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Análisis sociolingüístico de la publicidad

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    Identifier: RP:4385
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    Morales Sánchez, Damián
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Morales Sánchez, Damián
    Keywords: sociolinguistics
    Abstract: This research analyzes the sociolinguistics adequacy in advertisements. The analysis aims to observe how far advertising reects the covariation phenomena manifested in the different linguistic levels from the conjunction of certains social and contextual variables. The research aims, somehow, to make it clear that sociolinguistics adequacy in ads can increase the effectiveness of advertising communication. We present a qualitative study of a corpus formed by a total of 60 television commercials, selected taking into consideration age and gender of the speaker as the product or service publicized. On the basis of the results obtained, advertising communication reflects both the genderlect and agelect variation. Also, we have observed dierences in style and therefore advertising includes the diaphasic variation. However, we perceive the transmission of sociolinguistic stereotypes that encourage creation and difussion of certain sociocultural roles.
    Journal publication year: 2018
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