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Revistes Publicacions URV: SORT - Statistics and Operations Research Transactions - 2008
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A microbiology application of the skew-Laplace distribution2008
An alternative analysis of variance2008
A note on interval estimation for the mean of inverse Gaussian distribution2008
A note on the likelihood and moments of the skew-normal distribution2008
Assessing influence in survival data with a cure2008
Book review: La práctica del análisis de correspondencias. Greenacre, M. Fundación BBVA, Rubes Editorial, 2008.2008
Canonical non-symmetrical correspondence analysis: an alternative in constrained ordination2008
Construction of multivariate distributions: a review of some recent results (invited article with discussion: M. del Carmen Pardo and Jorge Navarro)2008
Empirical comparison between the Nelson-Aalen Estimator and the Naive Local Constant Estimator2008
On equivalence and bioequivalence testing2008
Sampling design variance estimation of small area estimators in the Spanish Labour Force Survey2008
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