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Academic help-seeking attitudes and their relationship with emotional variables2021
A Comprehensive IRT Approach for Modeling Binary, Graded, and Continuous Responses With Error in Persons and Items2019
A Comprehensive Regression-Based Approach for Identifying Sources of Person Misfit in Typical-Response Measures2015
Adapting iron dose supplementation in pregnancy for greater effectiveness on mother and child health: Protocol of the ECLIPSES randomized clinical trial2014
Adolescent grandchildren with grandparents with dementia: Is the disease changing relationship's nature?2009
Affective neurolinguistics: towards a framework for reconciling language and emotion*2020
A General Approach for Fitting Pure Exploratory Bifactor Models2018
Age-related effects of X-ray irradiation on mouse hippocampus2016
A Multidimensional Item Response Theory Model for Continuous and Graded Responses With Error in Persons and Items2021
An IRT Modeling Approach for Assessing Item and Person Discrimination in Binary Personality Responses2015
Aplicación del modelo poissoniano de rasch al análisis del tiempo de inspección1994
Aplicattion of the revised myokinetic psychodiagnostic (MKP-R) test to the study of violence2003
A predictive study of antecedent variables of passion towards work2019
Aprendizaje espacial y laberinto de agua: metodología y aplicaciones2003
A Spanish version of the Marlowe and Crowne's social desirability scale2000
Assessing indirect aggression in aggressors and targets: Spanish adaptation of the Indirect Aggression Scales2011
Assessing the heterogeneity of autism spectrum symptoms in a school population2018
Assessing the Quality and Appropriateness of Factor Solutions and Factor Score Estimates in Exploratory Item Factor Analysis2017
Assessing the quality and usefulness of factor-analytic applications to personality measures: A study with the statistical anxiety scale2018
Assessing the Quality of Mobile Health-Related Apps: Interrater Reliability Study of Two Cuides2021
Assessment of psychopatology in preschool age children through the Early Chilhood Inventory-4 (ECI-4): agreement among parents and teachers2008
Association between psychological problems and overweight and obesity in school children2018
A Systematic Review of Instruments for Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders2019
A tale of two subjectivities: An academic life story2019
A two-phase population study: Relationships between overweight, body composition and risk of eating disorders2009
Automated emotional facial expression assessment and emotional elicitation through film clip stimuli2020
Balancing typological and dimensional approaches: Assessment of adult attachment styles with Factor Mixture Analysis2021
Behavioral and Cognitive Interventions With Digital Devices in Subjects With Intellectual Disability: A Systematic Review2021
Beyond Pain Intensity and catastrophizing: The Association between Self-Enhancing Humor Style and the Adaptation of Individuals with Chronic Pain2020
Búsqueda de sensaciones2000
Caracterísiticas del ítem que predicen el tiempo de respuesta en medidas de personalidad2007
Características de forma y contenido que predicen la capacidad discriminativa en ítems de personalidad: un análisis basado en la Teoría de Respuesta a los Ítems2008
Características psicométricas de las versiones reducidas del cuestionario de agresividad de Buss y Perry2005
CAR: A MATLAB Package to Compute Correspondence Analysis with Rotations2009
Chronic Pain in the School Setting: The Teachers' Point of View2018
Chronic pain in young people: The situation in Lebanon2021
Cognitive Functioning, Life Satisfaction, and Their Relationship with the Financial Attitudes of Older Individuals Who Participate in an Active Aging Program2020
Comorbilidad entre los factores de ansiedad del SCARED y la sintomatología depresiva en niños de 8-12 años2010
Composition of gut microbiota in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis2020
Comunidades Imaginadas: Nacionalismo Banal en los Locutorios de Barcelona2012
CONS-32: estructura factorial y propiedades psicométricas2009
Cross-Sectional Associations Between Lifetime Use of Psychedelic Drugs and Psychometric Measures During the COVID-19 Confinement: A Transcultural Study2021
Curiosity as a moderating variable between Impulsivity and Entrepreneurial Orientation2021
Curiosity as a moderating variable between Impulsivity and Entrepreneurial Orientation2021
Delirium diagnosis defined by cluster analysis of symptoms versus diagnosis by DSM and ICD criteria: Diagnostic accuracy study2016
Desarrollo del cuestionario de agresividad proactiva/reactiva para profesores: estructura factorial y propiedades psicométricas2009
Development and validation of the Statistical Anxiety Scale2008
Development of the conceptualization of pain questionnaire: A measure to study how children conceptualize pain2021
