Tesis doctorals: Departament de Química Analítica i Química Orgànica

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Addressing emerging paradigms in chemical analysis: new platforms for wearable and decentralized sensors2015-10-23
Advanced thermosets based on thiol-isocyanate chemistry2021-06-03
Advancing Pd-catalyzed Stereoselective Allylic Substitution Reactions2020-10-15
Alternative Water Soluble Polymeric Films to Poly(vinyl alcohol) for Single Unit Dose Products2020-03-06
Aluminum-Catalyzed Coupling of Carbon Dioxide and Cyclic Ethers2017-10-31
Amide Formation via Ni-Catalyzed Reductive Coupling Reactions with Isocyanates2018-05-30
Aminocatalytic functionalization of carbonyl compounds: a powerful strategy for enantioselective reaction development2013-12-16
Analysis of polymerisation / aggregation processes by nir chemical imaging and ftir spectroscopy2013-09-27
Analytical methodologies based on chemometrics to optimize the photodegradation of dyes2012-01-23
Analytical tools to determine mycotoxins and modified mycotoxins2018-10-30
Aplicació de tècniques acoblades a la cromatografia líquida per a la determinació de contaminants orgànics en aigües i sediments portuaris2003-12-02
Aplicació de tècniques cromatogràfiques a la determinació d'alteradors endocrins en aigües2004-12-15
Aplicación de la cromatografía de gases-olfatometría en la caracterización del aroma del vinagre de vino, de los pistachos y del aceite de oliva.2011-03-04
Aplicación de la microextracción en fase sólida al análisis medioambiental.2002-12-11
Application of the generalized rank annihilation method (GRAM) to second-order liquid chromatographic data2005-02-23
Applications of Flow Chemistry Methods and Computer-Aided Approaches to Expedite the Development of HBV Inhibitors2021-07-15
Applications of the Hofmann-Löffler reaction for C-H functionalization in Total Synthesis2020-12-10
Approaches to Asymmetric Catalysis Mediated by Ploymer-Supported and Homogeneous Organocatalysts2018-03-15
Approaches to asymmetric catalysis with polymer-supported pyrrolidines2011-06-17
Aproximaciones a una Química más Sostenible: Inmovilización de Catalizadores en Polímeros y Catálisis Asimétrica en Sistemas Bifásicos Fluorados2017-04-07
Aproximacions a la síntesi de 2'-fluoro, 2--metilencarboxilat i/o 3', 4'-dimetilencarboxilat anàlegs de l'Adenofostina A.2007-03-26
Aryl and Super Aryl-Extended Calix[4]pyrroles: Synthesis and Applications2021-07-23
Aryl-extended calix[4]pyrrole receptors with metal centers: organometallic receptors and metallo-macrocycles based on coordination bonds2025-10-24T02:00:00Z
Assays and biosensors for the detection of toxins from aquatic media2014-09-19
Assessing the versatility of organocatalysis as a strategy for enabling novel asymmetric transformations2013-10-24
Asymmetric epoxidation of unfunctionalised alkenes catalysed by d-fructose derivatives2013-09-26
Atomistic Insights into Photocatalytic Mechanisms: Modeling Selected Processes with Density Functional Theory2023-09-26
Beyond conventional DFT catalysis: Mechanochemistry and solid reductants2021-11-19
Bicyclic guanidinium oligomers for recognition, cell delivery, and molecular materials2011-12-02
Biobased polyurethanes with tunable properties through covalent and non-covalent approaches2017-04-26
Biobased thermosets from vegetable oils. Synthesis, characterization and properties2006-12-19
Biosensors based on carbon nanotube field effect transistors (cntfets) for detecting pathogenic microorganisms2009-12-14
Building up molecular complexity by Ni-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions2020-12-15
Building up molecular complexity via C-H functionalization and skeletal rearrangements2016-01-15
Calix[4]pyrrole and porphyrin-based molecular assemblies.2013-11-21
Calix[4]pyrrole-Based Receptors for Biologically Relevant Polar Molecules: From Organic to Aqueous Media2017-11-24
Calix[4]pyrrole based receptors for the recognition of ion pairs2021-02-04
Calix[4]pyrrole cavitands for supramolecular sensing and catalysis2022-02-24
Caracterització de l'atmosfera del port de Tarragona2013-10-30
Caracterització química de l'atmosfera del Camp de Tarragona i avaluació de l'exposició i el risc per a la població2020-12-11
Carbohydrate manipulations towards high-mannose oligosaccharides2012-09-25
