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An Enzyme-based Potentiometric Redox Biosensor for Glucose2014-09-08
A new growth approach to fabricate CuMo alloy nanowires 2016-08-08
A new microfluidic platform for confinement of single microparticles in free solution 2016-09-09
A novel electrochemical immunosensor for in situ antibody quantification2022-09-09
Assessment of nickel nanofoam as a novel material to be used as a current collector for supercapacitors2017-12-09
Biodegradable Dye Encapsulation using Alginate and Poly(ethylene glycol) Dimethacrylate2021-10-09
Biodegradable microcapsules for blue dye of whitening laundry detergents2020-09-09
Bonding PDMS to other Materials for Future Optical-Based Microfluidic Devices2018-09-06
Carbon nano-onion-modified Ni-cathode materials for Ni-based batteries and a sustainable future2020-09-09
Carbon nano-onion-modified Ni-cathode materials for Ni-based batteries and a sustainable future2020-09-09
Catalytic hydrogenation of furfural. Influence of the catalyst composition2018-09-06
Coarse-grained mean field simulations of triblock copolymer systems. The effect of flexibility on the micellization behavior.2017-09-14
CuOx functionalized silicon photoanodes for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting devices2015-09-09
Design and development of an electronic instrumentation device for high-resolution melting curve analysis2016-09-08
Detection of glucose in potentiometric paper-based enzymatic biosensors using glucose dehydrogenase.2017-12-09
Development of lateral flow assay based on sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of ciguatoxin in fish samples2019-09-10
Direct electrical contacting of pyrroloquinoline quinone dependent glucose dehydrogenase (PQQ-GDH) based on polyaniline and carbon nano onion-modified gold electrodes2020-09-09
Electrochemical detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in polymicrobial environments 2016-08-08
Electrochemical Primer Extension for the Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Using Dideoxynucleotides Labeled with Polyoxometalates2016-09-08
Electrogenic characterization and optimization of the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. and construction of a Photovoltaic Microbial Fuel Cell2015-09-09
Elimination of interferences in enzyme-based potentiometric sensors2015-09-09
Evaluation and optimisation of analytical methods for classification of olive oils using miniaturised portable NIR instruments and chemometric techniques2021-09-09
Extraction of proteins from Buffalo with commercial ionic liquids in aqueous two-phase systems2022-09-07
Green nanotechnology for the application of tellurium nanowires in biomedicine2018-07-31
In Situ Observation of Current Generation in ZnO Nanowire Based Nanogenerators Using a CAFM Integrated into an SEM2019-07-03
Internal temperature sensing in lentil root seedlings with Er, Yb: NaYF4 up-converting nanoparticles assisted with smartphone by using and RGB luminiscent nanothermometric model2020-11-27
Label-free sensor for the near real-time detection of prostate cancer2022-09-08
Luminescence nanothermometry in the first and second biological windows with Yb 2016-09-09
Membranes with amine-free carboxylate ionic liquid additives for efficient CO2 separation2021-10-09
Microalgal composition modulation for an effective biorefinering concept2015-09-09
Near-infrared up conversion composite for photocatalytic applications2016-09-09
Novel carbonized mesoporous silicon biosensor for electrochemical pathogen detection2021-09-09
Novel potentiometric biosensor for amino acids detection2017-12-09
Optofluidic device with multiple coupled geometries for cancer cells detection by saliva analysis2020-09-08
Paper-based ion-selective organic electrochemical transitors for the determination of potassium2021-09-09
Paper-based potentiometric sensor for monitoring galactose levels 2016-09-09
Performance characterization of miniaturized near-infrared (nir) spectrometers for the classification of sweet and bitter almonds2022-09-09
Polymer layered silicate nanocomposites for latent heat thermal energy storage2019-09-09
Porosity determinations of electrospun nanofibers by microscopy techniques2020-09-10
Porous silicon-based sensor to detect biofilm growth2022-09-09
Potentiometric detection of ammonium in biological fluids: reducing the interference from potassium2016-09-09
Silver dendritic antennae for detection of volatile molecules in air: part for “artificial nose”2021-09-09
Simultaneous detection of progesterone and estradiol using aptamer-based assays: problems and prospects.2021-09-10
Solid-supported CO2 Sorbents Based on Amine-free Phosphonium Carboxylate Ionic Liquids2020-09-09
Study of the Stability of Encapsulated and Non-encapsulated Polymeric Photovoltaic Cells under Sun and Indoor illumination2022-09-08
Synthesis and Antibacterial Properties of Selenium Based Nanoparticles Made by Bacteria2018-07-30
Synthesis and Chemical Functionalization of Neodymium-doped nanoparticles as Nanothermometers in the Second Biological Window2016-09-09
The syntesis of bimetallic nanoparticles using human cancer cells2018-07-31
Thick-Film Organic Electrochemical Transistor (OECT) Sensors For The Detection Of Hydrogen Peroxide2019-09-09
Tuning spin crossover behavior in the [Fe3(µ-L)6(H2O)6]6- trimer: dilution and contracation effects (L = 4-(1,2,4-triazol-4-yl) ethanedisulfonate)2017-09-12