Dietary intake and nutritional risk in Mediterranean adolescents in relation to the severity of the eating disorder2015
Dispositional employability and online training purchase. Evidence from employees' behavior in Spain2016
Distraction by deviant sounds: disgusting and neutral words capture attention to the same extent2020
Do Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Eat Differently and Less Adequately than Those with Subclinical ASD and Typical Development? EPINED Epidemiological Study2021
Do Commonly Used Measures of Pain Intensity Only Reflect Pain Intensity in Youths With Bothersome Pain and a Physical Disability?2019
Does living close to a petrochemical complex increase the adverse psychological effects of the COVID-19 lockdown?2021
Does phonological overlap of cognate words modulate cognate acquisition and processing in developing and skilled readers?2018
Does the fortified milk with high iron dose improve the neurodevelopment of healthy infants? Randomized controlled trial2019
Dolor neuropático en pacientes oncológicos en tratamiento con bortezomib2018
Educational Needs and Resources for Teachers Working with Students with Chronic Pain: Results of a Delphi Study2021
Effectiveness of a collaborative care intervention for managing major depression and chronic musculoskeletal pain in primary care: A cluster-randomised controlled trial2019
Effect of vitamin d status during pregnancy on infant neurodevelopment: The eclipses study2020
Effects of an alpha7 nicotinic receptor agonist and stress on spatial memory in an animal model of alzheimer's disease2013
Effects of covid-19 social distancing measures in individuals with chronic pain living in spain in the late stages of the lockdown2021
Effects of prenatal iron status on child neurodevelopment and behavior: A systematic review2018
Effects of prenatal nicotine exposure on infant language development: A cohort follow up study2017
Effects of Stress on Performance during Highly Demanding Tasks in Student Pilots2021
El absentismo laboral como consecuente de variables organizacionales2005
El análisis factorial exploratorio de los ítems: algunas consideraciones adicionales2014
El burnout y las manifestaciones psicosomáticas como consecuentes del clima organizacional y de la motivación laboral2004
El papel de la psicología en las unidades de tratamiento del dolor: acerca de la actividad asistencial, docente e investigadora2018
El papel de la sílaba en la percepción del castellano1998
EmoFinder: The meeting point for Spanish emotional words2018
EmoPro - Emotional prototypicality for 1286 Spanish words: Relationships with affective and psycholinguistic variables2021
Emotional content and source memory for language: Impairment in an incidental encoding task2019
Emotionality effects in ambiguous word recognition: The crucial role of the affective congruence between distinct meanings of ambiguous words2021
Emotional Symptoms and Dietary Patterns in Early Adolescence: A School-Based Follow-up Study2017
Emotion and concreteness effects when learning novel concepts in the native language2021
ERP and behavioral effects of semantic ambiguity in a lexical decision task2017
Estrategias de afrontamiento del estrés académico universitario: educación infantil-primaria2020
Evaluación de la sintomatología depresiva en población mayor con pérdida visual: un estudio de la Escala de Depresión Geriátrica2010
Evaluación del e-learning en la formación para el empleo: Estructura factorial y fiabilidad2013
Evaluación del sexismo en una muestra de universitarios mexicanos: Un estudio de validez basado en el Inventario de Sexismo Ambivalente (ASI)2013
Evaluación psicométrica del cuestionario de ansiedad y rendimiento (car) en una muestra de escolares1999
Factors associated with migraine in the general population of Spain: results from the European Health Survey 20142018
Factor structure and discriminant validity of the Hare psychopathy checklist-revised2003
Fibroline: a mobile app for improving the quality of life of young people with fibromyalgia2018
French validation of the Barcelona Music Reward Questionnaire2016
Haemoconcentration risk at the end of pregnancy: Effects on neonatal behaviour2017
Health and Safety at Work in the Transport Industry (TRANS-12): Factorial Structure, Reliability and Validity2012
Health profiles in people with intellectual developmental disorders2017
Health profiles in people with intellectual developmental disorders2017
Help-Seeking in an Academic Context: A Systematic Review2021
HEROÍNA: Drug or hero? Meaning-dependent valence norms for ambiguous Spanish words2020
How impulsivity and intelligence are related to different forms of aggression2017
How impulsivity and intelligence are related to different forms of aggression2017
How Individual and Contextual Factors Affects Antisocial and Delinquent Behaviors: A Comparison between Young Offenders, Adolescents at Risk of Social Exclusion, and a Community Sample2017
How response bias affects the factorial structure of personality self-reports2016