Carbon Dioxide To Methanol: Stoichiometric Catalytic Hydrogenation Under High Pressure Conditions2018-03-21
Carbon nanotube based potentiometric aptasensors for protein detection2013-03-15
Catalytic Formation of Heterocycles from α- and β-Epoxy Alcohols2022-06-23
Catalytic transformations enabled by dual nickel-photoredox manifolds2023-11-17T01:00:00Z
C-C and C-B Bond Forming Strategies Driven by the Photoexcitation of Organocatalytic Intermediates2020-09-07
C-H & C-O Functionalization by Silicon-Heteroatom Interelement Linkage2019-11-25
C-heteroatom bond-formation via ni-catalyzed c-o bond cleavage2017-01-27
Chiral Pyrrolidinyl-Biphenyl Phosphine Ligands in Gold(I) Catalysis2020-06-22
Click and click-type chemistries in castor and sunflower oil-based monomers and polymers2013-11-08
Coinage complexes in C-C and C-N bond-forming reactions2020-02-14
Combining Iminium Ion-Mediated Catalysis and Photochemistry to Develop Enantioselective Radical Processes2020-07-09
Computational Design of Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Recycling2018-10-09
Computationally Guided Exploration in Gold(I)-Catalysed Reactions2025-11-16T01:00:00Z
Computational Modeling to Explore Unconventional Reactivity Patterns in C−H Activation and Boron Chemistry2018-04-27
Continuous Flow Catalysis for the Valorization of Carbon Dioxide2022-06-27
Control de calidad de la maduración fenólica de la uva tinta mediante espectroscopia FT-MIR2011-10-04
Copolimerització de DGEBA amb Àcid de Meldrum i Derivats2008-04-11
Copper and Nickel Promoted Transformations of Alkyne based Cyclic Carbonates2021-12-20
Copper-Mediated Vinylic and Benzylic Fluoroalkylations and Stereoselective Synthesis of 2-Trifluoromethylglycosides2017-05-12
Cost-Effective Materials for The Energy Transition: From Water Splitting Catalysts to Carbon Dioxide Adsorbents2022-02-11
Covalent & Supramolecular Phosphorus Ligands for Linear-Selective Hydroformylations2025-06-19T02:00:00Z
Cu(0) wire-mediated SET-LRP in biphasic systems and development of stimuli cleavable polymers2019-12-17
Cyclization of indoles and enol ethers with alkynes catalyzed by platinum and gold2008-01-24
Decoding Chemical Processes: The Power of Data-Driven Descriptors2024-06-12T01:00:00Z
Density functional theory studies of biomass conversion on metal surfaces: from small to large molecules2017-11-08
Desarrollo de nuevos agentes bloqueantes derivados de fuentes renovables para poliuretanos de aplicación en piel sintética y textil2020-07-30
Desenvolupament de nous copolímers hidrofílics per a l'extracció en fase sólida de compostos polars2005-02-18
Desenvolupament de sorbents polimèrics per a l'extracció en fase sòlida de contaminants orgànics polars en aigües2000-07-19
Desenvolupament de tècniques analítiques per a la determinació de radionúclids2013-09-10
Design and Application of Bisphosphite Ligands with a Distal Regulation Site for Asymmetric Catalysis2016-06-17
Design and applications for quantum-onion-multicode nanospheres and other luminescent semiconductor-derived nanocomposites2013-06-26
Design and synthesis of new polyaromatic scaffolds for nano-scale applications2010-04-15
Design and synthesis of organic sensitizers for dye solar cells: molecular structure vs device performance2010-10-28
Design and synthesis of photoswitchable molecules for biological applications2014-11-20
Design and synthesis of Zn(II)-salophen derivatives: from chemosensing to catalysis2015-12-21
Design of New Gold(I) Catalysts: Dissecting Electronic and Steric Effects2025-05-18T02:00:00Z
Design, synthesis and application of supramolecular ligands in asymmetric hydrogenation and hydroformylation2014-05-14
Design, synthesis and binding studies of calix(4)pyrrole based receptors suitable for ion-pair complexation and n-oxide recognition. Synthesis of resorcin(4) arene derivatives as potential ligands for supramolecular catalysis2012-10-11
Detección de compuestos xenobióticos mediante transistores de efecto campo basados en nanotubos de carbono2009-09-04
Determinació analítica de 2,4,6-ticloroanisole i altres cloroanisoles en vins i suros2011-03-16
Determinació d'antibiòtics en mostres biològiques per electroforesi capil.lar.2002-12-18
Determinació de compostos aromàtics sulfonats en aigües per electroforesi capil.lar.2002-03-15
Determinació de compostos orgànics volàtils i semivolàtils en atmosferes urbanes i industrials del camp de Tarragona2008-12-12
