Tesis doctorals: Departament d'Enginyeria Electrònica, Elèctrica i Automàtica

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Advanced Characterization and Modelling of Charge Transfer in Perovskite Solar Cells2019-07-15
Advances on thirdhand smoke using targeted and untargeted approaches2021-05-26
Analysis and implementation of a bidirectional dc-dc converter with coupled inductor for an electric vehicle powertrain2019-06-12
Analysis of Wireless Body-Centric Medical Sensors for Remote Healthcare2019-07-23
Analytical Modeling of Ultrashort-Channel MOS Transistors2022-02-24
Analytical predictive 2d modeling of pinch-off behavior in nanoscale multi-gate mosfets2011-01-12
Análisis de desequilibrios en transformadores y máquinas de inducción trifásicos2019-07-19
Análisis y control de convertidores continua-continua para módulos reguladores de baja tensión2009-11-27
Aptamer Biosensors Engineering based on Reflectometric Interference Spectroscopy in Nanoporous Anodic Alumina2020-07-13
A sliding mode approach to control power sinks and power sources in dc-dc switching converters2023-11-17
Automated mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data processing by blind source separation methods2016-10-20
Battery-less near field communications (nfc) sensors for internet of things (iot) applications2020-03-30
Binary to Ternary Blends: Efficient and Stable Organic Solar Cells for Versatile Applications2023-06-10T02:00:00Z
Capillary filling dynamics in nanoporous anodic alumina for biosensing applications2019-07-05
Characterization and Compact Modeling of Flicker Noise and Piezoelectric Effect in Advanced Field Effect Transistors2019-07-08
Charge-Based Compact Modeling of Capacitances and Low-Frequency Noise in Organic Thin-Film Transistors2022-04-26
Compact DC Modeling of Tunnel-FETs2019-11-29
Compact DC Modelling of Short-Channel Effects in Organic Thin-Film Transistors2022-02-28
Compact modeling for multi-gate mosfets using advanced transport models2013-02-25
Compact modeling of gate tunneling leakage current in advanced nanoscale soi mosfets2012-12-10
Compact Modeling of Intrinsic Capacitances in Double-Gate Tunnel-FETs2020-07-16
Compact modeling of multiple gate mos devices.2007-05-16
Compact modeling of the rf and noise behavior of multiple-gate mosfets2011-04-29
Compact Modeling of Variability in Organic Thin-Film Transistors2023-10-10
Computational tools for the annotation of in-source fragments and matrix-related signals in MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging2023-01-11
Contribución al estudio de la dinámica y control de un convertidor buck de dos celdas de conmutación2011-11-30
Contribución al estudio y desarrollo del accionamiento eléctrico de reluctancia conmutada en el sistema de aire acondicionado en automóviles a 42v2010-02-19
Contributions on DC microgrid supervision and control strategies for efficiency optimization through battery modeling, management, and balancing techniques2021-06-08
Contributions on spectral control for the asymmetrical full bridge multilevel inverter2010-07-23
Control of distributed power in microgrids: PV field to the grid, islanding operation, and ultra-fast charging station.2023-11-10
Control robusto de convertidores conmutados de cc/cc mediante desigualdades matriciales lineales2012-09-17
Desarrollo de diferentes métodos de selección de variables para sistemas multisensoriales2006-07-13
Desarrollo de un Sistema de Iluminaciòn Solar para el Ahorro de Energìa Elèctrica en el Alumbrado Publico de Mèxico2018-10-18
Desarrollo y análisis de un generador de inducción de doble devanado en el estátor aplicado en sistemas eólicos de velocidad variable2016-01-25
Desarrollo y fabricacion de sensores basado en nanotubos de carbono para la deteccion de gases toxicos2008-07-24
Design and control of a battery charger for electric vehicles2015-11-27
Design and modelling of photonic crystals with anisotropic components2010-11-12
Design, fabrication and characterisation of gas sensors based on nanohybrid materials2010-11-22
Design, fabrication and characterization of a gas preconcentrator based on thermal programmed adsorption/desorption for gas phase microdetection systems2011-06-23
