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UsingWomb Grammars for Inducing the Grammar of a Subset of Yorùbá Noun Phrases

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    Identifier: RP:4390
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    Adebara, Ife
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Adebara, Ife
    Keywords: property grammars
    Abstract: We address the problem of inducing the grammar of an under-resourced language,Yorùbá, from the grammar of English using an efficient and, linguistically savvy, constraintsolving model of grammar induction –Womb Grammars (WG). Our proposed methodologyadapts WG for parsing a subset of noun phrases of the target language Yorùbá, from thegrammar of the source language English, which is described as properties between pairs ofconstituents. Our model is implemented in CHRG (Constraint Handling Rule Grammar) and,it has been used for inducing the grammar of a useful subset of Yorùbá Noun Phrases. Interestingextensions to the original Womb Grammar model are presented, motivated by the specificneeds of Yorùbá and, similar tone languages.
    Journal publication year: 2016
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