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Advanced mathematical programming tools for alternative energy systems design2013-09-09
Advances in life cycle impact assessment of pesticides: methodological improvements and experimental studies2007-09-27
Ambient carbon dioxide capture and conversion via membranes2018-10-22
Amperometric enzyme-based detection of agriculturalpesticides on novel carbon nano-onion composites2018-11-23
Analysis of climate change impact on hydrological ecosystem services and water allocation in water scarce mediterranean river basins2014-04-03
Analysis of enhanced mixing by natural and forced convection with application to chemical reactor design2013-09-20
Anàlisi de la naturalesa de les estructures coherents en l'estela llunyana d'un cilindre.1997-01-21
A novel electrochemical platform based on screen printed carbon electrodes (SPCEs) for molecular diagnostics2020-04-23
Aplicació de tècniques ecotoxicològiques en diferents matrius ambientals. Viabilitat i complementarietat2012-11-23
Aplicación de las técnicas de modelización molecular al cálculo del equilibrio de fases de sistemas de multicomponentes y caracterización de materiales absorbentes2000-02-07
Aplicación de técnicas de ciclo de vida al diseño de un sistema de gestión de residuos urbanos para la ciudad de chihuahua2009-04-15
Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes in the Reclamation of Wastewaters from the Oil & Gas Sector2020-11-06
Application of dna binding protein tags as means for defined co-immobilization in biosensors2017-07-11
Application of infrared spectroscopy in mid-infrared range combined with multivariate analysis to study yeasts involved in wine production2015-11-12
Assessment of environmental and social impacts due to the inclusion of novel solutions for nutrient recovery: towards sustainability in agriculture2022-06-10
Assessment of the human health risks and toxicity associated to particles (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1), organic pollutants and metals around cement plants2018-03-21
Association of polymers and small solute molecules with phospholipid membranes2016-04-25
Autoanticossos contra receptors de folat i estat en folats a la població general, durant l'embaràs i efecte sobre la subfertilitat en dones2009-05-08
Autohydrolysis of agricultural by-products for the production of xylo-oligosaccharides.2006-09-29
Bacterial degradation of ethyl tert-butyl ether and study of the molecular mechanisms underlying its biodegradation2013-10-18
Bentonite fining during different white winemaking stages: effect on the chemical and sensory properties of the wine2013-09-10
Biofouling control in reverse osmosis membranes for water treatment2017-11-24
Bottom-up surface engineering for the construction of (bio) sensoring systems: design strategies and analytical applications2009-04-24
Bulk and interfacial properties of chain fluids: a molecular modelling approach2003-12-11
Carbon-Based Membrane Bioreactors for the Anaerobic Decolorization of Dyes2022-03-17
Carbon molecular sieve membranes for gas separation2012-07-23
Catalyser production with microstructured components2012-02-09
Catalysts for steam reforming of Ethanol in a catalytic wall reactor2008-02-22
Catalytic aldol condensations of bio-derived aldehydes and ketones2022-05-19
Catalytic azo dye reduction in advanced anaerobic bioreactors2010-06-18
Catalytic conversion of syngas to alcohols and hydrocarbons over transition metal-based micro/mesoporous catalysts2018-12-14
Catalytic non-oxidative dehydrogenation and reactivity of biobased fatty acid derivatives2007-01-09
Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation Coupled with an Aerobic Treatment to Deal with Industrial Wastewater2006-06-26
Catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol in a trickle bed reactor: kinteics and reactor modelling.2003-02-14
Catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol over active carbon in fixed bed reactor: steady state and periodic operation2011-05-02
Characterization of a New Open Jet Wind Tunnel to Optimize and Test Vertical Axis Wind Turbines2017-11-17
Chemistry of dawsonites and application in catalysis2010-02-18
Climate change impact on the photodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils2017-05-04
Coarse-Grained Mean-Field Simulations of Surfactant Micelles: Static and Dynamic Equilibrium Properties2016-09-20
Colloidal and molecular assemblies for bioengineering applications2007-12-20
Compact carbon-based membrane reactors for anaerobic biodegradation of azo-dyes from wastewater2016-11-11
