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Active and interactive learning strategies for error-tolerant graph matching2016-07-15
Active contours for intensity inhomogeneous image segmentation2017-07-06
Algorithms acceleration of pattern-matching in multi-core architectures2011-07-08
Analysis of the spiral structure in disk galaxies using the FFT transform2018-05-18
Analyzing the breast tissue in mammograms using deep learning2022-03-24
A probabilistic integrated object recognition and tracking framework for video sequences2009-12-04
Collected results on semigroups, graphs and codes2012-10-22
Combinatorial structures for anonymous database search2011-10-18
Common information techniques for the study of matroid representation and secret sharing schemes2021-07-08
Contributions to Context-Aware Smart Healthcare: A Security and Privacy Perspective2022-05-24
Contributions to Lifelogging Protection In Streaming Environments2020-09-10
Contributions to privacy in web search engines2013-09-09
Contributions to privacy protection for ubiquitous computing2015-11-24
Contributions to the security and privacy of electronic ticketing systems2013-07-09
Contributions to Trajectory Analysis and Prediction: Statistical and Deep Learning Techniques2019-06-19
Contribution to the study of alliances in graphs2010-12-13
Co-Utility in the Digital Economy: Conciliating Individual Freedom and Common Good in the Information Society2017-05-31
Cryptographic protocols for privacy-aware and secure e-commerce2017-03-09
Cryptographic Techniques for Securing Data in the Cloud2018-11-23
Developing Novel Criteria to Classify ARDS Severity using a Machine Learning Approach2022-07-19
Development of advanced computer methods for breast cancer image interpretation through texture and temporal evolution analysis2016-07-08
Development of Machine Learning Techniques for Diabetic Retinopathy Risk Estimation2020-11-09
Development of New Models for Vision-Based Human Activity Recognition2019-04-12
Diabetic Retinopathy Classification and Interpretation using Deep Learning Techniques2019-03-12
Distributed aop middleware for large-scale scenarios2010-04-29
Dynamic adaptation of user profiles in recommender systems2013-07-09
Efficient bittorrent-like content distribution for cloud storage services2017-01-17
Efficient Deep Learning Models and Their Applications to Health Informatics2019-11-12
Empowering Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) with Socially Assistive Robotics (SAR) and Emotion Recognition2018-05-24
Enhancing Drivers’ Privacy in Urban Electronic Road Pricing Systems2015-09-17
Enhancing the ELECTRE decision support method with semantic data2018-11-16
Enhancing the Programmability of Cloud Object Storage2018-11-20
Error-tolerant Graph Matching on Huge Graphs and Learning Strategies on the Edit Costs2019-06-12
From community structure to the physics of complex networks2016-02-05
Graph matching using position coordinates and local features for image analysis2012-02-14
Hierarchical outranking methods for multi-criteria decision aiding2015-06-22
Higher-order dynamics on complex networks2019-02-12
Human-robot interaction and computer-vision-based services for autonomous robots2016-07-14
Image Segmentation Methods for Automatic Detection of the Anatomical Structure of the Eye in People with Diabetic Retinopathy2021-04-21
Improving the Routing Layer of Ad Hoc Networks Through Prediction Techniques2018-09-20
Knowledge-based incremental induction of clinical algorithms2012-12-14
Learning the Consensus of Multiple Correspondences between Data Structures2016-07-12
Learning the Graph Edit Distance through embedding the graph matching2020-06-17
Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Access Protocols for Low Emission Zones2020-01-22
Modeling and applications of the focus cue in conventional digital cameras2013-07-17
Multiple graph matching and applications2012-07-11
On the design and optimization of heterogeneous distributed storage systems2011-07-19
On the (k, t)-metric dimension of a graph2016-03-29
On the local metric dimension of graphs2017-07-03
Ontology-based Access Control in Open Scenarios: Applications to Social Networks and the Cloud2016-07-14
Ontology based semantic clustering2011-02-15
Outsourcing Computation on Non-Encrypted SensitiveData to Untrusted Clouds2018-06-15
Pre-service teachers' mathematics teaching beliefs and mathematical content knowledge2021-05-06
Privacy-Preserving Crowdsourcing-Based Recommender Systems for E-Commerce & Health Services2017-10-02
Real-Time Localization of Multi-Oriented Text in Natural Scene Images2021-03-16
Recognizing Foods using Deep Neural Networks under Domain Shift2019-01-07
Research on security and privacy in vehicular ad hoc networks2010-07-05
Robust analysis and protection of dynamic scenes for privacy-aware video surveillance2014-05-26
Security and privacy issues in some special-puropse networks2008-09-19
Segmentation and classification of multimodal medical images based on generative adversarial learning and convolutional neural networks2019-11-22
Semantic networks and cognitive dynamics2011-01-28
Semantic perturbative privacy-preserving methods for nominal data2017-04-20
Sentiment Analysis of Textual Content in Social Networks. From Hand-Crafted to Deep Learning-Based Models2020-05-18
Simultaneous discrimination prevention and privacy protection in data publishing and mining2013-06-10
Supervised and unsupervised segmentation of textured images by efficient multi-level pattern classification2010-10-08
Synchronization in Complex Networks Under Uncertainty2022-05-06
Total protection in graphs2021-09-16
Toward a universal privacy and information-preserving framework for individual data exchange2019-09-25
Trombosi venosa profunda: Estudi dels efectes del caminar i de la implantació de filtres de vena cava amb simulacions biomecàniques2018-07-16
Understanding Road Scenes using Deep Neural Networks2018-01-26
Use of Decision Tables to Model Assistance Knowledge to Train Medical Residents2016-02-10
Utility-Preserving Anonymization of Textual Documents2021-06-21