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Revistes Publicacions URV: SORT - Statistics and Operations Research Transactions - 2013
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An alternative to Kim and Warde’s mixed randomized response model2013
Analysis of inequality in fertility curves fitted by gamma distributions2013
A nonparametric visual test of mixed hazard models2013
A note on the Fisher information matrix for the skew-generalized-normal model2013
Double bounded Kumaraswamy-power series class of distributions2013
Flexible quantile regression models: application to the study of the purple sea urchin2013
Improved entropy based test of uniformity using ranked set samples2013
Locally adaptive density estimation on Riemannian manifolds2013
Modelling “calçots” (Allium cepa L.) growth by Gompertz function2013
New insights into evaluation of regression models through a decomposition of the prediction errors: application to near-infrared spectral data2013
Quantile estimation of the rejection distribution of food products integrating assessor values and interval-censored consumer data2013
Selection and pattern mixture models for modelling longitudinal data with dropout: An application study2013
The normal distribution in some constrained sample spaces2013
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