Complex network approaches to small team analysis. Conflict and gender2014-01-08
Computational characterisation of metal oxide nanoparticles for hazard screening and risk assessment2019-11-22
Computer simulation of nanoparticles translocation through phospholipid membranes within single chain mean field approach2012-04-11
Computer simulations of Red Blood Cells and proteins interacting with nanostructured surfaces2018-10-31
Concentration of Osmotic Dehydration Solutions using Membrane Separation Processes2005-12-02
Contribution to the development of efficient algorithms for solving complex single-objective and multi-objective optimization models2014-10-17
Contribution to the development of mathematical programming tools to assist decision-making in sustainability problems2018-01-19
Contribution to the development of more sustainable process industries under uncertainty2016-02-08
Crystals growth and laser properties of Nd:CNGS and Yb:CNGS2018-07-13
Cyclodextrin-based supramolecular systems of emerging guests with pharmaceutical and environmental interest2022-06-27
Cyclotriveratrylene and Porphyrin Scaffolds for Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly2015-02-17
Cynara cardunculus as an alternative crop for biodiesel production.2006-09-28
Data-driven soft-sensors for monitoring and fault diagnosis in wastewater treatment plants2020-12-10
Desarrollo de nuevas formulaciones para su aplicación en el sector de la cosmética2018-09-21
Desarrollo de una bomba de calor de absorción a gas con fluidos orgánicos e intercambiadores de placas2001-07-26
Desarrollo metodológico de evaluación ambiental en el análisis de procesos2004-05-24
Design and implementation of a competency-based educational model in an academic organization2005-10-11
Design and optimization of a resin technology system for the elimination of oil from industrial wastewater2020-12-16
Design and synthesis of novel bio-nanohybrid materials: catalytic applications in reactions of interest to the fine-chemical/pharmaceutical industries2012-02-13
Design of biosensor exploiting conformational changes in biomolecules2008-10-23
Despolimerización de lignina para su aprovechamiento en adhesivos para producir tableros de partículas.2006-06-27
Detection of coeliac disease predisposition using dna biosensor arrays2012-07-02
Determinación del equilibrio líquido-vapor de agua, aromáticos y sus mezclas mediante simulación molecular2002-10-04
Development and Application of Colorimetric Assays and Electrochemical Biosensors in Seafood Safety2018-03-22
Development and applications of molecular modeling techniques for the characterization of porous materials.2002-12-13
Development and characterization of bioartificial polysulfone membranes for proton transport applications2018-05-23
Development and optimization of catalytic membrane reactors for wastewater treatments2016-02-26
Development of advanced mathematical programming methods for supply chain management2013-03-18
Development of advanced mathematical programming methods for sustainable engineering and system biology2014-03-28
Development of an electrochemical sensor for coeliac disease serological markers2012-11-28
Development of a novel catalytic membrane reactor: application in wastewater treatment2013-06-04
Development of bioanalytical devices for the detection of ciguatoxins and the ciguatoxin producing genera Gambierdiscus and Fukuyoa2022-02-24
Development of diagnostic platform for detection of biological agents and toxic microalgae using isothermal amplification2017-11-17
Development of displacement electrochemical inmunosensors: the case of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole2007-12-12
Development of electrochemical biosensors and solid-phase amplification methods for the detection of human papillomavirus genes2012-05-03
Development of electrochemical DNA sensors based on the incorporation ferrocene labelled dATP2019-11-25
Development of environmental tools for the management of sewage sludge on agricultural soils2011-02-18
Development of hybrid silica membrane material for molecular sieve applications2013-10-10
Development of new materials for hydrogen generation and wastewater treatment by photcatalysis2019-09-27
Development of novel catalytic materials for removal of emerging organic pollutants by advanced oxidation processes (AOPS)2014-12-12
Different biomass conversion strategies for valuable chemical production2017-09-28
Direct formulation of solid foods with grape phenolics: studies on mass transfer and antioxidant capacity2009-03-17