Determinació de radionúclids en mostres ambientals2010-10-29
Determinació i presència de compostos orgànics d'alt volum de producció, els seus productes de transformació i metabòlits en ambients aquàtics2022-02-10
Determination of banned sudan dyes in culinary spices through spectroscopic techniques and multivariate analysis2011-12-19
Determination of drugs of abuse in urine and oral fluid samples2022-07-08
Development and application of new polymeric materials for sorptive extraction techniques2011-12-19
Development and Mechanistic Study of Well-defined Catalysts for the CO2 and H2O Reduction Reactions2022-07-13
Development and Mechanistic Understanding of Photochemical Reactions2017-06-15
Development and validation of multivariate qualitative methods in the food field2015-03-27
Development of electrochemical sensors for hydrogen peroxide determination2020-03-13
Development of hypervalent iodine(iii)-mediated chemical reactions2017-03-17
Development of P-OP Ligands with New Structural Motifs for Rhodium- and Iridium- Mediated Asymmetric Hydrogenations2016-09-09
Development of radical processes triggered by the photochemical activity of transient organic intermediates2017-10-17
Development of Visible Light Photoredox Methodologies towards the Activation of Carbon-Halogen Bonds2020-06-10
Diferents estratègies per augmentar la sensibilitat en eleccroforesi capil.lar. Aplicació a la determinació de fàrmacs antiinflamatoris2006-12-21
1,4-Dihydropyridines as Versatile Reagents in Photochemical Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Processes2020-07-08
Discovery of new reaction modes in organic synthesis triggered by HFIP2025-10-18T02:00:00Z
Dithiocarbamates: new organic catalysts for the photochemical generation of radicals2022-09-07
DNA biosensors based on integrated isothermal amplification-detection strategies2015-10-19
Dual Transition Metal/Photoredox Catalysis for the Synthesis of Quaternary Carbon Stereocenters2021-12-10
Dynamic Covalent Capsules based on Calix[4]pyrrole Scaffolds2024-09-12T02:00:00Z
Dynamic Multivalency For The Recognition Of Protein Surfaces2014-05-21
Effect of Agronomic and technological factors on the formation of ethyl esters in virgin olive oil in Catalonia2021-07-29
Emerging organic contaminants in aquatic organisms2017-07-18
Emerging organic contaminants in sewage sludge2010-07-05
Enantiodeterminación de catinonas en orina mediante electroforesis capilar2021-07-16
Enantiomeric determination of chiral drugs in environmental waters2022-05-03
Enantioselective synthesis of natural products2013-02-08
Encapsulation of reactive components in polyurethane systems2021-12-16
Establishment of a fully automatized microfluidic platform for the screening and characterization of novel Hepatitis B virus capsid assembly modulators2022-03-10
Estrategias de preconcentración combinadas in-line con la electroforesis capilar2017-09-26
Estrés oxidativo en pacientes con neumonía grave valoración y correlación con factores pronósticos2011-07-04
Estudi de l'aplicació del nas electrònic i de la cromatografia de gasos-olfactimetria a l'anàlisi de l'aroma de vins i aiguardents2005-07-19
Estudio sobre la determinación de aminas biógenas en vinos por HPLC1996-07-11
Evaluation of Beer Sensory Quality and Shelf Life Stability Using Multivariate Analysis Techniques2024-03-07
Evaluation of novel mixed-mode ion-exchange materials to address environmental analytical problems2023-04-20
Evaluation of Novel Sorptive Extraction Techniques2017-11-07
Excitation of organocatalytic intermediates and application in new radical processes2023-10-10T02:00:00Z
Experimental and theoretical investigation of Prussian blue-type catalysts for artificial photosynthesis2019-01-25
Experimental design applied to the selection of samples and sensors in multivariate calibration1998-02-24
Exploring metallosalen complexes in materials science and catalysis2011-07-01
Exploring new gold-catalyzed cyclization reactions of 1,5-enynes and development of an intermolecular phenol synthesis2013-03-08
Exploring novel dye concepts in dye sensitized solar cells2014-06-05
Extracció en fase sòlida aplicada a la determinació de compostos fenòlics1996-02-21
Fast analytical methodologies based on molecular spectrophotometric techniques and multivariate data analysis2010-11-16
