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¿Escriben Igual Hombres y Mujeres? Un Estudio de los Generolectos en la Comunicación Mediada por Ordenador

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    Identificador: RP:4388
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    Giménez Bedós, Clàudia
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    Autor según el artículo: Giménez Bedós, Clàudia
    Palabras clave: sociolinguistics
    Resumen: In the last decades, the Internet has become an information and communication network which reaches a wide audience and which has spread all over the world. Within this communicative context it is of paramount importance to know who hides behind a specific linguistic profile in computer-based communication. In order to establish the features of male and female genderlects, sociolinguistics has been based on oral interactions, but, this traditional classification of male and female language still valid, or should it be updated adapting to this new communication medium? The aim of this project has two sides. On the one hand, we have carried out an analysis just to detect if the traditional characterization of genderlects matches with the linguistic traits which are observed in computer-based communicative exchanges between men and women. On the other hand, we have tried to offer a genderlect characterization which could be useful concerning automatic gender detection tasks.
    Año de publicación de la revista: 2017
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