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Biomimetic polymeric membrane for proton transport channeled by self-columnar assembly and sandwiched with a sodium alginate hydrogel layer2019-06-09
Development and implementation of an optimization tool for the refinery's coker operation that allows maximizing the economic benefit of the plant2022-02-15
Effect of meteorological variables and air quality on SARS-CoV-2 transmission2022-02-18
FDA Qualification for Equipment and Utilities of Revlon production site in Pla de Santa Maria2022-06-14
Implementation of predictive maintenance 4.0 on vibration analysis2022-05-30
Improviment and optimization of emulsions'preperation and cleaning process2022-02-11
Improving the recyclability of artificial turf structures with a polyolefin dispersion2022-05-27
Method Toolbox for predicting eye irritation potential & ICE of SUD products2022-02-16
Modelling of pollutant dispersion in air2022-02-18
Monitoring of the control loops in the papermachine2022-02-16
Optimization and dynamics of a propene-propane splitter with vapor recompression2022-07-02
Preparation of a Propane Dehydrogenation reaction model for Multi Predictive Control implementation including economic optimization2022-06-21
Reduction of SO2 emissions on source point: DSWS (double sour water stripper) revamp2022-02-15
Screening and identifying the lead cleaning and scent technologies for new toilet cleaning formulation2022-02-21
Tools maintenance digitization2022-02-07