Direct Label-free Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Analysis of Nucleic Acids2017-06-08
Diseño de un sistema de dos etapas para el tratamiento y revalorización in situ de efluentes procedentes de la industria del petróleo y gas2021-02-12
Distillation strategies: a key factor to obtain spirits with specific organoleptic characteristics2018-06-08
DNA-based assays and biosensors for the detection of toxic microalgae and viruses in the marine environment2019-09-17
Economic and environmental viability of central solar heating plants with seasonal storage in the European residential sector: A systematic multi-objective optimization approach2018-10-17
Efectes neuroconductuals de l'exposició oral a alumini en un model animal de la malaltia d'alzheimer2011-07-13
Electrical Properties and Surface Characterization of Thin Copper Films Subjected to Mechanical Vibrations2021-01-11
Electrochemically actuated capillary flow control for the development of integrated microfluidic devices2013-03-21
Electrochemically controlled patterning for biosensor arrays.2006-12-14
Electrochemically deposited metal nanostructures for application in genosensors2009-12-17
Electrospraying of polymer solutions for the generation of micro-particles, nano-structures, and granular films2016-01-28
Electrospray scale-up for the production of particles of pharmaceutical interest2018-10-18
Emulsion-based encapsulation systems stabilized with insect proteins: Production with premix microporous emulsification2021-12-02
Encapsulating lipid structures: preparation and application in biosensors, nanoparticles synthesis and controlled release2011-03-14
Encapsulation of omega-3 fatty acids by premix membrane emulsification2013-11-08
Endocrine disruption assessment: exposure, biomonitoring and potential activity of widespread endocrine disruptors during pregnancy and early stages of life2020-05-25
Engineering biocompatible surfaces from the nano to the micro scale2008-07-09
Enhanced excess sludge digestion using thermal and chemical petreatments2013-07-18
Environmental damage estimations in industrial process chains2002-04-19
'Environmental Diagnosis of Process Plants by Life Cycle Techniques'2006-04-27
Environmental levels of PAHs and other SVOCs in a petrochemical area. Combining monitoring and modelling tools2018-02-02
Environmental Management In Agriculture Based On Water And Climate Change Assessments: Tools For Decision Making By Life Cycle Approach2013-04-29
Environmental risk assessment in the mediterranean region using artificial neural networks2012-04-27
Environmental tax on products and services based on their carbon footprint: the case of Spain2013-03-15
Estabilización proteica de vinos blancos mediante adsorción en columnas de relleno2002-10-07
Estudi de lisogènia de leuconostoc oenos i incidència dels bacterioags sobre fermentació malolàctica del vi1994-10-07
Estudi de variables d'operació en el coprocessat de lignit i efecte de la desmineralització1993-06-29
Estudio cinético de la hidrotermólisis de compuestos modelo de lignina en agua sub- y supercrítica2004-03-12
Estudio numérico y experimental de flujo Rayleigh-Bénard en cavidades cúbicas para régimen transitorio y turbulento2005-09-30
Evaluation of portable vibrational spectroscopy equipment combined with multivariate analysis for food applications2022-06-07
Experimental and numerical investigation of the flow in a toroidal cavity2002-09-30
Exploratory search for relevant features of the impact of leadership on team performance2010-06-18
Extraction and valorization of cellulose from municipal and industrial waste biomass2020-09-04
Framework for sustainability assessment of industrial processes with multi-scale technology at design level: microcapsules production process2009-05-28
Functional oligonucleotide recognition nanomodules for electrochemical DNA biosensors2002-10-17
Gasification of biomass and solid recovered fuels (SRFs) for the synthesis of liquid fuels2017-07-07
Geología sedimentaria y lugares de ocupación prehistóricos de la cueva de maltravieso (Cáceres, España)2011-05-20
Global optimization applied to kinetic models of metabolic networks2012-11-27
Heterogeneous Catalytic and Photocatalytic Nitrate Abatement in Drinking Water Using Agpt and Pdsn Supported on Titania Nanocatalysts. Éliminitation du Nitrate dans l'eau Potable par Catalyse Hétèrogène et Photocatalyse au Moyen de Nanocatalyseurs AgPt et2016-12-16
Homogeneous and heterogeneous aqueous phase oxidation of phenol with fenton-like processes2014-07-22
Hybrid materials: discovering properties and mechanisms2016-05-11
