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Pastando en las marismas. Una aproximación desde la técnica del microdesgaste dentario a la alimentación del ganado ovino en el Empordà romano (noreste de la Península Ibérica) [Grazing in the marshes. A dental microwear approach to study sheep feeding in the Roman Empordà plain (northeast of the Iberian Peninsula)]

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    Identifier: PC:3190
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    Rivals, F.
    Gallego, A.
    Colominas, L.
    Palet, J.M.
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Rivals, F.; Gallego, A.; Colominas, L.; Palet, J.M.
    Department: Història i Història de l'Art
    URV's Author/s: RIVALS , FLORENT JOSEPH LOUIS; Gallego, A.; Colominas, L.; Palet, J.M.
    Keywords: Dental microwear Empordà plain Ovine husbandry
    Abstract: In this paper, we use a zooarchaeological approach to study the management of the ovine herds during the Roman period in the Empordà plain (northeast of the Iberian Peninsula). Using the dental microwear technique, we analysed ninety-nine tooth remains of sheep from Empúries, Mas Gusó and Tolegassos. This provided us with information about the last food intake of the animals studied. The results allowed us to propose an exploitation system of the environment for livestock that complemented agriculture, making use of the vegetation associated with wetlands in the Empordà plain. This exploitation system has never been documented before, as is not mentioned in the Roman treatises.
    Research group: Autoecologia Humana del Quaternari
    Thematic Areas: Història Historia History
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    ISSN: 0079-8215
    Author identifier: 0000-0001-8074-9254; ; ;
    Record's date: 2018-02-06
    Last page: 113
    Journal volume: 48
    Papper version: info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion
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    Article's DOI: 10.1344/Pyrenae2017.vol48num1.4
    Entity: Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    Journal publication year: 2017
    First page: 93
    Publication Type: Article Artículo Article
  • Keywords:

    Dental microwear
    Empordà plain
    Ovine husbandry
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