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An evolution of Korean literary translation into English through its paratexts (1951–2000)2015
An interview with Jonathan Rosa, expert in language, race, and education2020
Aspectos culturales en los manuales de E/LE destinados a alumnos de español fuera de sus fronteras lingüísticas: El Caso de los Manuales de español para argelinos2020
A typology of translation solutions2018
Desarrollo de un test de nivel de comprensión pragmática para estudiantes sinohablantes de español como lengua extranjera2020
Effect of Cooperative Learning Instruction and Blogs on Apprehension of Intercultural Communication2019
Effect of Cooperative Learning Instruction and Blogs on Apprehension of Intercultural Communication2019
Effect of Gamification on students’ motivation and learning achievement in Second Language Acquisition within higher education: a literature review 2011-20192020
Effect of translation strategies in reading manga: A reception experiment2016
El Mapa Lingüístico Argelino2018
El mito de Sigurdo I de Noruega como cruzado2019
Estudiantes sinohablantes de español en programas de inmersión lingüística: ¿fusión de metodologías?2014
Feedback and mobile instant messaging: Using whatsapp as a feedback tool in EFL2020
Foreign Language Learning In Knowledge Forums: using a knowledge-building forum in an EFL classroom2019
Foreign Language Learning in Knowledge Forums: using a Knowlege-building forum in on EFL Classroom. 2019
Formulaic Sequences in the Written Production of L2 Learners of English2012
Generic and action-dependent abilities in Spanish 'Be capable'2018
Hidden Struggles: Presentations of Korea in Translated Korean Literature2015
Language policy and the internationalization of universities: A focus on Estonian higher education2020
Language(s), culture(s), ethnicity(-ies), social class and religious background: Intersections in researcher's identity and ethnography2020
Mid-level generalizations of generative linguistics: Experimental robustness, cognitive underpinnings and the interdisciplinarity paradox2020
Multiple Strategies Approach and EFL Reading Comprehension of Learners with Dyslexia: Teachers' Perceptions2018
On "free" grammatical variation in a mixed lect: Clitic placement in Cypriot Greek2020
Preliminary study for the creation of a test of pragmatics for Chinese students of Spanish as a foreign language2020
Questionnaire for the Assessment of Self-Disgust: The psychometric testing among mental disorders in China2020
Research skills in Translation Studies: What we need training in2013
Risk mitigation in translator decisions2018
'That's how you make the most out of a stay': Positionings within, and perspectives on, the truly intercultural experience during study abroad2018
The pedagogical value of translation solution types2015
Translation as an instrument for multilingual democracy2013
Translation skill-sets in a machine-translation age2013
Translation Studies in Europe - reasons for it, and problems to work on2014
Where Translation Studies lost the plot Relations with language teaching2018
Work placements in doctoral research training in the humanities: Eight cases from Translation Studies2014
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