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Abundance or stress? Faunal exploitation patterns and subsistence strategies: The case study of Brush Hut 1 at Ohalo II, a submerged 23,000-year-old camp in the Sea of Galilee, Israel2022
A contextual approach to women's entrepreneurship in Latin America: Impacting research and public policy2021
Age and Date for Early Arrival of the Acheulian in Europe (Barranc de la Boella, la Canonja, Spain)2014
A Granularity-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for Zooarchaeology 2019
A multilevel analytical framework for studying cultural evolution in prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies2020
An assessment of bone tool cleaning procedures in preparation for traceological analysis2022
Ancient DNA from an extinct Mediterranean micromammal-Hypnomys morpheus (Rodentia: Gliridae)-Provides insight into the biogeographic history of insular dormice2020
A new approach to measure reduction intensity on cores and tools on cobbles: the Volumetric Reconstruction Method2020
A new species of dog from the Early Pleistocene site of Venta Micena (Orce, Baza Basin, Spain)2021
200 anys del Trienni Liberal (1820-1823)2020
Aprenent història amb treball cooperatiu. Estudi de cas a primer de batxillerat2019
Archaeological chert artifacts from Atapuerca sites (Burgos, Spain): Characterization, causes of decay and selection of compatible consolidating products2021
Archaic lithic industries: structural homogeneity2018
A rock engraving made by Neanderthals in Gibraltar2014
Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation hyphenated to Orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry for the determination of (functionalised) aqueous fullerene aggregates2014
Between two worlds: Cova Eiros and the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic transition in NW Iberia2021
Beyond the Problem of Bone Surface Preservation in Taphonomic Studies of Early and Middle Pleistocene Open-Air Sites2022
Bone marrow storage and delayed consumption at Middle Pleistocene Qesem Cave, Israel (420 to 200 ka)2019
Borehole image techniques applied to identification of chert and dolomite layers in lacustrine sediments2016
Campanars tardans del barroc tarragoní: El cas de Sant Miquel d’Alforja2020
Cantacorbs: Recuperant un jaciment neolític oblidat a les muntanyes de Prades (Rojals-Montblanc, Tarragona)2020
Caprine dental microwear reveals livestock management and exploitation of landscape during the Middle and Late Bronze Age of the Balearic Islands (ca. 1500-850 cal. BC)2022
Co-creation Processes Contributing to the Societal Impact of Science: Contributions from the Net4Impact Network2022
Com evolucionem els humans?2021
Comparing spatial networks: A one-size-fits-all efficiency-driven approach2020
Complex Tasks Force Hand Laterality and Technological Behaviour in Naturalistically Housed Chimpanzees: Inferences in Hominin Evolution 2012
Compulsive internet and prevalence substance use among spanish adolescents2020
Concreció, aplicació i humilitat2019
Convergent evidence of eagle talons used by late Neanderthals in Europe: A further assessment on symbolism2014
Craftswomen entrepreneurs in flow: no boundaries between business and leisure2023
De la paraula al fet: la dificultat de cooperar2021
De Oriente a Occidente. Una letra de bronce de cingulum militare hallada en el ager Tarraconensis2021
Description and interpretation of a Megatherium americanum atlas with evidence of human intervention2017
Detecting Human Presence at the Border of the Northeastern Italian Pre-Alps. 14C Dating at Rio Secco Cave as Expression of the First Gravettian and the Late Mousterian in the Northern Adriatic Region2014
Detecting Human Presence at the Border of the Northeastern Italian Pre-Alps. 14C Dating at Rio Secco Cave as Expression of the First Gravettian and the Late Mousterian in the Northern Adriatic Region2014
De tres investigaciones cualitativas a una investigación cualitativa longitudinal sobre género e interculturalidad en parejas binacionales en España2022
Diet and ecological niches of the Late Pleistocene hyenas Crocuta spelaea and C. ultima ussurica based on a study of tooth microwear2022
