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Las compañías teatrales españolas en internet

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    Brosa Rodríguez, Antoni
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    Author, as appears in the article.: Brosa Rodríguez, Antoni
    Keywords: Theater
    Abstract: In this work, the Internet presence of Spanish theater companies will be analyzed by studying a corpus of own data. The internet concept is very broad. The great advances in this eld have developed many new functions. Although the fundamental and essential purpose of the Internet is communication, the real technological change begins with computerization and the ability to process, manipulate and control vast amounts of data. This change does not lie only in the methodology in communicating, but involves a deep change that aects the life of society in general. Internet is a virtual space where you can live: watch a movie, buy food or clothes, talking with friends, check bank details, play, etc. This profound change in society also comes to literature in general and theater in particular. Within this giant free showcase that is Internet, every author and every theater company seeks its place in order to be visible to the world. In this paper, we review the dierent ways in which the theater appears on the Internet and present a systematic and detailed analysis of the Internet presence of twenty companies of Spanish theater with very dierent idiosyncrasies that reect the current Spanish theater scene.
    Journal publication year: 2012
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