness of standard of care triple therapy versus two-drug combinations for treatment of people living with HIV2021
Real-World Outcomes with Lomitapide Use in Paediatric Patients with Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. 2019
Reasons for low cervical cancer survival in new accession European Union countries: a EUROCARE-5 study 2020
Reasons Why Combination Therapy Should Be the New Standard of Care to Achieve the LDL-Cholesterol Targets: Lipid-lowering combination therapy 2020
Red-Fleshed Apples Rich in Anthocyanins and White-Fleshed Apples Modulate the Aorta and Feart Proteome in Hypercholesterolaemic Rats. The AppleCOR Study2022
Reduced circulating levels of sTWEAK are associated with NAFLD and may affect hepatocyte triglyceride accumulation 2016
Reduction in new cardiac electronic device implantations in Catalonia during COVID-192021
Registration of Urothelial Tumours in Cancer Registries: How to Improve and Make It More Useful?2022
Regulatory effects of arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase on hepatic microsomal TG transfer protein activity and VLDL-triglyceride and apoB secretion in obese mice 2008
Relationship Between Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4 and Liver Fat in Individuals at Increased Cardiometabolic Risk2021
Relationship between IL-8 Circulating Levels and TLR2 Hepatic Expression in Women with Morbid Obesity and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis2020
Relationship between the Use of Inhaled Steroids for Chronic Respiratory Diseases Acquired Pneumonia 2013
Relative absorption of silicon from different formulations of dietary supplements: a pilot randomized, double-blind, crossover post-prandial study2021
Remarkable quantitative and qualitative differences in HDL after niacin or fenofibrate therapy in type 2 diabetic patients2015
Remission of obesity and insulin resistance is not sufficient to restore mitochondrial homeostasis in visceral adipose tissue2022
Reorganized Force Control in Elbow Pain Patients During Isometric Wrist Extension 2018
Report on the first two confirmed autochthonous cases of West Nile virus encephalitis in Catalonia, Spain2023
Reproductive history before and after HIV diagnosis: A cross-sectional study in HIV-positive women in Spain 2017
Resistin and IL-15 as Predictors of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in COVID-19 Pneumonia Irrespective of the Presence of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome2022
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Restaurant-based intervention to facilitate healthy eating choices and the identification of allergenic foods at a family-oriented resort and a campground 2017
Results, barriers and enablers in atrial fibrillation case finding: barriers in opportunistic atrial fibrillation case finding-a cross-sectional study2020
Resum tesi doctoral: Aprendizaje combinado de las habilidades visuoespaciales en fisioterapia: estudio de caso 2013
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Right atrium mass in a 28-year-old patient with pulmonary embolism taking contraceptives 2011
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Risk of contagion of SARS-CoV-2 among otorhinolaryngologists in Spain during the "Two waves"2021
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Risk of hyperkalemia in patients with moderate chronic kidney disease initiating angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers: A randomized study 2013
Rituximab in treatment-resistant CIDP with antibodies against paranodal proteins2015
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Role of dexamethasone in controlling the proinflammatory cytokine cascade in the first episode of paediatric acute pyelonephritis2023
Role of HIV in the desire of procreation and motherhood in women living with HIV in Spain: a qualitative approach2018
Role of kallikrein 7 in body weight and fat mass regulation2021
Role of the fatty acid-binding protein 4 in heart failure and cardiovascular disease2017
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SEA 2022 Standards for Global Control of Cardiovascular Risk2022
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Validation of dried blood spot cards to determine apple phenolic metabolites in human blood and plasma after an acute intake of red-fleshed apple snack 2018
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Virgin olive oil enriched with its own phenolic compounds or complemented with thyme improves endothelial function: The potential role of plasmatic fat-soluble vitamins. A double blind, randomized, controlled, cross-over clinical trial 2017
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