Dietary ecology of extant guanaco (Lama guanicoe) from Southern Patagonia: Seasonal leaf browsing and its archaeological implications2013
Dietary flexibility and niche partitioning of large herbivores through the Pleistocene of Britain2016
3D Insights into the Effects of Captivity on Wolf Mastication and Their Tooth Marks; Implications in Ecological Studies of Both the Past and Present2021
Direct evidence of megamammalcarnivore interaction decoded from bone marks in historical fossil collections from the pampean region2017
Direct evidence of megamammalcarnivore interaction decoded from bone marks in historical fossil collections from the pampean region2017
Discontinuity of human presence at Atapuerca during the early Middle Pleistocene: A matter of ecological competition?2014
Discordia fratrum y el influjo historiográfico sobre la Historia mal llamada Silense2013
Discriminatory Expressions, the Young and Social Networks: The Effect of Gender2016
Distinguishing between three modern Ellobius species (Rodentia, Mammalia) and identification of fossil Ellobius from Kaldar Cave (Iran) using geometric morphometric analyses of the first lower molar2021
Dragged, lagged, or undisturbed: reassessing the autochthony of the hominin-bearing assemblages at Gran Dolina (Atapuerca, Spain)2021
Early evidence of Prunus and Prunus cf. amygdalus from Palaeolithic sites in the Khorramabad Valley, western Iran2018
Early evidence of stone tool use in bone working activities at Qesem Cave, Israel2016
Editorial. Fer de mestre en la realitat política i social actual2018
El exilio cotidiano: sociedad, violencia y guerra civil en el siglo XIX español2018
El proceso constructivo del Monasterio de Santa María de Vallbona de les Monges: consideraciones cronológicas y nuevas propuestas interpretativas2018
Els bombardeigs franquistes a l'Alt Camp i la Conca de Barberà (1938-1939)2019
Els feminismes del segle XX a Catalunya2020
Els inventaris templers de la Ribera d’Ebre. Comunicació i fiscalització institucional2020
El Tribunal de Responsabilitats Polítiques, una tenalla de ferro econòmica, desdibuixada, contra els vençuts de la Guerra Civil del 1936-1939. El cas de Montferri2019
Entrevista a Luisa Girondo2019
Entrevista a Sylvain Connac2021
Españolismo y catalanidad en la historiografía catalana decimonónica2001
ESR dating of the Early Pleistocene archaeological site at Vallparadis (Terrassa, Cataluna, Spain)2011
EVANGELISTA VILANOVA. El coratge de creure (Col. Saurí, 32)1977
Examples and Results of Aerial Photogrammetry in Archeology with UAV: Geometric Documentation, High Resolution Multispectral Analysis, Models and 3D Printing2022
Experimental artefacts in research on prehistoric and aboriginal technology: a standardised terminology and registry code based on alpha-taxonomy and the chaîne opératoire2018
Experimental butchering of a chimpanzee carcass for archaeological purposes2015
Explaining Cannabis Use by Adolescents: A Comparative Assessment of Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Ordered Logistic Regression2022
Exploring the Communication of Social Movements in Primary Education2022
Extended-range luminescence chronologies for the Middle Pleistocene units at the Sima del Elefante archaeological site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain)2022
First review of lyncodontini material (Mustelidae, Carnivora, Mammalia) from the lower pleistocene archaeo-palaeontological sites of orce (Southeastern Spain)2021
Fish remains from the Neolithic site of El Mirador cave (Atapuerca, Spain): Seasonality and resource management2016
Flake morphologies and patterns of core configuration at the Abric Romaní rock-shelter: A geometric morphometric approach2014
Formas de consciencia, Inteligencia Artificial y nuevos retos para la Sociología 2020
Four millennia of Iberian biomolecular prehistory illustrate the impact of prehistoric migrations at the far end of Euroasia2018
From thermodynamics to biology: A critical approach to ‘intelligent design’ hypothesis2020
Gender balance in the scientific production of the Atapuerca archaeological and palaeontological research Project2018