Design, fabrication and characterization of porous silicon multilayer optical devices2007-06-22
Design, fabrication and characterization of thick-film gas sensors2004-09-22
Desing and Analysis of Metallo-Dielectric Photonic Crystalls2007-04-20
Determination of hydrogen-containing gases in air with SnO2-based sensors2015-09-18
Development of a complete advanced computational workflow for high-resolution LDI-MS metabolomics imaging data processing and visualization2018-01-11
Development of an optical fiber probe for mercury detection2008-07-11
Development of a thick film gas sensor for oxigen detection at trace level.2006-03-08
Development of Flexible Gas Sensors Based on Additive Fabrication Processes2020-06-26
Development of 1H-NMR Serum Profiling Methods for High-Throughput Metabolomics2017-11-27
Development of Methods for Drug Release Evaluation from Advanced Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Structures2021-11-05
Development of Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Technologies for Drug Delivery2017-09-18
Development of optical characterization methods for micro-and nano- scale planar photonic band gap structures2009-05-29
Development of technology and applications based on porous alumina nanostructures2009-04-27
Devenlopment of Compact Small Signal Quasi Static Models for Multiple Gate Mosfets2008-05-19
Diseño e implementación de un conversor analógico digital escalable y parametrizable en una FPGA2022-05-31
Diseño y caracterización de pre-concentradores para microsistemas integrados: aplicación a la detección de benceno2009-07-13
Diseño y optimización de los subsistemas de un sistema de olfato electrónico para aplicaciones agroalimentarias e industriales2005-10-28
Disseny de hardware específic per a l'extracció de característiques i comparació d'empremtes dactilars.2006-12-01
Distributed power electronics for extended efficiency and lifetime of utility-scale photovoltaic systems2019-04-03
Dolphin and whale: development, evaluation and application of novel bioinformatics tools for metabolite profiling in high throughput 1H-NMR analysis2016-11-11
Dynamics and structure of liquids under special conditions: water confined in giant polyoxometalates and co2-brine mixtures2011-09-09
Electrochemically engineered anodic alumina Nanotubes: physico-chemical properties and Applications2021-04-13
Embedded electronic systems driven by run-time reconfigurable hardware2012-05-29
Engineering of photonic structures based on nanoporous anodic alumina as an optical sensing platform2021-10-15
Estimación de parámetros y efectos de los huecos de tensión en la máquina de inducción trifásica2010-12-09
Estructuras eléctricas para la integración de un sistema de generación eólica a la red eléctrica2013-12-05
Exhaled Breath Analysis for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Tropical Diseases2019-01-10
Fabricación y Caracterización de dispositivos basados en Silicio Poroso sobre c-Si. Aplicaciones eléctricas, Ópticas y Térmicas.2006-10-25
Fabrication and characterization of polymer micro- and nanostructures by template-based method2010-11-26
Fabrication and gas sensing properties of pure and au-functionalised W03 nanoneedle-like structures, synthesised via aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition method2011-11-15
Fabrication, characterization and modeling of high efficiency inverted polymer solar cells2018-10-09
Fuel cell modelling and control for hydrogen consumption optimization2009-07-15
Gas Sensing with Modified Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Diamondoids2020-02-21
Gas sensor microsystems based on nanostructured layers via anodic oxidation2012-10-11
Gold-Coated Black Silicon Nanostructured Surfaces for SERS and SALDI-MS Multimodal Imaging of Biological Applications2021-06-09
Hierarchical control of the Atlas experiment.2007-05-14
High voltage efficient lighting based on the loss-free resistor concept.2015-07-06
1H-NMR glycoprotein analysis: An Advanced approach for inflammatory diseases diagnosis2019-07-11
