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Difficulties for the advancement of women. Different sociological theories [Dificultades para el avance de las mujeres. Diferentes teorías sociológicas]

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    Montesó, P.
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    DOI del artículo: 10.6018/eglobal.13.4.186761
    Resumen: Introduction: It is important to understand the concept of patriarchy to understand the difficulties women face in career advancement, social and institutional. The nursing profession with other women's work has also been faced with these difficulties. Methodology: We introduce several theories that analyze the concept of gender. Some justify the differential socialization theory: structural-functionalism (Durkheim, Marx, Engels, Weber, Parsons, Enfermería Global Nº 36 Octubre 201 4 Página 266 Comte...) and the feminist critique of patriarchy as an element of dominance for women (Firestone, Myrdal, B. Ehrenreich...). We will discuss the difficulties caused by the establishment of patriarchy and the different socialization of men and women has slowed the progress of some female professions, the nursing profession being one of them. Results: In the patriarchal family that has existed in our modern society people have developed the most important positions of political power, economic and cultural women running in the background. Conclusion: Inequalities still exist in transitional societies resulting in a rise in violence for women and globalization, a society increasingly dualized with most impoverished sectors in which majority are women.
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