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A simheuristic algorithm for time-dependent waste collection management with stochastic travel times

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    Identifier: RP:4904
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    Juan, Angel A.
    Calvet, Laura
    Pérez-Navarro, Antoni
    Gruler, Aljoscha
    SORT- Statistics and Operations Research Transactions; Vol. 44, Núm. 2 (2020): ; 285-310
    SORT-Statistics and Operations Research Transactions; Vol 44, No 2 (2020): July-December; 285-310
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Juan, Angel A. Calvet, Laura Pérez-Navarro, Antoni Gruler, Aljoscha
    Keywords: Waste collection management
    Abstract: A major operational task in city logistics is related to waste collection. Due to large problem sizes and numerous constraints, the optimization of real-life waste collection problems on a daily basis requires the use of metaheuristic solving frameworks to generate near-optimal collection routes in low computation times. This paper presents a simheuristic algorithm for the time-dependent waste collection problem with stochastic travel times. By combining Monte Carlo simulation with a biased randomized iterated local search metaheuristic, time-varying and stochastic travel speeds between different network nodes are accounted for. The algorithm is tested using real instances in a medium-sized city in Spain.
    Journal publication year: 2020
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