Treballs Fi de Màster: Estudis Anglesos i Alemanys

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Title Date
A contextual analysis of EFL textbook text types in Spanish upper secondary education2021-06-22
An empirical study on the pragmatic competence of Spanish EFL learners in performing a speech act of request2021-06-22
An Exploration of ESL/EFL Textbook Evaluation Checklist Criteria for Assessing Visual Elements2021-06-22
Assessing the Impact of Interactive Narratives on Second Language Learners' Reading Interests2022-06-28
A Study on the Production and Discrimination of Alveolar Stops in EFL students2022-06-29
Chinese University Students’ Engagement with Automated Feedback on English Writing2022-06-28
City of Bohane Translation2022-05-25
¿Contigo o sin ti? Comparación crítica del uso de herramientas TAO en la traducción de dos cuentos de Louisa Baldwin2022-05-26
Cooking Dash: Proceso de traducción y localización de videojuegos2021-05-25
Escape Rooms as a tool of English language teaching2021-06-22
Evaluating the development of writing skills through creative writing instruction in an ESL high school classroom.2021-09-15
Gamification and Young Learners: A Comparative Study to Gain Insights on ESL Learners Aged Five to Twelve2022-06-28
La traducción del género gramatical del inglés al español en la novela In Transit de Brigid Brophy2021-05-26
Localisation Project in SDL Trados Studio2021-05-26
Master’s in Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign / Second Language2021-06-21
Necessary Targets de Eve Ensler: El proceso de traducción de una obra de teatro2022-05-27
Scientific/Academic Translation: The Mind of the Domestic Cat2022-05-30
Spanish to English Scientific Translation on Climate Change and Political Cartoons2021-05-26
Teaching L1 and L2 reading skills to primary school students. Polish and Spanish educational systems - a comparison.2022-06-28
The Bitter-Sweet Spice of Life2021-05-27
The effectiveness of the Amara Berri's system in the acquisition of English in Primary School2021-06-22
The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Teaching and Learning at Pre-school Education2021-06-21
The Effects of Captioned Authentic Video on Children’s Foreign Language Acquisition2021-06-21
The effects of mindfulness on high school students’ vocabulary acquisition2021-06-22
The Grammar Translation Method in the 21st century – a Pedagogical Tool for ESL Classes in Spain for Elementary Level2022-06-27
The impact of Computer Assisted Language Learning(CALL) and MALL in enhancing Second Language Learning in Nigerian Schools.2021-06-21
The impact of the translation method in vocabulary teaching to bilingual EFL young learners2021-06-22
The usage of Rory's Story Cubes for the retention of English irregular verbs in Spanish L1 primary students2021-06-22
The Use of Asynchronous Telecollaborations to Foster Intercultural Competence in Secondary-Level Foreign Language Students2022-06-29
Traducción audiovisual: Las dificultades en la subtitulación del documental Trump en Tuits2021-05-25
Traducción comentada de un fragmento de Rememberings: Scenes from My Complicated Life de Sinéad O’Connor2022-05-26
Traducción comentada de un fragmento de Tonight I'm Someone Else de Chelsea Hodson2021-05-28
Traducción de cuentos de Isaac Bashevis Singer2022-05-23
Traducción De Evolutions In Sport Related To Corruption2022-05-24
Traducción de HEX de Thomas Olde Heuvelt2022-05-23
Traducción de inglés a español de una página web relativa a la propiedad intelectual2022-05-24
Traducción del inglés al español de un artículo especializado en derecho y tecnología2022-05-24
Traducción de relatos cortos: estudio de caso de Alphabet Wednesdays (S. Salway), Charlotte (J. McGregor) y Thunder (A. Wilson)2019-05-27
Traducción de relatos cortos: Remember the Bride who got Stung? (Adam Marek), Underground (Stuart Evers), Matryoshka (Kirsty Logan) y The Chicken and the Egg (Jon McGregor)2022-05-25
Traducción inglés-español del libro: Truth seekers: Voices of peace and nonviolence from Ghandi to Pope Francis2021-05-25
Traducción jurídica2021-05-24
Traducción literaria de cuatro relatos cortos2021-05-27
Translation and Revision of the Scientific Text «La mente del gato doméstico»: analysis and reflection2022-05-30
Translation of a scientific article2021-05-26
Translation of "Gender, Power and Progress: How Norms Change"2021-05-24
Using Gamification as an Approach to Learning in an EFL Classroom2021-06-21
Using Social Stories and Coping Skills to Teach Vocabulary of Emotions in the EFL Setting with Primary Learners2022-06-27