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A Bayesian stochastic SIRS model with a vaccination strategy for the analysis of respiratory syncytial virus2017
A bivariate response model for studying the marks obtained in two jointly-dependent modules in higher education2017
A quadtree approach based on European geographic grids: reconciling data privacy and accuracy2017
Bayesian correlated models for assessing the prevalence of viruses in organic and non-organic agroecosystems2017
Bayesian hierarchical models for analysing the spatial distribution of bioclimatic indices2017
Comparison of two discrimination indexes in the categorisation of continuous predictors in time-to-event studies2017
Corrigendum to 'Transmuted geometric distribution with applications in modelling and regression analysis of count data2017
Estimating regional social accounting matrices to analyse rural development2017
Goodness-of-fit test for randomly censored data based on maximum correlation2017
Hierarchical models with normal and conjugate random effects: a review2017
Horizontal collaboration in freight transport: concepts, benefits and environmental challenges2017
Joint models for longitudinal counts and left-truncated time-to event data with applications to health insurance2017
On a property of Lorenz curves with monotone elasticity and its application to the study of inequality by using tax data2017
Statistical and machine learning approaches for the minimization of trigger errors in parametric earthquake catastrophe bonds2017
Statistical modeling of warm-spell duration series using hurdle models2017
The Pareto IV power series cure rate model with applications2017
Thirty years of progeny from Chao’s inequality: Estimating and comparing richness with incidence data and incomplete sampling2017