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Constanza en 'Deseos'

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    Identifier: RP:4400
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    Silva Alcántara, Marina
    Anguera Gómez, María
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Silva Alcántara, Marina Anguera Gómez, María
    Keywords: Constanza
    Abstract: In this article, the figure of Constanza in Deseos and its relevance withrespect to other characters is analyzed. In Constanza, we find an important emotionalpsychology on which much of the work takes place. It is important to highlightthe relationship between Constanza and the cemetery, it allows us to get to knowthe character: her life, her feelings, her past, her history and her desires. Constanzais the one who most identified with the title, Deseos, she not only has a desire, butshe is the protagonist of the others's desires, which makes her the center of manycomments and thoughts of different characters. This would therefore be one of thereasons for its importance in the novel. In addition, it should be noted that thedesire that determines the life of Constanza is the one that best symbolizes the plotof the novel. Finally, to prove her relevance, we must say that is Constance, locatedat the gates of the cemetery, which appears on the cover of the novel, and that thesentence of his desire is the one that appears on the back to give the reader an ideaof the psychology that can be found in the novel.
    Journal publication year: 2013
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