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Revistes Publicacions URV: SORT - Statistics and Operations Research Transactions - 2007
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A recursion formula for expected negative and positive powers of the central Wishart distribution2007
Bayesian joint modelling of the mean and covariance structures for normal longitudinal data2007
Book review: Analysis of integrated and cointegrated time series with R. Bernhard Pfaff. Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. New York, 2006, 139 pages.2007
Book review: Pattern recognition and machine learning. Cristopher M. Bishop. Information Science and Statistics. Springer 2006, 738 pages.2007
Goodness of fit tests for the skew-Laplace distribution2007
Nonparametric bivariate estimation for successive survival times2007
Objective Bayesian point and region estimation in location-scale models2007
Objective Bayesian point and region estimation in location-scale models (invited article with discussion: Miguel Ángel Gómez Villegas, Dennis V. Lindley and Mark J. Schervish)2007
On modelling planning under uncertainty in manufacturing (invited article with discussion: Monique Guinard, Gautam Mitra, Francisco Javier Prieto and Andrés Weintraub)2007
Parameter estimation of S-distributions with alternating regression2007
Poverty measures and poverty orderings2007
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