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Revistes Publicacions URV: SORT - Statistics and Operations Research Transactions - 2015
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A comparison of computational approaches for maximum likelihood estimation of the Dirichlet parameters on high-dimensional data2015
A mathematical programming approach for different scenarios of bilateral bartering2015
A new class of Skew-Normal-Cauchy Distribution2015
A note on 'Double bounded Kumaraswamy-power series class of distributions'2015
Diagnostic plot for the Identification of high leverage collinearity-influential observations2015
Discrete alpha-skew-Laplace Distribution2015
Inference on the parameters of the Weibull distribution using records2015
Likelihood-based inference for the power regression model2015
Multinomial logistic estimation in dual frame surveys2015
On the bivariate Sarmanov distribution and copula. An application on insurance data using truncated marginal distributi2015
On the interpretation of differences between groups for compositional data2015
Parameter estimation of Poisson generalized linear mixed models based on three different statistical principles: a simulation study2015
Robust project management with the tilted beta distribution2015
Small area estimation of poverty indicators under partitioned area-level time models2015
The exponentiated discrete Weibull Distribution2015
Twenty years of P-splines2015
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