Improvement of ms based e-nose performances by incorporation of chromatographic retention time as a new data dimension2010-07-19
Improvement of sample classification and metabolite profiling in 1H-NMR by a machine learning-based modelling of signal parameters2018-10-15
Improving ms-sensor technologies for food quality assessment2008-07-24
Improving the performance of micro-machined metal oxide gas sensors: Optimization of the temperatura modulation mode via pseudorandom sequences.2006-07-25
La aplicación del control de búsqueda del extremo en la generación fotovoltaica2016-02-09
Light activated gas nanosensors2018-09-07
Lipoprotein analysis by 2d diffusion-ordered 1h-nmr spectroscopy2017-11-22
Lithographic Micro- and Nanostructuring of SU-8 for Biotechnological Applications2015-03-25
Low-power techniques for wireless gas sensing network applications: pulsed light excitation with data extraction strategies2021-09-09
Modelization, simulation and design of micro-electro-mechanicazed systems (mems) preconcentrators for gas sensing2010-11-29
Modelling And Control Of Asymmetric Interleaved Switching Converters2009-07-06
Modelling of photonic components based on ÷(3)nonlinear photonic crystals2006-10-16
NEGF Based Analytical Modeling of Advanced MOSFETs2017-12-15
New insights into the metabolic alterations induced by thirdhand smoke exposure2021-11-23
Nonlinear control of dc-dc switching converters with constant power load2019-05-15
Novel electron acceptors and new solution processed hole blocking layer for organic solar cells2019-06-01
Novel Strategies to Improve the Efficiency and Stability of Binary-Based Organic Photovoltaic Devices2024-02-24T01:00:00Z
Numerical modelling of nanoporous anodic alumina photonic structures for optical biosensing2018-11-27
On transport mechanisms in solar cells involving organic semiconductors2011-09-19
Optimización del diseño de convertidores de potencia CC-CC2016-02-10
Optoelectronic properties of Quantum Dots for biomedicine and energy-to-light conversion2019-06-14
Peak annotation and data analysis software tools for mass spectrometry imaging2022-11-21
Pem fuel cell modeling and converters design for a 48 v dc power bus2012-06-22
Photonic Bandgap Analysis and Fabrication of Macroporous Silicon by Electrochemical Etching2004-11-10
Physical behaviour analysis and compact temperature-dependent modeling in Organic and IGZO TFTs2020-07-30
Physics-based compact model of HEMTs for circuit simulation2014-09-19
Procesado de potencia y arquitecturas eléctricas adaptadas para aplicaciones de harvesting en baja tensión. Power processing and electricla architectures adapted to low-voltage harvesting-based applications2020-07-17
Self-oscillating resonant converters: general approach and applications2017-02-23
Semiconductor Nanoparticles as Platform for Bio-Applications and Energy Related Systems2015-11-25
Sistema de medida de la transmisión óptica de bajo coste con LED a 1.45 um: obtención del coeficiente de absorción del c-Si a altas temperaturas y monitorización in-situ de la recristalización de capas a-SiCx:H sobre c-Si.2006-10-26
Sno2 based oxide systems: synthesis, material science and sensing properties as a function of surface hydroxyls2010-03-22
Step up and down converter combined with motor inverter for powertrain applications2022-07-15
Structural engineering of nanoporous anodic alumina and applications2010-11-30
Study of Structural and Sensing Properties of Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films Deposited By RF Sputtering2008-02-29
Synthesis and gas sensing properties of inorganic semiconducting, p-n heterojunction nanomaterials2021-09-10
Synthesis and gas sensing properties of single crystalline metal-oxide nanostructures2017-03-24
Synthesis and Gas Sensing Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides materials (TMDs)2022-09-19
Tungsten oxide nanostructures and thin films for optical gas sensors2014-07-15
Two-Dimensional Analytical Modeling of Tunnel-FETs2017-07-05
Two-dimensional analytical predictive modeling of schottky barrier soi and multi-gate mosfets2012-10-22
Umem-based capacitance model for organic field effect transistors: development and implementation2013-02-19