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A correlation sensitivity analysis of non-life underwriting risk in solvency capital requirement estimation2011-09
¿Afecta la sobreeducación de los padres al rendimiento académico de sus hijos?2011-05
Age effects, unobserved characteristics and hedonic price indexes: The Spanish car market in the 1990s2011-08
A logistic regression approach to estimating customer profit loss due to lapses in insurance2011-10
An Analysis of black-box optimization problems in reinsurance: evolutionary-based approaches2013-05
An empirical analysis of wealth taxation: equity compliance2007
A New open economy macroeconomic model with endogenous portfolio diversification and firms entry2011-10
An Introduction to parametric and non-parametric models for bivariate positive insurance claim severity distributions2010-03
A priori ratemaking using bivariate poisson regression models2008
Are two-part tariffs efficient when consumers plan ahead?: An empirical study2006
Are we living longer but less healthy? Trends in mortality and morbidity in Catalonia (Spain), 1994-20112014-01
Are we wasting our talent? Overqualification and overskilling among PhD graduates2014-06-19
Assessing the assignation of public subsidies: Do the experts choose the most efficient R&D projects?2008
A territorial approach to R&D subsidies: Empirical evidence for Catalonian firms2014-09
A theoretical and practical study on linear reforms of dual taxes2009-02
Barriers to innovation and public policy in Catalonia2007
Bilingual schooling and earnings: evidence from a language-in-education reform2015-10-02
Calculation of the variance in surveys of the economic climate2006
Capital humano: un análisis comparativo Catalunya-España2006
Car ownership and access to jobs in Spain2008
Changes in the demand for private medical insurance following a shift in tax incentives2006
Changes in wage structure in Mexico going beyond the mean: An analysis of differences in distribution, 1987-20082012-05
Clustering or scattering: the underlying reason for regulating distance among retail outlets2010-12
Comparison of recent toll road concession transactions in the United States and France2007
Competition between TV platforms2009-10
Cross-section data, disequilibrium situations and estimated coefficients: evidence from car ownership demand2007
Decomposing differences in total factor productivity across firm size2007
Deconstructing Shocks and Persistence in OECD Real Exchange Rates2008
Discrete time Non-homogeneous Semi-Markov Processes applied to Models for Disability Insurance2012-03
Does grade retention affect achievement? Some evidence from PISA2011-11
Does urban sprawl increase the costs of providing local public services? Evidence from Spanish municipalities2008
Do labour mobility and networks foster geographical knowledge diffusion? The case of European regions2012-07
Driving competition in local gasoline markets2012-03
Ecological Footprint Inequality across countries: the role of environment intensity, income and interaction effects2012-10
Economía urbana y calidad de vida. Una revisión del estado del conocimiento en España2006
Economic development and changes in car ownership patterns2006
Economic effects of road accessibility in the Pyrenees: user perspective2008
(Endogenous) occupational choices and job satisfaction among recent PhD recipients: evidence from Catalonia2012-12
Estimating extreme value cumulative distribution functions using bias-corrected kernel approaches2015-01-21
Estimation of parametric and nonparametric models for univariate claim severity distributions - an approach using R2011-06
Evaluating antitrust leniency programs2012-02-01
Evaluating the impact of public subsidies on a firm's performance: A quasi-experimental approach2007
Evaluation of subsidies programs to sell green cars: Impact on prices, quantities and efficiency2011-10
Explaining High Economic Growth in Small Tourism Countries with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model2007
Exploring Determinants of Urban Motorcycle Accident Severity: The Case of Barcelona2009-03
Exploring educational mobility in Europe2010-10
Factors explaining local privatization: A meta-regression analysis2006
Financial constraints and the failure of innovation projects2013-03-06
Fiscal sustainability across government tiers2007
Generic drugs in Spain: price competition vs. moral hazard2011-05
Growth in a Cross-Section of Cities: Location, Increasing Returns or Random Growth?2011-12
Health care utilization among immigrants and native-born populations in 11 European countries. Results from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe2009-10
How market access shapes human capital investment in a peripheral country2013-10
How much risk is mitigated by LTC Insurance? A case study of the public system in Spain2011-06
How to use the standard model with own data?2012-02
Human capital spillovers, productivity and regional convergence in Spain2009-11
Immigration and Firm Growth: Evidence from Spanish cities2008
Impacto de la immigración sobre la esperanza de vida en salud y en discapacidad de la población española2007
Influencia de la inmigración en la elección escolar2007
Informality and overeducation in the labor market of a developing country2012-11-06
Innovation, R&D spillovers and productivity: the role of knowledge-intensive services2007
Innovation sources and productivity: a quantile regression analysis2007
Intermediary and structural determinants of early childhood health in Colombia: exploring the role of communities2012-06
Inter-regional redistribution through infrastructure investment: tactical or programmatic?2009-11
Is it redistribution or centralization? On the determinants of government investment in infrastructure2010-12
Job accessibility and employment probability2008
Job accessibility, employment and job-education mismatch in the metropolitan area of Barcelona2014-05