How response biases affect the factor structure of Big Five personality questionnaires2017
How response biases affect the factor structure of Big Five personality questionnaires2017
Identifying violence against the LGTBI+ community in Catalan universities2021
Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown Measures on Spanish People with Chronic Pain: An Online Study Survey2020
Impact of psychosocial factors on cardiovascular morbimortality: A prospective cohort study2014
Impact of risk factors on different interval cancer subtypes in a population-based breast cancer screening programme2014
Implementación de procedimientos gráficos y analíticos para la construcción de formas paralelas2009
Improvement of APOE4-dependent non-cognitive behavioural traits by postnatal cholinergic stimulation in female mice2020
Improving the Quality of Life of Cancer Survivors in School: Consensus Recommendations Using a Delphi Study2021
Incertidumbre Laboral, Salud Mental y Apoyo Social en trabajadores pobres2020
Influence of personality variables, impulsivity, perfectionism, self-esteem and self-efficacy in work craving2019
Initial usability and feasibility of a web-based behavioural activation program for young adults with comorbid depression and problem gambling: A case study and case series2020
Interpersonal relations as a source of risk of mobbing in the Local Police2008
Is general intelligence responsible for differences in individual reliability in personality measures?2018
Is individual reliability responsible for the differences in personality differentiation across ability levels?2019
Is pupillary response a reliable index of word recognition? Evidence from a delayed lexical decision task2017
Is there an orthographic boost for ambiguous words during their processing?2019
“I Wish I Could Have Helped Him in Some Way or Put the Family on Notice”: an Exploration of Teachers’ Perceived Strengths and Deficits in Overall Knowledge of Suicide2021
Job insecurity and performance: The mediating role of organizational justice in terms of type of contract2021
Job insecurity, mental health and social support in working poor2020
La satisfacción y el bienestar psicológico como antecedentes del compromiso organizacional2007
La terapia asistida con perros en el tratamiento de las personas con dolor crónico: una revisión sistemática2017
La terapia asistida con perros en el tratamiento de las personas con dolor crónico: una revisión sistemática2017
Levels of Metals in Hair in Childhood: Preliminary Associations with Neuropsychological Behaviors2014
Levels of Metals in Hair in Childhood: Preliminary Associations with Neuropsychological Behaviors2014
Lexico-syntactic interactions during the processing of temporally ambiguous L2 relative clauses: An eye-tracking study with intermediate and advanced Portuguese-English bilinguals2019
Liderando personas2020
Locus of control and pain: Validity of the Form C of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control scales when used with adolescents2018
Longitudinal study of psychopathological, anthropometric and sociodemographic factors related to the level of Mediterranean diet adherence in a community sample of Spanish adolescents2016
Maternal exposure to mixtures of dienestrol, linuron and flutamide. Part I: Feminization effects on male rat offspring2020
Maximizing the information and validity of a linear composite in the factor analysis model for continuous item responses.2008
Mental performance in 8-year-old children fed reduced protein content formula during the 1st year of life: safety analysis of a randomized clinical trial2019
Moderately elevated maternal homocysteine at preconception is inversely associated with cognitive performance in children 4 months and 6 years after birth2017
Moderate-vigorous physical activity across body mass index in females: Moderating effect of endocannabinoids and temperament2014
Moderate-Vigorous Physical Activity across Body Mass Index in Females: Moderating Effect of Endocannabinoids and Temperament2014
Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) in Cancer Patients: Psychometric Properties and Measurement Invariance2021
Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) in Cancer Patients: Psychometric Properties and Measurement Invariance2021
Mutable Technology, Immutable Gender: Qualifying the 'Co-construction of Gender and Technology' Approach2018
Needs of adolescents and young adults after cancer treatment: a systematic review2018
Neurofeedback for Pain Management: A Systematic Review2020
Neuropathic pain in cancer patients treated with bortezomib2018
Norms for 10,491 Spanish words for five discrete emotions: Happiness, disgust, anger, fear, and sadness2018
Not Positive Definite Correlation Matrices in Exploratory Item Factor Analysis: Causes, Consequences and a Proposed Solution2021
Nursing education in catalonia: Novice professionals’ appraisal of its quality and usefulness. does mobility play a role?2020