Hydrodechlorination of chlorinated organic wastes over pd supported mixed oxide catalysts2011-07-01
Hydrotalcite-like compounds for the valorisation of renewable feedstocks2012-05-18
Improvement of monte carlo algorithms and intermolecular potencials for the modelling of alkanois, ether thiophenes and aromatics2007-10-05
Influence of a packed distillation column on volatile composition and sensory profile of spirit drin2014-09-22
Input-output analysis for use in life cycle assessment: introduction to regional modelling2007-06-22
Insight in the thin-film pollyamide membrane structure after compaction2016-11-07
In silico modeling of chemical and biological interactions at different scales2016-10-17
Integració de cicles d'absorció en xarxes d'energia de plantes de procès1999-05-11
Integrating pretreatment techniques in a 'benign-by-design strategy' in the context of biomass valorization2021-12-20
Integration of Flotation Technologies and Advanced Oxidation Processes for Oil and Gas and Desalination Industries Effluents Reuse2017-05-19
Integrative Systems Toxicology For Human Health2018-12-03
Interacció entre les estructures de flux i el transport de matèria. Aplicació a un doll pla turbulent.2003-07-04
Keplerates: from Electronic Structure to Dynamic Properties2015-12-04
KHCO3/CO2 ELECTROREDUCTION FOR FUEL CELL APPLICATIONS: Reaction and reactor optimization, prototyping with 3D printing and automatic testing.2021-10-27
Low-energy high-throughput microporous emulsification for lemon oil encapsulation2020-05-11
Material Flow Analysis and environmental impacts assessment of the construction sector in Brazil2016-11-08
Mathematical modelling to aid in the transition towards more sustainable buildings2020-06-10
Mathematical modelling to aid in the transition towards more sustainable buildings2020-06-10
Mathematical programming for energetic, economic and environmental optimization of building design2016-10-19
Membrane fouling characterization by confocal scanning laser microscopy2009-04-01
Metodología para el retrofit de procesos químicos basada en una representación jerárquica2005-04-07
Microalgae downstream processing and economical approaches of biodiesel producton processes2013-03-22
Model d'Avaluació del Risc sobre la Salut. Aplicació als residents a les rodalies de la incineradora de Montcada i Reixac.2002-10-30
Modeling the reserve osmosis processes performance using artificial neural networks2007-11-14
Modelització i simulació numérica del transport no isotèrmic de l'aigua i de compostos orgànics volàtils en la zona no saturada del sòl2002-10-03
Modelling, monitoring and control of reverse somsis desalination plants using data-based techniques2014-05-15
Modelling of self-organizaton of microtubules in plant cells2014-04-24
Modelos QSPR/QSAR/QSTR basados en sistemas neuronales cognitivos2002-09-16
Modification of Poly(vinyl alcohol) film to maximize barrier properties2019-11-11
Molecular and supramolecular surface modification tools for highly sensitive amperometric and electrochemiluminescent biosensors.2015-01-15
Molecular Modeling of Self-Assembling Hybrid Materials2007-10-19
Molecular simulation of mixtures in lipid bilayers2018-07-16
Molecular tools for the rapid and cost-effective detection of small molecules2021-10-18
Multiperiod modelling planning and productivity and energy efficient assessment of an industrial gases facility2018-11-05
Multiplexed detection of SNPs using electrochemical melting curve analysis2021-01-27
Multiregional sustainability at a sectoral level: Towards more effective environmental regulations2018-11-19
Multi-tier framework for the inferential measurement and data-driven modeling2007-07-13
Nanomaterials in Catalysis: Study of Model Reactions.2007-04-13
Network inference based on stochastic block models: model extensions, inference approaches and applications2016-11-24
New basic catalysts for fine chemicals synthesis2010-06-28
New catalytic advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment2011-04-13
New Electrochemical Sensors for Decentralized Analysis2016-10-14
New perspectives on organitzational design based on the analysis of complex communication networks2002-12-20
New techniques for the fabrication of biosensors based on nad (P) + dependent dehydrogenases2005-01-28
Novel anaerobic packed-bed reactor application for wastewater remediation2017-02-24
Novel polymeric membrane for artificial photosynthesis2022-07-12
Novel uses of attenuated total reflectance infrared microspectroscopy combined with multivariate analysis in food processing2013-06-14
Nuevas rutas más respetuosas con el medio ambiente para la síntesi de 2-feniletanol y óxido de estireno2005-07-22
