Treballs Fi de Màster: Ensenyament i Adquisició de l'Anglès com a llengua estrangera - Segona Llengua

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Title Date
A contextual analysis of EFL textbook text types in Spanish upper secondary education2021-06-22
An empirical study on the pragmatic competence of Spanish EFL learners in performing a speech act of request2021-06-22
An Exploration of ESL/EFL Textbook Evaluation Checklist Criteria for Assessing Visual Elements2021-06-22
Escape Rooms as a tool of English language teaching2021-06-22
Evaluating the development of writing skills through creative writing instruction in an ESL high school classroom.2021-09-15
Master’s in Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign / Second Language2021-06-21
The effectiveness of the Amara Berri's system in the acquisition of English in Primary School2021-06-22
The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Teaching and Learning at Pre-school Education2021-06-21
The Effects of Captioned Authentic Video on Children’s Foreign Language Acquisition2021-06-21
The effects of mindfulness on high school students’ vocabulary acquisition2021-06-22
The impact of Computer Assisted Language Learning(CALL) and MALL in enhancing Second Language Learning in Nigerian Schools.2021-06-21
The impact of the translation method in vocabulary teaching to bilingual EFL young learners2021-06-22
The usage of Rory's Story Cubes for the retention of English irregular verbs in Spanish L1 primary students2021-06-22
Using Gamification as an Approach to Learning in an EFL Classroom2021-06-21