Geomorphological analysis using small unmanned aerial vehicles and submeter GNSS (Gara Soultana butte, High Plateaus Basin, Eastern Morocco)2020
Going beyond the potential equifinality problems: A response to Saladie and Rodriguez-Hidalgo (2019)2019
Hearths and bones: An experimental study to explore temporality in archaeological contexts based on taphonomical changes in burnt bones2017
Hormones and bile acids as biomarkers for the characterization of animal management in prehistoric sheepfold caves: El Mirador case (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain)2022
Hunting Activity Among Naturalistically Housed Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) at the Fundació Mona (Girona, Spain). Predation, Occasional Consumption and Strategies in Rehabilitated Animals2012
Iberian Neanderthals in forests and savannahs2022
Identidad de las hospitalarias en la corona de Aragón (siglos XII y XIII)2014
Identifying biological affinities of Holocene northern Iberian populations through the inner structures of the upper first molars2022
Impediments per construir esglésies parroquials al s. XVIII: el cas Pira (Conca de Barberà).2020
Innovación tecnológica para la mentoría social dirigida a personas inmigrantes y refugiadas2021
In pursuit of our ancestors' hand laterality 2017
Inscripció gravada sobre un dolium de la romana de Cal.lípolis (Vila-seca, Tarragona)2020
Integrating buccal and occlusal dental microwear with isotope analyses for a complete paleodietary reconstruction of Holocene populations from Hungary2021
Investigation of equid paleodiet from Schöningen 13 II-4 through dental wear and isotopic analyses: Archaeological implications2015
Is a spatial investigation possible without long-distance refit/conjoin? Application to the MIS 11 lithic assemblage of levels E and J from La Cansaladeta site (Tarragona, Spain)2021
José antonio primo de rivera and the popular front2019
José Antonio Primo de Rivera y el Frente Popular2019
La Cella (Salou, Tarragona). A commercial port on the cessetanian coast [La Cella (Salou, Tarragona). Un puerto comercial en el litoral cessetano] 2016
La construcción pública en las ciudades hispanas:: talleres, modas y tradiciones2020
La Cova de Dalt del Tossal de la Font (Vilafamés, Castellón): conclusiones preliminares de las intervenciones arqueológicas (1982-1987 / 2004-2012)2013
La didáctica de la historia del arte y la educación competencial. Propuesta de replanteamiento currricular2019
La División Azul en el contexto de las relaciones entre la España de Franco y la Alemania Nazi2012
La Gessera de Caseres: 1914–2014. From Juan Cabré and Pere Bosch Gimpera to the Research Group Seminari de Protohistöria i Arqueologia de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili [La Gessera de Caseres: 1914–2014. De Juan Cabré i Pere Bosch Gimpera al Grup de Rec2021
La llarga ombra de la Guerra Civil: Espanya i les grans potències (1939-1953)2020
La llegenda de Muhàmmad V i la lluna: una interpretació política2021
La muralla romana de Tortosa: Un proyecto defensivo de la Antigüedad Tardía2022
La naturaleza del hueso y su fosilización. La Tafonomía para el estudio del estado de conservación del hueso arqueológico y paleontológico2021
La panoplia ibérica de guerra recuperada en la torre T3 del poblado protohistórico de l’Assut (Tivenys, Baix Ebre, Tarragona)2021
Las yacentes episcopales como mecanismos de pronóstico escatológico. Contextos teológicos de los sepulcros de Juan de Aragón y Arnau Sescomes2021
Late Holocene Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Miller) woodlands in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean): Investigation of their distribution and the role of human management based on anthracological, dendro-anthracological and archaeopaly 2021
Late Neanderthal short-term and specialized occupations at the Abri du Maras (South-East France, level 4.1, MIS 3)2021
Late Pliocene vegetation and orbital-scale climate changes from the western Mediterranean area2013
Latitudinal gradient in dairy production with the introduction of farming in Atlantic Europe2020
L'esfera emocional2019
Liberales y realistas en la Cataluña del Trienio Liberal (1820-1823)2020