Ferrocene-Based Chiral Catalyst Design for Enantioselective Cycloadditions Reactions2021-10-08
Fiabilidad de clasificación con PLS discriminante2010-05-14
Forging sp3 Architectures via sp3 C−C Bond Cleavage and 1,2-Alkylboration Strategies2023-01-16
From Click Chemistry to catalytic cleavage of unstrained C-C bonds2016-07-21
From Gold-Catalyzed Asymmetric or Photoredox-Assisted Cyclizations to Rhodium-Catalyzed C¿H Alkynylations2021-01-21
Functionalization of strong sigma bonds by Nickel and Tungsten catalysis2021-01-15
Glycolipids: synthesis and multivalent systems2012-03-16
Gold Carbenes from Cycloheptatrienes: Generation and Fate2014-07-25
Gold catalysis for the synthesis of protoilludane sesquiterpenes and other cyclic systems2014-03-10
Gold Catalysis: From Fundamentals to the Synthesis of Bullvalenes and Naturally Occurring Sesquiterpenes2018-10-18
Gold catalysis: Total Synthesis of the Englerins and an Approach Towards Shisanwilsonene A2011-04-26
Gold-catalyzed cyclizations for the synthesis of small and medium-sized arenes2012-12-10
Gold-Catalyzed Intermolecular Reactions of Alkynes with Alkenes: Novel Reactivities and Global Mechanistic Picture2018-09-14
Gold-Catalyzed Synthesis of 5 and 6-Membered Rings for the Construction of Molecular Diversity2017-04-28
Gold (i)-catalyzed cyclizations of 1,6- and 1,7-enynes: new gold complexes and cyclopropanation reactions2009-07-10
Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cycloadditions and their Application in the Synthesis of Natural Products2021-10-14
Gold (i)-catalyzed Retro-Cyclopropanation Reaction and Development of Trindane-Based Approach Toward c602011-10-27
Gold(I)-Catalyzed Stereoselective Polycyclizations2017-05-04
Gold(I) Cavitands for the Assembly of Molecular Complexity2022-03-11
Harnessing Visible Light for the Development of Novel Synthetic Strategies2020-11-18
Hetero-michael addition to sunflower oil derivatives as precusors of polymeric materials2013-07-20
Hidroaciliación inter e intramolecular. Estudio del sistema catalítico i aplicaciones sintéticas2005-01-28
Hidrofilmación asimétrica de olefinas con nuevos complejos de rodio (i) como precursores de catalizador.1996-11-28
Hifomicetes Dematiáceos de la Península Ibérica2011-05-27
Highly modular p -op ligands for rhodium- and iridium-mediated asymmetric hydrogenations2013-06-13
High resolution X-ray single crystal diffraction2018-03-01
Hydroacylation and C-N Coupling Reactions. Mechanistic Studies and Application in the Nucleoside Synthesis2008-05-23
Hyperbranched poly(ethyleneimine) derivatives as modifiers in epoxy networks2016-07-15
Hyperbranched polymers and other highly branched topologies in the modification of thermally and uv cured expoxy resins2011-11-28
Hypervalent Iodine as Directing Tool in Iodine-Retentive Transformation of C-H Bonds2017-12-11
Immobilization of Chiral Brønsted Acids and Lewis Bases for Batch and Flow Enantioselective Catalysis.2018-04-12
Immobilization of 2,4-cis-Diarylprolinol Silyl Ethers, Isothioureas, SPINOL-Derived Phosphoric Acids and Their Application in the Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis in Batch and Flow2020-11-11
Impacte radiològic ambiental causat per la industrialització al tram baix del riu Ebre2016-10-13
Importacia de los procesos productivos en la composición química, la estabilidad y las características organolépticas del vino.2021-10-08
Incertidumbre en métodos analíticos de rutina.2002-12-05
Inflamació i oxidació en la infecció pel virus de la immunodeficiència humana: modificacions de les lipoproteïnes d'alta densitat2011-06-21
Insights in Homochiral Metal-Organic Frameworks: From Their Synthesis to Enantioselective Applications2022-03-24
Interpretable models to explain Heterogeneous Catalysis2022-12-12
Iron oxide nanocubes for magnetic hyperthermia2017-04-21
Lanthanide-based dielectric nanoparticles for upconversion luminescence2013-02-20
Light-driven Metal-catalyzed Asymmetric Transformations2021-09-09
Limit of detection for second-order calibration methods2006-06-02
Lligands catalítics modulars derivats d'epòxids enantiopurs: aminoalcohols, aminotiols i isòsters peptídics2010-04-13
Los discursos del cuerpo y la experiencia del padecimiento. Acciones autolesivas corporales en jóvenes2011-06-29
Low-Molecular Weight Molecules as Selective Contacts for Perovskite Solar Cells2021-09-28
