Treballs Fi de Màster: Enginyeria de la Seguretat Informàtica i Intel·ligència Artificial

17 results.
Title Date
Adaptive control traffic system based on genetic algorithms2021-09-14
Analysis of Time Series for the Intelligent Support to Early Mobilization with Machine Learning2018-09-17
Data security and data protection impact assessment of Tinder2021-09
Development of a privacy tool for the protection of profiles in search engines2018-09-12
Extracting news and Tweets from the UK about COVID19 in parallel with Lithops and realizing a Sentiment analysis over them and comparing the Opinions.2021-09
Graph Convolutional Neural Networks applied to classify cancer types2021-09-21
Image geopositional location in mobile phones using neural networks2018-09-15
Improving stability of GNNExplainer inlarge citation network datasets2021-02-08
Intelligent Assistant System Based on Single Camera and Deep Neural Networks for Aiding Visual Impaired Individuals2021-09-10
Lightweight cryptography for multimodal transportation of citizens2022-06
Novelty detection and early classification of malicious activities on industrial control systems2021-09-21
Refinement of a graph convolutional neural network approach applied to classify cancer types2022-02-09
Segmentation and classification of breast cancer pathologies in histological images based on morphological patterns2018-09-12
Study about aggregation operators for the assessment of concordance level in outranking-based multi-criteria decision aiding methods2018-06-14
TallyNetworks: Protecting Your Private Opinions with Edge-centric Computing 2017-06-09
Target-Dependent Sentiment Analysis of Tweets 2017-06-09
Towards decentralized and privacy-preserving data marketplaces to unlock data for AI: An examination of Ocean Protocol2021-09