Livestock activity biomarkers: Estimating domestication and diet of livestock in ancient samples2021
Los efectos del hervido en la microestructura ósea. Estado de la cuestión y enfoques metodológicos para su caracterización en el registro arqueológico2020
Los escenarios tangerinos de Mariano Fortuny y de Francisco Lameyer2022
Los Villares locality (Ruidera, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain): a new Middle Pleistocene fossil assemblage from the Southern Iberian Plateau with possible evidence of human activity2022
Microbotanical residues for the study of early hominin tools2022
Mid-holocene palaeoenvironment, plant resources and human interaction in northeast Iberia: An archaeobotanical approach2021
Migecianos, casianistas y la definición de una herejía (fin del siglo VIII – principio del IX)2020
Morphometric assessment of convergent tool technology and function during the early middle Palaeolithic: The case of Payre, France 2016
Neanderthal Fossils, Mobile Toolkit and a Hyena Den: The Archaeological Assemblage of Lateral Gallery 1 in Cova Del Gegant (NE Iberian Peninsula)2022
Neanderthals' hunting seasonality inferred from combined cementochronology, mesowear, and microwear analysis: case studies from the Alpine foreland in Italy2022
New insights in Neanderthal palaeoecology using stable oxygen isotopes preserved in small mammals as palaeoclimatic tracers in Teixoneres Cave (Moia, northeastern Iberia)2022
New interpretation of the Gran Dolina-TD6 bearing Homo antecessor deposits through sedimentological analysis 2016
Novel Curvularia species from clinical specimens2014
Obtaining new resolutions in carnivore tooth pit morphological analyses: A methodological update for digital taphonomy2020
Palaeolithic archaeology in the conglomerate caves of north-eastern Iberia2022
Paleoenvironment in East Java during the last 25,000 years as inferred from bovid and cervid dental wear analyses2016
Papal policies towards the Templars and Hospitallers in the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Navarre (12th-13th Centuries)2018
Pastando en las marismas. Una aproximación desde la técnica del microdesgaste dentario a la alimentación del ganado ovino en el Empordà romano (noreste de la Península Ibérica) [Grazing in the marshes. A dental microwear approach to study sheep feeding in the Roman Empordà plain (northeast of the Iberian Peninsula)]2017
Peregrinus et exorcista: el nacimiento legendario de san Bartolomé en la hagiografía y la cultura visual de la Edad Media2021
Polish is quantitatively different on quartzite flakes used on different worked materials2020
Primeras evidencias de arte rupestre prehistórico en la Cueva del Camello (Zegzel, Berkane, Marruecos)2021
Protectors i agents de les esglésies tarragonines barroques: ordenances, tradició i empremtes arquitectòniques didentitat local2021
Religion as a protective factor against adolescent smoking habits: Evidence from Spain2021
Results of Mentoring in the Psychosocial Well-Being of Young Immigrants and Refugees in Spain2021
Revisión sistemática de la evaluación de la mentoría social dirigida a jóvenes vulnerables2021
Ripple-based design-oriented approach for predicting fast-scale instability in voltage-mode buck converter2014
Risk of Exclusion in People with Disabilities in Spain: Determinants of Health and Poverty2018
Seasonality, duration of the hominin occupations and hunting grounds at Middle Pleistocene Qesem Cave (Israel)2021
Sheep husbandry in the early Neolithic of the Pyrenees: New data on feeding and reproduction in the cave of Chaves 2021
Short, but repeated Neanderthal visits to Teixoneres Cave (MIS 3, Barcelona, Spain): A combined analysis of tooth microwear patterns and seasonality2014
Sobre los orígenes del lenguaje: cerebro, gestos y chimpancés humanizados2011
Socio-Ecological Contingencies with Climate Changes over the Prehistory in the Mediterranean Iberia2020
Spearheading into the Neolithic: Last Foragers and First Farmers in the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro2019
Story chasers: using storytelling in the classroom to incentivise collective creativity2021