Mastering the reactivity of gold (i) carbenes2010-12-03
Mechanisms of Ni-Catalysed C–O Functionalisation and Carboxylation Reactions2020-02-13
Mechanistic Investigations on Transition Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic and Propargylic Substitution Reactions2024-06-14T02:00:00Z
Mechanistic studies on gold mediated cross-coupling reactions and total synthesis of (_+ )-epiglobulol2013-10-11
Metal-free regio- and stereoselective vicinal difunctionalisation of dienyl carbamates2019-07-26
Metal-Organic Frameworks and Covalent Organic Frameworks as single site catalysts for organic transformations2023-01-20
Metodologías analíticas basadas en espectroscopia de infrarrojo y calibración multivariante. Aplicación a la industria petroquímica.2002-06-05
Modelling and mapping pathways of electrochemical CO2 reduction on modified catalytic surfaces2020-12-09
Modelling of catalytic systems towards green fuels2023-10-10
Modificació química de reïnes epoxi amb lactones2004-11-19
Modular phosphinooxazolines: synthesis and evaluation in allylic substitutions2008-09-17
Molecular water oxidation catalysts based on first row transition metal complexes2020-12-22
Molecule and catalyst design for recognition and activation of small molecules2016-11-02
Monitoring wine fermentation using ATR-MIR spectroscopy and chemometric techniques.2021-07-28
More is Different: Modern Computational Modeling for Heterogeneous Catalysis2022-07-11
Multivariate classification of gene expression microarray data2010-05-26
Multivariate curve resolution applied to sequential injection data. Analysis of amoxicillin anda clavulanic acid2006-01-13
Neurobehavioural effects associated with postnatal exposure to decabromodiphenyl ether in apoe2, apoe3 and apoe4 transgenic mice2012-01-20
New and Functional Cyclic Carbonates for Polymer Applications2021-10-11
New and improved thermosets based on epoxy resins and dendritic polyesters2013-12-13
New annulation strategies: from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to natural products2017-02-10
New Applications of Iodine(III) Reactivity: Synthesis and Functionalization of Heterocycles2017-09-22
New appoaches for the development of solid-contact ion-selective electrodes based on carbon nanotubes2012-03-16
New Approaches to Catalyst Design and Immobilization2015-12-14
New approaches to perfluoroalkylation of aromatic compounds, and tailor-made catalysts for C-X bond forming and water oxidation reactions. Mechanistic insights.2017-07-07
New Directions in Aminocatalysis: Vinylogy and Photochemistry2015-10-15
New gold-catalyzed reactions and applications for the synthesis of alkaloids2012-02-02
New gold (i) alkynophilic catalysts2010-12-14
New Immobilized Catalytic Systems for Batch and Flow Applications2015-02-16
New Organic Catalysts for the Photochemical Generation of Radicals2021-10-13
New Organic Electrochemical Sensing Platforms For The Point-Of-Need2023-12-22T01:00:00Z
New organocatalyzed transformations of aziridines2013-07-24
New photochemical methods for catalytic radical processes2023-10-13
New Platforms for Incorporation of Fluorine-Containing Motifs2023-10-30
New polyurethanes from vegetable oil-based polyols2011-03-10
New Reactions in Metal-based and Enzymatic Catalysis2023-01-10
New Strategies for C(sp3)-H Functionalization2020-10-02
New Transformations Based on Activation of Inert Carbon-Halogen Bonds with and without Transition Metals2015-03-12
Ánforas hispanas en la Germania inferior antes de la formación de la provincia (20 a.C. - 69 d.C.)2014-06-20
N-heterocyclic carbenes as supporting ligands in homogeneous catalysis2008-05-15
Ni-Catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation Reactions with Carbon Dioxide2020-02-20
Nickel and Iron complexes for electrochemical reduction of protons and Carbon dioxide2024-09-08T02:00:00Z
Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation and Amidation of Organic Matter2020-11-24
Nickel/Copper Catalyzed C-C and C-N bond Formation Reactions to Forge sp3 Carbon Linkages2023-10-16
Nous termoestables epoxídics modificats amb estructures dendrítiques de tipus hiperramificat i estrella2011-12-19
Nous termoestables epoxídics modificats amb gamma-lactones i bis-gamma-lactones condensades2009-05-08
Novel aminocatalytic and photochemical reactions2014-10-09