Of Beavers and Tables: The Role of Animacy in the Processing of Grammatical Gender Within a Picture-Word Interference Task2021
On the Added Value of Multiple Factor Score Estimates in Essentially Unidimensional Models2018
On the limits of affective neurolinguistics: a “universe” that quickly expands2020
Optimismo disposicional como predictor de estrategias de afrontamiento2002
Optimismo disposicional como predictor de estrategias de afrontamiento2002
Oral exposure of rats to dienestrol during gestation and lactation: Effects on the reproductive system of male offspring2019
Pain catastrophizing, activity engagement and pain willingness as predictors of the benefits of multidisciplinary cognitive behaviorally-based chronic pain treatment2018
Pain curricula across healthcare professions undergraduate degrees: A cross-sectional study in Catalonia, Spain2019
Pain extent and function in youth with physical disabilities2017
Pain Location and Functioning in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury2014
Painometer v2®: una aplicación móvil certificada para monitorizar a los pacientes con dolor2018
Paraoxonase-1 and-3 Protein Expression in the Brain of the Tg2576 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease2021
Perinatal emotional states: a comparative study between two cohorts recruited in a Mediterranean environment2021
Personality traits and theory of mind: Performance data of a Spanish sample of university students2017
Person-item distance and response time: An empirical study in personality measurement2006
Postnatal chlorpyrifos exposure and apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype differentially affect cholinergic expression and developmental parameters in transgenic mice2018
Postnatal exposure to low doses of Chlorpyrifos induces long-term effects on 5C-SRTT learning and performance, cholinergic and GABAergic systems and BDNF expression 2020
Practical person-fit assessment with the linear FA model: New developments and a comparative study2016
Predicting Suicidal Ideation in Adolescent Boys and Girls2018
Predicting suicidal ideation in adolescent boys and girls: The role of psychological maturity, personality traits, depression and life satisfaction2018
Predictive power of selected factors over driver stress at work2021
Predictive variables for sleep quality in professional drivers2021
Predictive variables for sleep quality in professional drivers2021
Prevalence of DSM-5 depressive disorders and comorbidity in Spanish early adolescents: Has there been an increase in the last 20 years?2018
Procedimientos gráficos para evaluar la consistencia intra-individual en el análisis factorial de ítems2010
Processing of emotional words in bilinguals: Testing the effects of word concreteness, task type and language status2018
Protecting the underscreened women in developed countries: The value of HPV test2014
Psicología y dolor crónico infantil2018
Psycholinguistic and affective norms for 1,252 Spanish idiomatic expressions2021
Psychological Test Toolbox: A New Tool to Compute Factor Analysis Controlling Response Bias2019
Psychological Variables Related to Adaptation to the COVID-19 Lockdown in Spain2020
Psychometric properties of Spanish version of the Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer Scale2021
Psychometric properties of the 'Life Orientation Test'2002
Psychometric properties of the Shared Decision-Making Questionnaire (SDM-Q-9) in oncology practice2018
Psychometric properties of the short form of the Children's Depression Inventory (CDI-S) in young people with physical disabilities2016
Recuerdo de imágenes emocionales y niveles de procesamiento2002
Recuperación de la solución factorial a partir de variables dicotomizadas1994
Regional capital status and tertiarisation process: The case of Barcelona2014
Relationship between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pesticides: A Systematic Review of Human and Preclinical Models2021
Relationship between Prenatal or Postnatal Exposure to Pesticides and Obesity: A Systematic Review2021
Reliability and External Validity of Personality Test Scores: The Role of Person and Item Error2021
Reliability and validity study of the Spanish adaptation of the Educational Practices Questionnaire (EPQ)2020
RTC-11: Adaptation of the Resistance to Change Scale in two countries (Spain and Argentina)2018
Semantic ambiguity: Do multiple meanings inhibit or facilitate word recognition?2018
Seven Decades of Factor Analysis: From Yela to the Present Day2021
Sex and exposure to postnatal chlorpyrifos influence the epigenetics of feeding-related genes in a transgenic apoe mouse model: Long-term implications on body weight after a high-fat diet2021
Social Factors, Disability and Depressive Symptoms in Adults with Chronic Pain2020
Spanish adaptation of the Creative Potential and Practised Creativity scale (CPPC-17) in the workplace and inside the organization2014
Spanish Adaptation of the Family Involvement Questionnaire-High School: Version for Parents2020