Job losses, outsourcing and relocation: Empirical evidence using microdata2006
Knowledge of Catalan, public/private sector choice and earnings: Evidence from a double sample selection model2010-09
La importancia del control de los costes de la no-calidad en la empresa2014-02
Leontief versus Ghosh: two faces of the same coin2012-10
Like milk or wine: Does firm performance improve with age?2010-09
Local Distance-Based Generalized Linear Models using the dbstats package for R2012-05
Los límites de la compacidad urbana como instrumento a favor de la sostenibilidad. La hipótesis de la compensación en Barcelona medida a través de la huella ecológica de la movilidad y la vivienda2012-05
Loss risk through fraud in car insurance2011-06
Lowering blood alcohol content levels to save lives: The european experience2006
Macroeconomics of extensive margins: a simple model2011-11
Mixture of bivariate Poisson regression models with an application to insurance2011-07
Modelling dependence in a ratemaking procedure with multivariate Poisson regression models2010-04
Movilidad ocupacional de los inmigrantes en una economía de bajas cualificaciones. El caso de España2010-06
New evidence of the real interest rate parity for OECD countries using panel unit root tests with breaks2006
Nonparametric estimation of Value-at-Risk2012-10-16
Optimal stop-loss reinsurance: a dependence analysis2014-04
Parental education and family characteristics: educational opportunities across cohorts in Italy and Spain2010-05
Political institutions and the development of telecomunications2006
Portabilidad del capital humano y asimilación de los inmigrantes. Evidencia para España2008
Prediction of the economic cost of individual long-term care in the Spanish population2010-09
Prevalence of alcohol-impaired drivers based on random breath tests in a roadside survey2013-07
Price level convergence, purchasing power parity and multiple structural breaks: an application to US cities2008
Privatization and competition in the delivery of local services: An empirical examination of the dual market hypothesis2008
Productive efficiency and regulatory reform: The case of vehicle inspection services2006
Productivity growth and competition in Spanish manufacturing firms: What has happened in recent years?2006
Profitability, uncertainty and multi-product firm product proliferation: The Spanish car industry2012-09
Public-private sector wage differentials by type of contract: evidence from Spain2014-10
Quantitative analysis of image factors in a cultural heritage tourist destination2012-04
R&D cooperation between Spanish firms and scientific partners: what is the role of tertiary education?2011-11
Returns to Foreign Language Skills in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey2013
Scheduled service versus personal transportation: the role of distance2008
School composition effects in Spain2010-12
Shifting death to their alternatives: the case of toll motorways2007
Singling out individual inventors from patent data2011-05
Small firms, growth and financial constraints2009-10
Social Determinants of Child Health in Colombia: Can Community Education Moderate the Effect of Family Characteristics?2013-03-06
Solvency Capital estimation and Risk Measures2012-01
Spatial Polarization of the Ecological Footprint distribution2014-02
Sunk costs, extensive R&D subsidies and permanent inducement effects2012-05
Tax differentials and agglomeration economies in intraregional firm location2007
Technology, business models and network structure in the airline industry2010-12
Testing extreme value copulas to estimate the quantile2013-11-28
The Accessibility City. When Transport Infrastructure Matters in Urban Spatial Structure2010-02
The antecedents and innovation consequences of organizational search: empirical evidence for Spain2009-10
The Black Box of Business Dynamics2009-10
The building blocks of international ecological footprint inequality: a regression-based decomposition2013-04
The causal relationship between Individual’s choice behavior and self-reported satisfaction: the case of residential mobility in the EU2008
The choice of banking firm: Are the interest rate a significant criteria?2006
The Commons and anti-commons problems in the tourism economy2009-12
The determinants of university patenting: Do incentives matter?2009-11
The determinants of YIc's R&D activity2011-12
The environmental effects of changing speed limits: a quantile regression approach2014-12-01
The impact of agglomeration effects and accessibility on wages2011-11
The Impact of Cooperation on R&D, Innovation andProductivity: an Analysis of Spanish Manufacturing and Services Firms2013-11
The Innovation and Imitation Dichotomy in Spanish firms: do absorptive capacity and the technological frontier matter?2011-12
The international trade as the sole engine of growth for an economy2009-06
The link between public support and private R&D effort: What is the optimal subsidy?2011-06
The Macroeconomics of the labor market: three fundamental views2006
Tourism and urban transport: holding demand pressure under supply constraints2008
Traffic forecasts under uncertainty and capacity constraints2009-11
Una propuesta de evaluación de las externalidades de capital humano en la empresa2007
What about people in European Regional Science?2012
What are the causes of educational inequalities and of their evolution over time in Europe? Evidence from PISA2010-12
What if there was a stronger pharmaceutical price competition in Spain? When regulation has a similar effect to collusion2011-05
What underlies localization and urbanization economies? Evidence from the location of new firms2012-05
Which firms want PhDs? The effect of the university-industry relationship on the PhD labour market2010-03
Why do educated mothers matter? A model of parental help2010-12