Novel applications of NIR spectroscopy for the optimization of monogastric animal diets2023-09-27
Novel Halogen(I) Reagents in the C-sp3- and Csp3-Bond Functionalization2018-09-07
Novel molecular catalysts for water oxidation: towards artificial photosynthesis2013-12-18
Novel Strategies for the Syntheses of Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitors, b-Fluoroamines and Enantioenriched Allenes2018-11-09
Nuevos polímeros retardantes a la llama: sistemas novolaca-benzoxazina-epoxi2004-02-06
Nuevos procesos de curado click con tioles y su aplicación a la preparación de materiales basados en eugenol2017-09-18
Obtenció de LCT's a partir de reïnes epoxi cristall líquid amb estructura de dímer2002-12-17
Obtenció de xarxes entrecreuades a partir de reïnes expoci modificades amb grups carbonat2005-11-25
Olive oil characterization using excitation-emission fluorescence spectroscopy and three-way methods of analysis2005-11-18
Organic bulk-heterojunction photovoltaic devices: materials, device architectures and interfacial processes2013-06-07
Organic contaminants in environmental atmospheres and waters2011-09-09
Organic micropollutants in reverse osmosis water treatments, presence and rejection2015-01-23
Organic Transformations using Transition Metals and Photoredox Catalysts2022-04-27
Organocatalytic transformations of carbon dioxide and cyclic carbonates2018-03-22
Palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic amination. Developpment and synthetic applications2015-12-04
Paper-based potentiometric platforms for decentralised chemical analysis2015-09-16
Pd-catalysed Carbonylations of Anilines in Ionic Liquid2017-06-27
Pd-catalyzed Allylic Substitution for Construction of Quaternary Stereocenters2019-12-12
Pharmaceuticals and personal care products in environmental waters2010-12-14
Photocatalytic Strategies for the Functionalization of Pyridines2023-06-27
Photochemistry and Organocatalysis for Radical-Based Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Processes2023-06-26
Photo-induced charge transfer reactions in quantum dot based solar cells2012-01-30
Photoredox catalysis mediated by transition metal complexes. Towards challenging organic reductions2025-02-21T01:00:00Z
Plant oils as renewable precursors of thermosetting and flame retardant polymers2009-11-10
Plastic Antibodies for the detection of Bacterial Proteins and Microorganisms2016-10-21
Polimerización de benzoxazinas funcionalizadas. Estudio mecanístico.2006-06-14
Politiouretanos termoestables vitriméricos con propiedades mejoradas de reciclabilidad2023-07-20
Polybenzoxazine materials from renewable diphenolic acid2013-11-22
Polymer supported and homogeneous organocatalysts for asymetric reactions: from batch to continuous flow applications2014-03-26
Polynuclear Gold(I) Catalysts: When One Gold(I) is not Enough2016-01-22
Polyurethanes based on fatty acids with improved biocompatibility2012-11-06
POMSimulator: A method for understanding the Multi-Equilibria and Self-Assembly Processes of Polyoxometalates2022-11-10
Precision Synthesis of Acrylic Block Copolymers from Neoteric Lactic Acid-Based Solvents and Other Renewable Chemicals2021-02-15
Preconcentration strategies in capillary electrophoresis for the determination of pharmaceutical and personal care products2012-07-17
Preparation and application of novel selective and polar materials for sorptive extraction of emerging contaminants from environmental waters2014-04-23
Presència de compostos orgànics prioritaris i emergents en aigües destinades al consum humà2021-04-13
Presència de radionúclids d'origen mèdic en el medi2019-11-29
Primary amine thioureas in asymmetric organocatalysis2016-09-16
Processos de tractament d'aigües. Determinació de compostos nitrogetats2013-07-12
Progress in sustainability within the realm of designing new thermosetting materials2023-10-20
Proton-exchange biomimetic membranes based on columnar side-chain liquid-crystalline polyethers2013-12-13
Proton exchange membranes based on columnar side-chain liquid crystalline polyethers and polyamines2016-11-04
Prussian blue derivatives as smart materials for technological applications2017-07-21
Quantifying variability in grape and wine quality: a multivariate analysis perspective2023-09-06