Spanish adaptation of the Internal functioning of the Work Teams Scale (QFI-22)2014
Spanish affective normative data for 1,406 words rated by children and adolescents (SANDchild)2020
Stability of the factor structure of Barrat's Impulsivity Scales for children across culture: a comparison of Spain and Colombia2010
Standards for mobile health-related apps: Systematic review and development of a guide2020
Student Primary Teachers' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Biotechnology-Are They Prepared to Teach Biotechnological Literacy?2021
Subsyndromal delirium compared with delirium, dementia, and subjects without delirium or dementia in elderly general hospital admissions and nursing home residents2017
Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents Assessed with the Three-mode Component Approach2019
Suicidality in a Community Sample of Early Adolescents: A Three-Phase Follow-Up Study2020
Teacher Technostress in the Chilean School System2020
Technostress of Chilean Teachers in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Teleworking2021
Temporal trends and geographical variability of the prevalence and incidence of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnoses among children in Catalonia, Spain2020
Testing risk perception in road users education: Development of a scale oriented to Spanish compulsory education.2001
The Association Between Pain Relief Using Video Games and an Increase in Vagal Tone in Children With Cancer: Analytic Observational Study With a Quasi-Experimental Pre/Posttest Methodology2020
The external validity of scores based on the two-parameter logistic model: Some comparisons between IRT and CTT2007
The gender congruency effect in Catalan-Spanish bilinguals: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence2020
The impact of acquiescence on forced-choice responses: A model-based analysis2011
The Impairment and Functioning Inventory Revised-English version: A validation study in individuals with disabilities and bothersome pain2021
The INventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits and Antisocial Behavior (INCA) for Young People: Development and Validation in a Community Sample2019
The INventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits and Antisocial Behavior (INCA) for Young People: Development and Validation in a Community Sample2019
The management of pediatric chronic pain in Spain: a web-based survey study 2021
The Mobile App Development and Assessment Guide (MAG): Delphi-Based Validity Study2020
Theory of mind and language comprehension in schizophrenia2013
The predictors of general knowledge: Data from a Spanish megastudy2021
The Psychoexposome: A holistic perspective beyond health and disease2018
The psycho-lexical approach in exploring the field of values: A reply to Schwartz2017
The relationship between family involvement and academic variables: A systematic review2020
The relationship between family socialization styles and ambivalent sexism in adolescence2020
The Role of Pain-Related Cognitions in the Relationship Between Pain Severity, Depression, and Pain Interference in a Sample of Primary Care Patients with Both Chronic Pain and Depression2020
The role of perfectionistic self-presentation in pediatric pain2021
The role of the p300 component in a translation-recognition task2000
The Survey of Pain Attitudes: A revised version of its pediatric form2016
The thousand-question Spanish general knowledge database2021
The Use of Exploratory Factor Analysis in RIDEP. Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers2019
The validity of pain intensity measures: what do the NRS, VAS, VRS, and FPS-R measure?2018
To reverse or to not reverse Likert-type items: That is the question2020
Translation and Validation of the Nomophobia Questionnaire in the Italian Language: Exploratory Factor Analysis2018
Transphobia and Gender Bashing in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: The Role of Individual Differences and Psychosocial Variables2021
Two cholinesterase inhibitors trigger dissimilar effects on behavior and body weight in C57BL/6 mice: The case of chlorpyrifos and rivastigmine2017
unival: An FA-based R Package For Assessing Essential Unidimensionality Using External Validity Information2019
Unrestricted factor analysis of multidimensional test items based on an objectively refined target matrix2019
Validación de un cuestionario corto de frecuencia de consumo alimentario en niños pequeños2020
Variables cognitivas y afectivas como predictoras de satisfacción en la vida2008
Vitamin D during pregnancy and the neurodevelopment of the child: Systematic review2019
What are the needs of adolescents and young adults after a cancer treatment? A Delphi study2017
What are the needs of adolescents and young adults after a cancer treatment? A Delphi study2016
Work addiction as a predictor of anxiety and depression2021
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