Sufismo y devoción popular en la pintura tangerina de Josep Tapiró Baró (Reus 1836-Tánger 1913): Los bustos de santones y la fiesta de los Issawa.2021
Taphonomic analysis on fossil remains from the Ciota Ciara Cave (Piedmont, Italy) and new evidence of cave bear and Wolf exploitation with simple quartz flakes by neanderthal2016
Taphonomic and spatial analyses from the Early Pleistocene site of Venta Micena 4 (Orce, Guadix-Baza Basin, southern Spain)2021
Teaching to make stone tools: new experimental evidence supporting a technological hypothesis for the origins of language.2017
Tests with SAR Images of the PAZ Platform Applied to the Archaeological Site of Clunia (Burgos, Spain)2021
The archaeological sites of the sierra de Atapuerca. 150 years of explorations, excavations and science2021
The 'bear' essentials: Actualistic research on Ursus arctos arctos in the Spanish Pyrenees and its implications for paleontology and archaeology2014
The caves of bencomo (la orotava, tenerife): From historiography to archaeological data2021
The children from valdavara cave (Becerreá, lugo): A morphological, pathological and dental microwear analyses2019
The diet of the first Europeans from Atapuerca 2017
The Distribution and Use of Box (Buxus sempervirens L.) in the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula During the Holocene2021
The earliest Acheulean technology at Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain) Oldest levels of the Galería site (GII Unit)2014
The earliest cut marks of Europe: a discussion on hominin subsistence patterns in the Orce sites (Baza basin, SE Spain)2019
The earliest pigeon fanciers2014
The early hunting dog from Dmanisi with comments on the social behaviour in Canidae and hominins2021
The emergence and significance of heavy-duty scrapers in ancient stone toolkits2018
The Experience of Insomnia in Patients With Schizophrenic Disorder: A Qualitative Study2022
The first direct ESR analysis of a hominin tooth from Atapuerca Gran Dolina TD-6 (Spain) supports the antiquity of Homo antecessor2018
The impact of sediment abrasion on tooth microwear analysis: an experimental study2021
The influence of raw material qualities in the lithictechnology of Gran Dolina (Units TD6 and TD10) and Galería(Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain): A view fromexperimental archeology2014
The large flake Acheulean with spheroids from Santa Ana Cave (Cáceres, Spain)2022
The Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition occupations from Cova Foradada (Calafell, NE Iberia)2019
The occupational pattern of the Galería site (Atapuerca, Spain): A technological perspective2016
The ontogenetic pattern of Hippopotamus gorgops Dietrich, 1928 revealed by a juvenile cranium from the one-million-years-old paleoanthropological site of Buia (Eritrea)2022
The scarcity of fossils in the African rainforest. Archaeo-paleontological surveys and actualistic taphonomy in Equatorial Guinea2022
Three archaeomagnetic applications of archaeological interest to the study of burnt anthropogenic cave sediments2016
Understanding the emergence of modern humans and the disappearance of Neanderthals: Insights from Kaldar Cave (Khorramabad Valley, Western Iran) 2017
Ungulate feeding ecology and Middle Pleistocene paleoenvironments at Hundsheim and Deutsch-Altenburg 1 (eastern Austria)2012
Updated Atapuerca biostratigraphy: Small-mammal distribution and its implications for the biochronology of the Quaternary in Spain2016
Use and re-use: Re-knapped flakes from the Mode 1 site of Fuente Nueva 3 (Orce, Andalucía, Spain)2014
Variability of limestone knapping methods in Middle Palaeolithic levels M and Ob of Abric Romani (Barcelona, Spain)2021
Virtual archaeology: From archaeological excavation to the management and diffusion of heritage. Les cases de la catedral (Tortosa) and the protohistorical settlement of la Cella (Salou), Tarragona2018
What about the buccal surfaces? Dental microwear texture analysis of buccal and occlusal surfaces refines paleodietary reconstructions2022
Who peeled the bones? An actualistic and taphonomic study of axial elements from the Toll Cave Level 4, Barcelona, Spain2020