Numerical and experimental study of flow and wall mass transfer rates in capillary driven flows in microfluidic channels2009-12-15
Numerical and experimental study of steady and unsteady mixed convection flow in a cubical open cavity with the bottom wall heated2016-09-12
Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in electrostatically charged volatile sprays2014-07-10
Obtenció de membranes polimèriques selectives2005-10-13
Oligonucleotide Based-Biosensors for Label-Free Electrochemical Protein and DNA Detection.2006-11-24
On the development of decision-making systems based on fuzzy models to assess water quality in rivers2008-04-17
Optical methods for ultrafast screening of microorganisms2017-06-07
Optimisation of wastewater treatment at ecoparc 22017-11-17
Optimization and control of feb-batch fermentation processes by using artificial neural systems2002-12-16
Optimization of ultrafiltration membrane cleaning processes. Pretreatment for reverse osmosis in seawater desalination plants2013-03-05
Peroxide promoted catalytic wet air oxidation of phenolic aqueous solutions using activated carbon as catalyst2007-07-30
Phenol oxidation catalysed by polymer-supported metal complexes2009-07-24
Photosensitive polymers and their application2020-06-19
Photosensitive polymers and their application2020-06-19
Physico-chemical properties of polymers at interfaces2002-12-16
Polycarbodiimide synthesis optimization and its application as polymer stabilizer against degradation processes2017-10-10
Porous GaN produced by CVD: progress in development and characterization2017-11-02
Potential of blanquilla pear variety to produce pear spirits:influence of the fermentation and distillation conditions in the final quality of the spirits2008-10-21
Pre-concentration strategies for microalgae harvesting as biorefinery process chain2013-06-14
Predicció de coeficients de pressió mitjançant xarxes neuronals artificials2010-02-08
Preparación, caracterización y aplicaciones de Carbones activados preparados a partir de lignina Kraft.2006-09-26
Preparación y caracterización de nuevos catalizadores activos en la hidrodecloración selectiva de CFCs y HCFCs.2002-10-11
Preparation and characterization of proton exchange membranes for direct methanol fuel cells2005-11-17
Preparation and characterization of psf/vanillin capsules2012-07-06
Preparation and characterization of surfaces modified with carbon nano-onions. Biomedical and environmental applications2021-01-29
Preparation, characterization and electroanalytical applications of carbon nano-onion modified surfaces.2015-09-25
Preparation of Methylcellulose from Annual Plants2005-09-30
Priorat vineyard vulnerability and water stress assessment in the context of global climate change. Estimated Priorat wine consumption in humans2021-07-22
Producció i caracterització de microcàpsules polimèriques2013-03-04
Producción d Tableros de fibras a partir de Miscanthus Sinensis2002-07-05
Producción y caracterización de biodiesel de palma y de aceite reclicado mediante un proceso batch y un proceso continuo con un reactor helicoidal2010-05-28
Production of Homogeneous Particles by Controlled Neutralization of Electrosprays2022-01-13
Production of laccases by the white-rot fungus trametes pubescens for their potential application to synthetic dye treatment2009-10-30
Propiedades Termofísicas de nuevos fluidos de trabajo (H2O+LiBr+LiNO3+LiC1, NH3+H2O y NH3+H2O+KOH) para sistemas de refrigeración por absorción2005-07-28
Quantitative structure fate relationships for multimedia environmental analysis2010-05-26
Quantitative Systems Toxicology Modeling for Neuronal Adverse Outcome2022-09-07
Real-time aptapcr: a novel approach exploiting nucleic acid aptamers for ultrasensitive detection of analytes for clinical diagnostic and in food analysis2012-04-19
Revalorización energética de residuos térmicos mediante ciclos de compresión mecánica de vapor con circuito de solución2005-09-29
Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes as photosensitizers for molecular photovoltaic devices: influence of the dye structure and the presence of additives to the device performance2010-10-21
Selection, characterisation and analytical application of dna aptamer against the anaphylactic toxic allergen, b-conglutin, lup an 12012-07-12
Selection of aptamers against prostate specific antigen for diagnostic and therapeutic applications2012-06-26
Selection of high affinity and specific aptamer and its' use in different applications for the detection of the anaphylactic b-conglutin allergen2016-04-21
Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts For Environmental Processes: Nitrate And Chlorocompounds Removal2009-03-13
Semi-amorphous carbon nitride films derived from soluble polymeric precursors: towards multifunctional electrochemical coatings with enhanced stability2022-05-16
Separation processes in microalgae biorefining2014-10-15
Smart Controlled Release Membranes2020-07-17
Síntesi, caracterització i activitat catalítica de noves formulacions de catalitzadors de coure, níquel i zinc, estables en la reacció d'oxidació de fenol i 2-clorofenol en fase aquosa amb reactors trifàsics2003-07-02
Síntesi i caracterització de materials bàsics i la seva aplicació en reaccions d'interés industrial2005-11-25
Síntesis de carboximetilcelulosa (CMC) a partir de pastas de plantas anuales2002-06-28
Soft computing approaches to uncertainty propagation in environmental risk mangement2008-06-19
Solvent stable microcapsules for controlled release of actives2020-12-13
Statistical inference in bipartite networks applied to social dilemmas and human microbial systems2020-01-09
Statistical tools for classification, interpretation and prediction of biological data2017-09-14
Stimuli-responsive membranes for targeted delivery of actives2020-03-06
Strategies to increase the cell-to-electrode electron transfer of bioanodes for their application in cellular-based biophotovoltaics2022-07-08
Structural Pattern Recognition for Chemical-Compound Virtual Screening2021-11-12
Study of a torus bioreactor for the enzymatic elimination of phenol2008-06-19
Study of RBC shape transitions induced by nanoparticles2019-07-08
Study of surface chemistry strategies to enhance the electrochemical detection of proteins and DNA markers2017-02-03
Supramolecular nanoarchitectures based on cyclodextrin host-guest interactions2014-06-26
Sustainability assessment within the residential building sector: a practical life cycle method applied in a developed and a developing country2009-12-18
Sustainable production of hydrogen and chemical commodities from biodiesel waste crude glycerol and cellulose by biological and catalytic processes2013-09-20
Synthesis and characterization of nickel-based mixed oxides for ethanol steam reforming2015-11-20
Synthesis, characterization and theoretical calculations of ZnTiO3 for the adsorption and photocatalytic removal of Methylene Blue dye2022-03-29
Systematic tools based on data envelopment analysis for the life cycle sustainability evaluation of technologies2017-06-19
Tailored chemical oxidation techniques for the abatement of bio-toxic organic wastewater pollutants: an experimental study2004-03-16
Tailoring activated carbons as catalyst for catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol2008-06-19
Temperature modulated genosensor for detection of cystic fibrosis mutations2010-03-11
The potential of sewage sludge and microalgae: 'green energy' production and environment benefits2016-04-12
Thermodynamics and remediation techniques for fuel oxygenates2008-11-07
Thermodynamic studies and applications of polymeric membranes to fuel cells and microcapsules2007-06-21
Three-Dimentional Laser Writing of Mid-Infrared Waveguides Circuits in Lithium Niobate Crystal2017-09-08
Towards the application of the isogeometric boundary element analysis to fluid mechanics: non-linear gravity waves and dynamics of deformable capsules in shear flows2017-01-19
Transitions in Bayesian model selection problems: Network-based recommender system and symbolic regression2021-12-01
Transport anb Structural Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Organic Solvents.2003-10-17
Transporte no pasivo de compuestos orgánicos volátiles en la zona no saturada.2007-02-23
Treatment of biorefractory wastewater through membrane-assisted oxidation processes2010-02-18
Ultrafast electrohydrodynamic 3D printing with submicrometer resolution2020-07-16
Unlimiting thermodynamic constraints in continuous catalytic transformation of carbon dioxide and methanol towards dimethyl carbonate2016-12-16
Vida y comportamiento catalíticos en la conversión de metanol a hidrocarburos en condiciones cercanas a las supercríticas2004-02-13
Wake behind a discontinuous cylinder: Unveiling the role of the large scales in wake growth and entrainment2022-04-28
White wine continuous protein stabilisation: industrial viablity2008-01-25
Whole Life Sustainability Assessment at the Building Industry and Constructed Assets, through the Whole Life Costing Assessment and Life Cycle Costing Assessment evaluating the economic and financial aspects2019-07-08