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A first insight about spatial dimension of COVID-19: analysis at municipality level2021
Airline consolidation and the distribution of traffic between primary and secondary hubs2013
An egalitarian approach for sharing the cost of a spanning tree2020
A new approach for bounding awards in bankruptcy problems2014
A second-best analysis of alternative instruments for the preservation of natural resources2020
A Sequential Allocation Problem: The Asymptotic Distribution of Resources2017
Brownian Signals: Information Quality, Quantity and Timing in Repeated Games2018
Capacity constraints as a trigger for high growth2021
Cómo afectará la covid-19 al mundo del deporte2020
Competing risks to breast cancer mortality in Catalonia2008
Conflict and Competition over Multi-Issues2018
Cost-effectiveness of double reading versus single reading of mammograms in a breast cancer screening programme2016
Cost-effectiveness of early detection of breast cancer in Catalonia (Spain)2011
Defining prices in an inter-regional SAM system2020
Defining sustainability in an input–output model: An application to Spanish water use2021
Demografía industrial y convergencia regional en España2002
Differential impact of social capital on mental health in the native-born and immigrant populations living in Catalonia (Spain)2009
Dissemination of periodic mammography and patterns of use, by birth cohort, in Catalonia (Spain)2008
Do schools discriminate against homosexual parents? Evidence from a randomized correspondence experiment2016
Do schools discriminate against homosexual parents? Evidence from a randomized correspondence experiment2016
Do software and video game firms share location patterns across cities? Evidence from Barcelona, Lyon and Hamburg2020
Earnings risk and demand for higher education: A cross-section test for Spain2007
Eco-Efficiency Actions and Firm Growth in European SMEs2018
Effectiveness of early detection on breast cancer mortality reduction in Catalonia (Spain)2009
El impacto regional de la renovación de la industria tradicional2004
El método de la transferencia de beneficios para la valoración económica de bienes de no mercado generados por los eventos deportivos2018
Energy import costs in a flexible input-output price model2020
Estacionalidad turística y dinámicas metropolitanas: un análisis a partir de la movilidad en transporte público en el Camp de Tarragona2016
Evolución de la mortalidad por cáncer de mama y diseminación de la mamografía de cribado en Cataluña: un análisis por regiones sanitarias2010
Financial constraints and the failure of innovation projects2018
From bargaining solutions to claims rules: A proportional approach2015
From bargaining solutions to claims rules: A proportional approach2015
Gender diversity and innovation in manufacturing and service firms2015
Healthcare professionals’ behaviour regarding the implementation of shared decision-making in screening programmes: A systematic review2021
High-growth firms and innovation in European countries2016
High-Growth Firms in European Countries: the Role of Innovation2018
Ideology and redistribution through public spending2017
Immigrants, natives and job quality: Evidence from Spain2013
Income inequality and technological progress: The effect of R&D incentives, integration, and spillovers2020
Independent central banks: Low inflation at no cost? A model with fiscal policy2020
Informed choice in breast cancer screening: the role of education2021
Infraestructures de transport i localització industrial. Evidència empírica per a Catalunya.2005
Innovation and geographical spillovers: new approaches and empirical evidence.2018
International Ecological Footprint Inequality: A Methodological Review and Some Results2015
Is there a risk-return trade-off in educational choices? Evidence from Spain2006
La diversidad de género: factor de impulso de la innovación2019
La innovación aplicada a la financiación de las empresas de la economía social. El caso de las inversiones de impacto2020
L'anàlisi transaccional de l'empresa2011
L’art de repartir recursos escassos2021
Location determinants of high-tech firms: an intra-urban approach2021
Los costes energéticos y la competitividad de la industria española2016
Macroeconomic Effects of Populist Radical Right Parties in a Rational Partisan Model2020
Market structure and quality determination for complementary products: Alliances and service quality in the airline industry2020
Measuring the influence of energy prices in the price formation mechanism2018
Metropolitan areas in the world. Delineation and population trends2020
Microfinance and credit rationing: does the microfinance type matter?2018
Moral hazard in repeated procurement of services2016
National support for the European integration project: Does financial integration matter?2021
On the first-offer dilemma in bargaining and negotiations2020
On the optimal distribution of traffic of network airlines2012
Pautes de localització industrial: estructura productiva i capital humà als municipis catalans2002
Pautes locacionals dels sectors innovadors a escala metropolitana2018
Pollution and congestion in urban areas: The effects of low emission zones2021
Risk attitude and wage growth: Replicating Shaw (1996)2013
Scenarios post foreclosure crisis in catalonia: Accumulation of housing by banks as the first step for the rise of large private landlords2021
Sequential bankruptcy problems2021
Some notes and comments on the efficient use of information in repeated games with Poisson signals2015
Sovereign bond spreads determinants during the last financial crisis: The European case [Determinantes de Spreads soberanos durante la reciente crisis financiera: El caso Europeo]2016
Spatial analysis of clustering of foreclosures in the poorest-quality housing urban areas: Evidence from Catalan cities2018
Spatial distribution of economic activities: a network approach2020
Subvenciones, préstamos y desgravaciones a la I+D: ¿cuál es su impacto en las empresas catalanas?2018
Text messaging as a tool to improve cancer screening programs (M-TICS Study): A randomized controlled trial protocol2021
The Determinants of Exit in a Developing Country: Core and Peripheral Regions2015
The Determinants of Tourist Use of Public Transport at the Destination2016
The economic reaction to non-pharmaceutical interventions during Covid-192021
The effect of information about the benefits and harms of mammography on women's decision-making: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial2017
The regional anatomy of youths' educational attainment in Spain: The role of the employment structure in local labour markets2020
The role of science and technology parks as firm growth boosters: an empirical analysis in Catalonia.2018
Transport Mode Choice by Tourists Transferring from a Peripheral High-Speed Rail Station to Their Destinations: Empirical Evidence from Costa Daurada2019
Unilateral effects screens for partial horizontal acquisitions: The generalized HHI and GUPPI2018
Water and Agriculture in a Mediterranean Region: The Search for a Sustainable Water Policy Strategy2016
What prompts tourists to become public transportation users at their destination? The case of a Mediterranean city2021
Why does eco-innovation differ in service firms? Some insights from Spain2020
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