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Revistes Publicacions URV: Triangle - llenguatge, literatura, computació - 2012
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A Class of 2-Head Finite Automata for Linear Languages2012
A Comparison of the DES and Dömösi Cryptosystems2012
A Survey of State Merging Strategies for DFA Identification in the Limit2012
Derivation 'Trees' and Parallelism in Chomsky-Type Grammars2012
Developing Tools for Networks of Processors2012
GNS: Abstract Syntax for Natural Languages2012
Las compañías teatrales españolas en internet2012
Learning SECp Languages from Only Positive Data2012
NEPs Applied to Solve Specific Problems2012
Networks of Bio-inspired Processors2012
Owicki-Gries Theory: A Possible Way of Relating Grammar Systems to Concurrent Programs2012
Preface to the volume Languages: Bionspired Approaches2012
Towards a Unified Theory of Regulated Grammars2012
Transformations Induced by Transducers2012
Una aproximación a la literatura española para alumnos chinos2012
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