Raman and x-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Data Fusin for Identification of Pigments in Works of Art.2006-05-23
Rational design of the molecular Ru-based Water Oxidation Catalysts2021-01-14
Reactivity and Characterization of Gold(I) Carbenes: Key Intermediates in Gold(I) Catalysis2019-03-08
Redesigning chemical analysis: transducing information from chemical into digital2018-07-26
Regressió lineal amb errors en ambdós eixos, apliació a la calibració i a la comparació de mètodes analítics1999-04-12
Reliability of classification and prediction in k-nearest neighbours2013-10-25
Resinas epoxi sililadas retardantes a la llama. Síntesis, caracterización y propiedades2005-12-02
Resinas epoxi y benzoxazinas fosforadas y sililadas retardantes a la llama2008-11-21
Reversible molecular encapsulation in self-assembled and mechanically locked containers with polar interior2013-10-23
Rhodium Catalysis in Enantioselective Hydrogenative Transformations: From the Design of New Ligands to Reactions of Atypical Substrates2017-10-30
Ring-Opening of Cyclic Carbonates: From Fine Chemicals to CO2-based Polymers2023-10-24
Seafood as a dietary source of emerging organic contaminants. A case-study in Tarragona County, Spain.2017-11-06
Seafood as a link between high production volume chemicals contamination and population health2025-05-10T02:00:00Z
Seguimiento cuantitativo de procesos de degradación de contaminantes orgánicos fotosensibles mediante fluorescencia molecular y métodos de ánalisis de dptos de múltiples vías2008-12-03
Seguimiento cuantitativo de reacciones de resinas epoxi mediante espectroscopia de infrarrojo cercano y métodos de resolución de curvas2006-12-12
Selective polyfunctional synthesis through organoboron compounds2016-10-25
Self-assembly based on the 2-ureido-4(1h)-pyrimidinone motif: from cyclic arrays to molecular capsules for fullerene separations2010-03-26
Sensitivity enhancement strategies in capillary electrophoresis for the determination of drugs of abuse and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs2012-10-16
Sensors based on carbon nanotube field-effect transistors and molecular recognition approaches2009-01-23
Sensory quality control of alcoholic beverages using fast chemical sensors2010-12-13
Sequential injection analysis using second-order calibration for the development of analytical methods2007-12-14
Seven-coordinate complexes for water oxidation catalysis: from molecular characterization to solid state photocatalysis2017-10-19
Silver-Catalyzed Cascade Conversions of CO2 into Heterocycles2023-09-27
Sintesi, caracterització i entrecreuament de noves reïnes epoxi fosforades retardants de la flama2004-11-04
Sintesis Estereoselectiva de 2'-desoxi-aciclo-, e isonucleósidos2002-02-15
Small Molecule Activation for the Formation of Heterocyclic Compounds2017-10-25
Smart Catalytic Systems for Batch and Continuous Flow Enantioselective Processes2018-11-20
Síntesi de copolímers tribloc ABA derivats de fonts renovables basats en policarbonats2022-07-28
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Strategies to improve the determination of polar compounds in environmental waters2017-02-07
Streamlining the Access to Metal Carbenes through Aromative Decarbenations2021-07-22
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Synthesis of fluorinated analogs of KRN70002017-10-11
Synthesis of glycolipids and glycodendritic polymers that bind HIV rgp1202009-06-19
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Synthesis of sphingoid bases by transition metal-catalyzed reactions2011-05-03
Synthesis of tetra-azaporphyrins, phthalocyanines and lanthanide double-decker sandwich complexes2016-07-25
Synthetic glycolipids as modulators of carbohydrate-protein interactions2016-04-28
Tailor-made chemical sensing platforms for decentralized healthcare and wellbeing2018-02-23
Target-based Design, Structural Optimization and Characterization of Novel Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Assembly Modulators2021-07-09
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The discovery and development of a Rh-catalyzed carbyne transfer platform for the skeletal modification of C(sp2)–C(sp2) bonds2022-04-26
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Toughness improvement of epoxy thermosets by adding dendritic structures2013-10-18
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