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Egungo euskarazko literaturaren soziologia kultural baterantz: ispiluak eta tresnak sistema literario eta marko ideologikoen artean

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    Identifier: imarina:6409401
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    Manuel Ahedo Santisteban
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Manuel Ahedo Santisteban
    Department: Gestió d'Empreses
    URV's Author/s: Ahedo Santisteban, Angel Manuel
    Abstract: This article presents a theorizing pre-study of sociology of literature that can be used as theoretical and analytical frame for research purposes. Ferguson, Desan and Griswold (1988) indicated the three main assets for a sociology of literature: text (mirror), system (demons) and ideological frames. A pragmatic sociology of literature (Dromi and Illouz, 2010) was one of the new perspectives of sociology of literature identified by English (2010). In the recently proposed comparative cultural sociology (Lamont and Thévenot, 2000), a constructivist and reflexive proposal is developed to analyze and evaluate the field of cultural production (Beljean, et al, 2016). Within this broad comparative cultural sociology, societies and social actors, to understand their own realities, are depicted as deploying different tools produced in their respective societies. Literature is one of these tools, especially, those literary works dealing with society’s relevant features and concerns, and those that have gained a minimum of status and public. Thus, for a cultural sociology approach to literature the integration and deployment of the metaphors of mirror and tool is proposed, together with the concepts of literary system and ideological frames. To apply this analytical framework to contemporary literature in Basque, a conceptualization of Basque reality is needed. In the complex Basque reality two features-challenges are selected:
    Thematic Areas: Sociología Ciencias sociales Ciencias políticas
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    Record's date: 2023-06-17
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    Papper original source: Inguruak. Revista De Sociología. (64): 1-23
    APA: Manuel Ahedo Santisteban (2018). Egungo euskarazko literaturaren soziologia kultural baterantz: ispiluak eta tresnak sistema literario eta marko ideologikoen artean. Inguruak. Revista De Sociología, (64), 1-23
    Article's DOI: 10.18543/inguruak-64-2018-art01
    Entity: Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    Journal publication year: 2018
    Publication Type: Journal Publications
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    Ciencias sociales
    Ciencias políticas
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