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Defining pragmatic and symbolic frames: Newspapers about the independence during the Scottish and Catalan elections

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    Capdevila, A.
    Castelló, E.
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    Autor según el artículo: Capdevila, A. Castelló, E.
    Departamento: Estudis de Comunicació
    Resumen: This research article determines the predominant media frames used during electoral campaigns in Scotland (2007) and Catalonia (2006) in relation to the independence referendum project. The researchers studied seven major newspapers published in the days preceding the elections in both countries and collected items (131 for the Scottish elections and 172 for the Catalan elections) referring to independence and related semantic fields (e.g., self-determination). The analysis, which defined the main frames for topics, concepts and metaphors, was organised according to symbolic, pragmatic, positive (pro-independence) and negative (anti-independence) axes and pointed to notable different results for each context. The predominant symbolic and pragmatic negative frames for the Scottish elections called for the 'breakup' of the United Kingdom and referred to the economic non-viability of a separate Scotland. A more symbolic (and also negative) debate took place in relation to the Catalan elections, with a high degree of trivialisation of independence.
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