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Multivariate data analysis: Validation of an instrument for the evaluation of teaching digital competence

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    Identificador: imarina:9335203
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    Andrés Santiago Cisneros-Barahona
    Luis Marqués-Molías
    Nicolay Samaniego-Erazo
    Catalina Mejía-Granizo
    Gabriela De la Cruz-Fernández
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    Autor según el artículo: Andrés Santiago Cisneros-Barahona; Luis Marqués-Molías; Nicolay Samaniego-Erazo; Catalina Mejía-Granizo; Gabriela De la Cruz-Fernández
    Departamento: Pedagogia
    e-ISSN: 2046-1402
    Autor/es de la URV: Luis Marqués-Molías
    Resumen: Background: Technology plays a fundamental role to achieve higher education key learning objectives. Digital competence (DC) is defined as a set of skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes in technological aspects. It is necessary to employ an effective training action plan in higher education institutions to advance towards a level of teaching digital competence (TDC). The objective of this study was to validate the COMDID A instrument to assess Teaching Digital Competence (TDC) of active teachers, through a confirmatory factor and internal reliability analysis. Methods: The research was developed within a descriptive- correlational scope and a non-experimental-cross-sectional design to validate the dimensionality and reliability of the COMDID A instrument and evaluate the self-perceived digital competence of active teachers. The population was made up of 690 professors who were part of the teaching staff of the National University of Chimborazo, Ecuador, in the first academic period of the year 2021. The sample was probabilistic, in a simple random scheme, the percentage of potential error admitted was 3%. The representativeness of the sample was 50%, and the confidence level was 97%. A total of 511 teachers completed the questionnaire compared to the 452 individuals needed.
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