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Revistes Publicacions URV: SORT - Statistics and Operations Research Transactions - 2011
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A simulation study on some confidence intervals for the population standard deviation2011
Coprivacy: an introduction to the theory and applications of co-operative privacy2011
Diagnostic measures for linear mixed measurement error models2011
Eliminating small cells from census counts tables: empirical vs. design transition probabilities2011
Extending controlled tabular adjustment for non-additive tabular data with negative protection levels2011
Generalized spatio-temporal models2011
Imputation of numerical data under linear edit restrictions2011
Iterative beam search for simple assembly line balancing with a fixed number of work stations2011
Multiplicative noise for masking numerical microdata with constraints2011
Poverty comparisons when TIP curves intersect2011
Remote data access and the risk of disclosure from linear regression2011
Semantic microaggregation for the anonymization of query logs using the open directory project2011
Stress-strength reliability of Weibull distribution based on progressively censored samples2011
The choice of type of input-output table revisited: moving towards the use of supply-use tables in impact analysis2011
The microdata analysis system at the U.S. Census Bureau2011
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