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Activation of diborylalkenes with Cu(I) catalyst towards C-C coupling2021-06-28
Conformational Variation and Selectivity of Glycosylated PACAP23 Replacing the Fourth Residue by Beta-turn or Alpha-helix Inducers2021-07-07
Development of a chemometric model to predict the percentage in mass of water in triols by means of NIR spectrometry2021-06-30
Implementation of NIR Spectroscopy for the determination of physical and chemical properties in polyester samples by using Partial Least Squares (PLS) multivariate analysis.2021-07-05
Synthesis and characterization of PACAP23 glycopeptides for improved stability and transport2021-06-29
Well-defined thermoresponsive lactic acid-based polymers2021-06-28
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