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Complex Tasks Force Hand Laterality and Technological Behaviour in Naturalistically Housed Chimpanzees: Inferences in Hominin Evolution

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    Identifier: PC:3439
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    M. Mosquera, N. Geribàs, A. Bargalló, M. Llorente, D. Riba
    Geribàs, Núria
    Bargalló, Amèlia
    Llorente, Miquel
    Riba, David
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    Author, as appears in the article.: M. Mosquera, N. Geribàs, A. Bargalló, M. Llorente, D. Riba; Geribàs, Núria; Bargalló, Amèlia; Llorente, Miquel; Riba, David
    Department: Història i Història de l'Art
    URV's Author/s: MOSQUERA MARTÍNEZ, MARINA; Geribàs, Núria; Bargalló, Amèlia; Llorente, Miquel; Riba, David
    Abstract: Clear hand laterality patterns in humans are widely accepted. However, humans only elicit a significant hand laterality pattern when performing complementary role differentiation (CRD) tasks. Meanwhile, hand laterality in chimpanzees is weaker and controversial. Here we have reevaluated our results on hand laterality in chimpanzees housed in naturalistic environments at Fundació Mona (Spain) and Chimfunshi Wild Orphanage (Zambia). Our results show that the difference between hand laterality in humans and chimpanzees is not as great as once thought. Furthermore, we found a link between hand laterality and task complexity and also an even more interesting connection: CRD tasks elicited not only the hand laterality but also the use of tools. This paper aims to turn attention to the importance of this threefold connection in human evolution: the link between CRD tasks, hand laterality, and tool use, which has important evolutionary implications that may explain the development of complex behaviour in early hominins.
    Research group: Autoecologia Humana del Quaternari
    Thematic Areas: Història Historia History
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    ISSN: 1537-744X
    Author identifier: 0000-0003-4823-6154; ; ; ;
    Record's date: 2019-03-21
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    Article's DOI: 10.1100/2012/514809
    Entity: Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    Journal publication year: 2012
    Publication Type: Article Artículo Article
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