Title Date
A class of goodness-of-fit tests for circular distributions based on trigonometric moments2019
A probabilistic model for explaining the points achieved by a team in football competition. Forecasting and regression with applications to the Spanish competition2019
A simheuristic for routing electric vehicles with limited driving ranges and stochastic travel times2019
Automatic regrouping of strata in the goodness-of-fit chi-square test2019
Bayesian joint spatio-temporal analysis of multiple diseases2019
Data envelopment analysis efficiency of public services: bootstrap simultaneous confidence region2019
Detecting outliers in multivariate volatility models: A wavelet procedure2019
Efficient algorithms for constructing D- and I-optimal exact designs for linear and non-linear models in mixture experiments2019
False discovery rate control for grouped or discretely supported p-values with application to a neuroimaging study2019
Forecasting with two generalized integer-valued autoregressive processes of order one in the mutual random environment2019
Internalizing negative externalities in vehicle routing problems through green taxes and green tolls2019
Kernel distribution estimation for grouped data2019
Modelling human network behaviour using simulation and optimization tools: the need for hybridization2019
New L2-type exponentiality tests2019
On the optimism correction of the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve in logistic prediction models2019
Tail risk measures using flexible parametric distributions2019