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Language and Violence in A Clockwork Orange

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    Identificador: TFG:6192
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    López Neila, Álvaro
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    Data d'alta al repositori: 2023-07-25
    Resum: This dissertation aims to analyse the role that language plays in the portrayal violence, one of the main topics in the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. Through this analysis, it is observed that this relationship between language and violence is mostly affected by the speaker who puts its violent intentions into the language that is being used. For this reason, it is thought that within act of communicating, it is the person who choses violence and language only works as the mean through which it is conveyed.
    Matèria: Filologia
    Idioma: en
    Àrees temàtiques: Filología Philology Filologia
    Departament: Estudis Anglesos i Alemanys
    Estudiant: López Neila, Álvaro
    Curs acadèmic: 2021-2022
    Títol en diferents idiomes: Lengua y Violencia en La Naranja Mecánica Language and Violence in A Clockwork Orange Llengua i Violència a La Taronja Mecànica
    Data de la defensa del treball: 2022-06-14
    Drets d'accés: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
    Paraules clau: Lengua, violencia, Nadsat Language, violence, Nadsat Llengua, violència, Nadsat
    Confidencialitat: No
    Crèdits del TFG: 9
    Títol en la llengua original: Language and Violence in A Clockwork Orange
    Director del projecte: Lamarca Margalef, Jorge
    Ensenyament(s): Anglès
    Entitat: Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
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